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Starr Books April Related to Curing Spells the Book

The idea of a curing spell for a problem is sometimes difficult for a doctor to imagine.  The doctor has the austerites required to be a physcian and asking the patient where it hurts (likely has studied how the body works and how so develped a body of its own that has an increased chance of surviving the patients and helping them due to Austerities like fasting, (All attained thru good intentions) understanding about thirst past a second day, and other ways not necessarily to include either a Marathon or a Crucifixtion but enough to increase and so understand the human body better than the average engineer.   And asking how the patient has treated it seems like a good starting place.  If the doctors hear from a patient about a curing spell the word spell would indicate that the doctor check for a spell book that is Not Occult, and if it is or is not then proceed accordingly.  Starr Books Curing spells are not Occult or part of a Cult and the condemnation about this possibilty was incredible (enough said I guess) 


First if you are literate and can read a book with a curing spell inside, then read the disclaimer, (like on some TV shows (Don't try this at home).  The disclaimer on the book of curing spells is these probably are just ways that vacinations or procedures that medical nurses or Doctors do to us in a way the body follows, such that the body will follow the way of the patients past lineages, and the mind of the patient will then use those ways to make its own path, with a language of the body that is certainly not english.


So in April we apparently have a pandemic of problem with a new strain of world wide infection of an attack that is a virus to some and a defense to others.  Keep in mind saw grass thinks it only cuts the animal to survive.  So if an imported large creature, like a cow not indiginous to say a new world or new (what is called Third World so the exloitation of the new third economy can be done) then certain people or animals can survive.  Like when your pet dog gets sick but recovers after the manager at the plant asks did your dog get snake bit?  and sure enough a cocker spaniel can survive almost any venom.  That doesn't mean a venom will not kick off the immune or survival instict of the dog.  Dogs are some pretty smart creatures.  (Personally I am looking for inspriatation as an author of course and have been down in the Pico and Fifteenth to the minus ten regions attracting antennae waves and thinking about why on the new digital tv you got to scan, while before you could tune to the channel and then adjust the TV.)  (Maybe you can with the remote?)   Anyway DNA is about 10 to the minus NIne or Nano meters and viral is millionth (like millipedes) and bacicllus is about thousands (like .001 bacillus, .000001 viral , .0000000001 dna or nano, .0000000000001 or pico) and (antennae waves use a db scale that is exponential or logirithmic (just a different way to describe)


So if a cow thru the years of developing a herd gets snake bit and survives way back and has calfs for years and generations, it can get in the herd.  And if its not mad cow disease then one herd is competing for sales just the same as another herd.  And if the beef inspection is not done you can raise the tariff on the import, such is the risk to support the centers for disease control.


So seriously as a Mensan, Engineer, and x marine, and as an Author, (supposedly able to interpret dreams and write them down immediatly since your awareness of them is diminished upon waking up and studied engineering and communication with some english course (my original taught language although indigenous on the main line for about 350 years  (did I tell you about the time I uncovered four spiders under a rock and well felt a mortal fear so I killed them?  My friend of 13 said those are black widows? (rumor is thats the stronges spider venom defense for the spiders) I said really they're dead!!) that should be enough conjecture to keep hope alive for a cure or vacination for this. 


An indegenous snake from an imported cattle type to hit a food supply (the mother cow in the blood stream a mutated immune system creation and passed thru the birth canal) , many generations ago and imported and exported around the world for a cattle ranchers competion and the rancher trained in animal husbandry and agriculture does not even know how it is done, because certainly defense sytems are at least used with ambassadors as defense not attacks.


Not uncoverable by animal husbandry, used by some law enforcement to aid in vice, while again here the weapon accidently developed by the cow since the steer defense is agressive the cow just sits there and makes colts.  It still defends itself.


Although Mensan are smart, and officers are trained to post and fight back if the defense or aggression is repelled in small increments, and reading and writing things and communicating on the internet is a matter of interpret.  Putting the things together about the Centers for Disease Control right now they seem to have priority, so here is one type of communication I guess.







 Copyright April 2020 by Brian Starr Starr CAE LLC.


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Remedy for Dr. Ruth

 Read More 

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Internet Media, What happened to Paper Books.

Blog, Multi Media

As an Engineer and Author, and as a Human Being, holding Judgement against sub humans, Amen, then I would like to ask everyone about the control of the media.
The First Amendment offers Free Speech. That includes world wide.
One Law Suit against another is just about Three Mints owned by Sir Washington.

We have metals.
So when a monopoly is formed, such as fision weapons, then we win. USA.
Enough Said.

So as A Target, which apparently I am, since no one else seeks to support the See of Alexandria and Free Speech and Free Thought, then Amen.

So Where is the abilty to survive a Target? Emperor of Japan, Italy, and Germany,


Right Surrender first, then get the Japs.


So anyway Microsoft crossed the monopoly line before the anti trust laws by President Truman.  


Yeah, Then September 11 2001.

Think about it.


I would like to own the property of the microsoft investments  of my own over the last years starting with Windows 95.   in all over  about 20 operating systems and ten or twelve office products without going to a second party.  With the Italians disgrntled about their lordships required military service, then (italy), and the pig latin jokes of Commandant Klink from te Germans,  Ha Ha.

Originals From The Black Sea, Now Rumania, Vlad, Dracula awakens. Lets count, 12, number 9. Summon.


So if someone is smart enough to blame the disasters on the multimedia then Congress can vote us to peace, saying the Microsoft monopoly is only a monopoly when we are at peace time.  Meaning when at War the Corporations take over like ATT for Communications, The Electric Company, The Water Company, and of Course Microsoft.   So that would be motive for a finding of a mistake made in code that set the communications to the wrong people who engineering the World Trade Center Disaster.


Anyway if we need a scapegoat to sentence for the Congress to vote us to peace, then if Microsoft will not come accross with their record of all my registrations over the years, and of course I did lose all the computers except the ones I own now.  Then why cannot microsoft give me those keys to install on my computers today?  


Some one (if I do not beat them to it first) will make a mint to get all the companies that have registered departments that keep track of what software everyone registers, when there is a data loss and over the last thirty four years since Windows 95 where is all that registery information?  How many companies must I contact and what departments.  If someone can make a search engine to keep track of all the sites on the internet, why is it so difficult to retrieve registered software?


Anyway Starr Books is still in business thru the whole thing.


My advice for Sunday,  Use a Fishing pole and Cast to catch dinner, not Cast to catch the Actress !!!

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Labor Day 2019 (September 1 a USA type of Celebration )

Blog At Activities After Labor Day'


It seems that forced retirement was done to certain titles on a Good, Better, and possilbly the Best Self Publisher on

Fortunately on Labor Day in a rush to find the Manuscripts add recent additions, and then get them published.


The titles were restored in better condition than before with second editions and are now available to the Public.

Titles Include Disporia as Known , The Knight Maker, Our Lady Of The Lake, and Solar Solutions.

The four titles become available immediately on Lulu bookstore.


Click here for Lulu Bookstore.


Previousy published on the second edition the books are now rare in the first edition and due to Data loss by Business Competion or other,


Starr Books is interested in obtaining copies of these rare editions.

Many of Starr Books are available at Abe Books. have found rare Comic Books

There    Ha! Ha!


Marine Corp Lingo For Bad Joke

similar to OO Ra!!


So Please Go to Starr Books Web Site at Authors Guild.


Hope to see you there (Semper Fi ) Thats Marine Corp Lingo for I already Heard our Band !!!


Quite Impressive Actually !!!


(and the other three services bands as well)

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The New Titles and Poetry by Starr Books

As the Author and Poet, the inspiration keeps coming,  without any swearing or a business license for non profit many other organizations compete for the knowledge.   We have freedom of Speech and of the Press, with a Free Press here, however there is so much out there that to sort thru the vast databases and get whats there, especially since the data is 1 to 4 or 5 millenium old.  As a Mensan it becomes apparent they are not allowed and their is a watch on Psychic Pain, (title of one of my poems ) but they actually just are allowed enough to bless the flounder who looks up down deep in the bottom of the Atlantico, the deepest ocean, the first frozen food.  


So all is well, the poetry keeps coming, the Universities still have business licenses all over the Planet, and here in the USA the people are still alive.


I heard a rumor about a visitor from Italy once said the Elections were determined there by the Mass Media.  Come on Guys this is not WW2, we have had the Mass Media since about 1905 or so.  So Anyway it is election year and Contributions need to be made.  The funny thing is if you lose then you got to pay the party the whole shebang back.  Comes to Billions.  Its Fun I guess.

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Author Ship at 59 while the importance of the New Title the Disporia is shown in this blog to site the generations.

The new age of 59.
59 is such a great prime number that all the numerology related to 58 just went away.
The Good news is the Book reserved for the Authors Eyes only, with multiple edits, is now in the Authors Possesion, and is getting nearer to the quality to publish. The other works that are going on are also receiving some attention.
In the Study of the Disporia when the Hoodlums were Geas because the Emperors Smote them, they of course reversed the smote but ran off anyway, and had other families in other places.
Too often when people go thru the path of an ancestry to a relevant or important individual, they like to skip the whole arc and go past each generation, saying its a male line to say 10 generations, then a marriage or a daughter, then male line for 5 generations. This is fine if the ancestors path is before the year one, while if in the years after say about 50 AD. then it has to a Mary line to the next Daughter etc.
As the languages of the peoples change during those times these new ways to find where the Hoodlums went and the lines to each of them each of the ancestors lived 50 or so years while each thought of all their children, while most would think of the Heir and then the seconds sons, while the daughter was prepared to marry another line for an alliance.
So if the author has a printed copy of each of the lines, then the knowing of those ancestors is important.
In William Wiston's translation of Flavius Josephus, there is a section at the end where it notes each time that the History as Recorded by the Captured General to the Romans Flavius Josephus the quote is made and either approved or refuted by the Papal Office (in some cases and authority)
In the lines to Andrew there are two of these Quotes with the Ancestors known, basically Frodi and Frodi, one a girl and one a boy. Each time the quote is approved by the Papal Authority then the shift is made. One of these three spirits is in charge. Mary, James, or John. So if Frodi was a Girl then either James or John was in charge at that time and then if Frodi was a boy then it must be Mary in charge.
So in truth as far as the world goes this would make very little difference and most would not even give it a care or a buck. So of course being dealing with the idea that some of the Friars of Old could be bought with a button, not even a coin !!, and there is a contest among these types about who can be the most impoverished, well as an Engineer and Author you see the problem with the ideas here, while in truth it is likely the Emperor of the Milanese whose language is pure Latin protecting himself with the Romance Languages.
So as the new work will show each of the Hoodlums and their relationships to each generation then the work will be of a quality that might last for the copyright period of 50 years and thus also 5 decades.

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The Problem with Editing

The Technique of publishing, and then presenting it to the public, to see if anyone objects,  well the problem with that is that first you got to consider the source of the information that might think it is not correct, then of course if the info is 2000 years old or 4000 yeasrs old, then the real thing to do is have the correction made if appropriate.  The great thing about the new revolution in publishing is that the copy can be made in a week or less or a month or so so the editing gets done and there is a new manuscript.  Marked with Rev or Ver or 1 or 2 up to 23 or 24 then using the date, etc.  


This produces many copies of manuscripts and sometimes you decide it was wrong so you delete it and then theres ten copies of the same book and then you want parts of it and you just cant find it.


So I guess keep it all published,  use a disclaimer if you remember to include that ,  meaning I published it.  Always a Copyright and they will not print it without ISBN   Ibnternational Standards Business Numbers.  So Get a Library of Congress number if you can ,  and if the publisher can furnish in a month for a fee, then get it for yourself,  afterall you can overturn it in a day from the PCN< office,  depending on the lady in charge.


Anyway,  Printing and editing then makes proof copies and newer copies and different dated copies, and so when they try the immortality Bull Shit then there will be rare copies.


Have Fun,


Immortal Author Brian Daniel Starr


(Michelle Starr thinks they might bother us anyway as I am really B Daniel Starr.)


Always and Forever,  find a greatestestes Priestess.

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Honor and the Paying of Dues

Honor is something I did not understand when I received my Honorable Discharge from the Military.   I did learn by finding out how other Veterans in my Sirline where treated and other Genealogical relationships.


So I begand to see that if you act with Honor, then people would treat you with Honor, and then you whould receie respect.


Unfortunetly those whose respect was taken away, or money or family, seem to feel to want to retaliate and be vindictive about their problems,  which may or may not have anything to do with Starr Books.


So after you learn about Honor with and Honorable Discharge,  then you learn about Honor with your family.   And that involves the raising of your child and the teamwork of the now x wife for over 24 years.


Then when moving from one State to Another,  then the Honor of being an immigrant to that State,  new to Worship and the State Laws, although still protected by your Honorable Discharge from the Navy.


In 2005 when the CD became available from Starr Books on ebay,  and then in 2008 when Starr Books added the addition of the Honor of Doing Business.   It became clear to see that some businesses are not that honorable,  and some people doing business would be exposed by a business license.   These type of business men are small time,  and in the event they are buying large amounts of cola cans at the Warehouses and putting ithem in drink machines then they are honorable.  Its a pretty good markup for say 50 cents a can to 100 a can just because you have the drink machine plugged in at the Gas Statinor or anyplace.


Then with Continued success with the Engineering,  the x wife becoming a Masters Degree Holder,  and the child finally gradiuating with a Bachelors,  and the Engineer in 1997 moving from the Associate in Engineering to the Bachloreate.   


The Success was there so a following become an unwanted part of life.   People who follow become and seem to remain followers.   The difficulty is they want a leader,  but resonably thinking raising a family and going to work is a good, thing,  for everyone  but not necessarily leadership skillls etc.


Then those businesses or groups agains the Literature released by Starr Books, and the smaller business men continuing to remain with business, if possible.  It become apparent that those who were not that honorable are either unable to keep up or they go out of business.


In the situation where it is a good idea to go out of the limelight for the attainment of a divorce, then after that is over it seems possible to go on.


However those who where unable to keep up or where against marriage or anything related to the Authors life,  then they see the opportunity to make trouble and trials,  which of course are not a good way to do business or continute the upward progress of the Business and Life of the Author.


After a few years of Marriage it seems likely and you can see it yourself in your own life that the ones that do not make it are the ones that either continue to get it wrong or in some way take advantage of the smaller business to become a bigger business.   This is true in politcing, or Authorship etc.


Once again depending on the severity of the dishonor done to the family or the company, or the competing business,  or the Honorable Veteran claiming to be an Officcer, or any of the above,  the process for them to fall out is one to three to five years.  


When The Consulting was done on the Ammo Base as an Engineer,  the people where the most honorable as ever there on the base,  and the town life was good as well.  There were some problems,   but after about six or seven yeasrs it all works out.


Moving back to Ohio since 2013,  its been now about six years here.   The advantage of course being born here but the disadvantage was I am not in the same county or area I was born in and I left and said good bye to all my fiftn grade friends.   So of course Ohioians call their kids O  and say the word O a lot or quite a bit.  


I think my parents thought a kid idea was an o and my name was O but as a child I did figure it out.  Then u learn OK,  Oklihoma I guess, and then Oregon, and thats give me tha car keys dad I am out of here.


So the Honor being restored to myself and to Starr Books, and the idea of going forward, the making of small gains happens some everyday.


A family is an expense that pays for itself,  and now the only obligation I have is to a daughter who is many years over the legal age of 21.  (14 in some states)


Releasing more books,  getting them in color.  Some customers want to just buy a book for a modest price,  which is likey the biggest market,  but some customers will not even think of buying a book unless it is on high quality paper, Hard Cover,  in Color,  and correctly edited and indexed.   STarr Books Offers Both.


Its almost impossible to have a company like Starr Books gain from another companies misfortune and its also a bad business idea.   The Christian Philosophies are outlawed by some of the other Foreign Governments,  and the Freedom of Press is not offered by all companies.  


The Internet reaches all sorts of countries,  so the writting of Christian Literature by very zealous officers of the Law could be interpreted as an attempt to overthrow a non-Christian Government  I Guess.   Well   O  I am from Ohio   I guess.


IT makes good press I suppose.   The newspaper group in Authorship is the group to get over.  To many articles and too many Deadlines.


My sister is a Journalist,  at my age her input is not as wanted as she always thinks,   But I am very familiar with the Journalst   interigaoratory techniqui of Who What When Where, Why and HOw.    She got her degree a few years before I did.


And to Correct its not Who what when,  etc...   ITs  Whom.....


So Starr Books stays in business,  the investiagaion of the literature ane releases are intended to inspire thought and well honetly to both make money and keep the Author immortal. 


(Everyone who will sell an Author an adveritisement will offer the immortal)  Some Advertisements will offer to seel the book as if you are handicaped in order to keep you handicapped.  


Its similar to a manager getting a bunch of people together to help them pay their electric bill.  First the bill is the same to the Utility,  plus I get to pay the Manager as well to make sure I get the money to the Utilty?


Common Sense,   O,  Well I guess not.   Ohio.   Sometimes the second O corrects the first.  it can work both ways.


What is round on both sides and Hi in the middle    O hi  O.





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Some Interesting Things AFter the Toronada here in Ohio

First,  The x wife did have Citizenship,  and the Annulment is almost over ,  but the Civil Law of the Divorce here in the USA seems to not be recognized by her crew.


For instance.  The Contess exciled to Africa from King Carlos Spain,  her Husband the Unknown Knight,  who reported to Person County Schools to the classroom  from No Child Left Behind)


And of Course the Quib,  You Costans,  no Army  unless you get overthrown like the Cubans when ever we want.


Any way   some National Humor folllowed by some Graveyard Genealogist Humor,   Found of course only on Starr Books Corporate Website.



Nationals From Connecticut


The Evidence of the Toranado

Hi, Glad you are new to the National Guys like us in the SAR.
Joined first in Raleigh.
Then the Sumner County Tennessee Chapter,.,,, Yep, from OHIO
Then of course you guys decided to change to the Colonel Bledsoe Chapter, Did not vote Either Way,

Sort of Neutral towards the Sounthern Colonel Like Jones from Drapers,,, Kings Mountain a Good Read.
Yepp... From Ohio.
Captain Timothy Starr from Connecticut Middlesex County I Guess, next to Danforth.
Glad to see two new Nationals Claiming Patriot John Storm from Connecticut in the SAR Magazine.
My Captaincy of the National Timothy Starr from Connecticut I Guess I am from Ohio.
Came to Ohio Joined the General Richard Montgomery Chapter, (so far not been in Masonic Lodge )
Glad for you to come aboard.



National Graveyard Jokes from Up North where the Indians are the American League.


Luther Speaks About the Indians

Luther says to Jennie, Hi babe next door, *Brian from under the other side ) great greats go away you have not spoken from years, Throw Zorastators at God Luther ).
Hey Jennie, *yes LUther) I predict the American Indians will always win and overcome the Nations leagues )
Well you know Luther my Daddies Descendent Michael can sure found some Wiki stuff like an Encltclopedia? ::
Brian Daniel From Next door (you two be quiet I am going to consult some Soothsaysers and Mages, ) Luther Throw More Zorasters at Try to hit Apollo?
Hi Great Great Grandma Jennie, has there been any other Prophet ic things from the cold Snow on top of the Dirt, ?
No my Great Great (Don't tell em who we are?)
I studdied the Father of course thru Genealogy Grave Jokes and the SExtant used the Gravely to mow the Grass When he was my Uncle, Uncle not my blood bt yours of Course)
Yes Great Great I know, Dads littler Brothers seem so troubles, like Grandpa your Grandson, I certaily hope my Dad was the Eldest , never know with his German Brothel Experience ,
I know my Great Great (Grandson, ) I can shake as well as any Burlilsque from Berlin I guess,

Oh Great Great Granny you make my Blush
Quit That Drinking Brian Daniel (yes Luther, I will attempt control of my Greater Spirits ) Last I hear is the Poppy Flower is Red, the White is the Lotus Bud, but as Far as I know its All Black)
Luther Yes we Still PIss on the Asta Fire, don't seem to go OUt
Brian DAniel Good.....



So I guess the INdians will always be the American Lea=gue Chanpions,  and the National League Guys the Red socks,  The White Stockings, and the Cincinatti Reds.


At any rate I do remember how difficult it is to Get the Cincinatti Reds to Play the Indians IN the Supper Bowl.   


The real INdians can help of course.



I respect the Native American Officer of the Law more than most,  Especially those from Sheriiff of Starr county Texas,


The Indian Lament

The Great Chiefain of the Americas made an idea with the New Settlers from the Land Far Away

They came on Boats with White Sails

They Landed.  They seemed peaceful,  The Indians had a Feast Together.  They came on Ships called the Mayflower and the Hercules, The Fortune, and other ports of call.

The Great Cheifain noticed that two out of Three of his people were dead.

He was in a great Lament.

Then there was a killing.  Oldham was dead,  a trapper. 

The Indians thought there is only so many furs and food to go around, why let a trapper from a Land Far Away have our lives.

There was a council.   The gulity was found.  Men Women Children of that tribe and their servant tribe, all now dead.

The Indians rallied.

There was another war.  King Phillip of the Indians was Killed by Benjamin Church.  A Kill in the Holy Spirit.

Time Past.  Indians claimed it was their land.  And it still is.  A New Country was founded.  The USA 1776.

The Indians began to be heard.  The Great Bison was almost dead.  It came back to life.

The injustice done to the indians by the disease called smallpox diminished their numbers.  They begin to regain their numbers.   The Secrets of the religion were finally revealed by the Roman Catholic, who believed in Free Speech, Reading anything you want,  but if you read something that might not be what the Church wanted the Father would only say,  well we belive this way and this is why.

But you can believe what you like.


I was born with the Nation Rock of the Mohecan.  Chipawah.  I am named after a Great Cheiftain called Daniel.  I am 4000 years old.  I have enjoyed peace on the New World Continent since about 1660.  There was an Ocean incident in the Atlantico in the Hudson Bay Area.  It was called the Revolution.   The Mainland stays free from Bloodshed.

On the Ocean the First Mate promoted to Captain of the Ship was captured and brought to Justice.  The New Country Called The United States of America gave the Captain Due Process.  The USA is now 233 years Old.

I was born with the Nation Rock of the Mohecan in the State Called Ohio. (Chipawah)

I claim the Native of Ohio. 

I do not play for the Cleveland Indians.   I am not a sport.   I was a soldier in one of the Militaries.

I am.


A good site to check out as well,   Karen Dreams


Petition for an Illustrator and explaination of the Racoons Mischeif and fear of the Toranado.

Well, As u know Ohio was hard hit by both great propaganda on the TV and a contact by a little furry creature who thought the world was in trouble. Great Pictures by the way. Before the Bison from Toronto Attacked, being a Mohecan Nation Nathan rock a Racoon came to the back of the apt where I was sitting on the back porch up one flight of steps to the porch. Animals seem to know about nature. The Racoon looked me straight in the eyes and said there was trouble in nature. So I began a Doctor Doolittle and had the animal recall when it was in the trash can in North Carolina (obviously looking for food scrounging) and I jumped out and sealed the container. Well Racoons are bigger than Beavers of course and that Racoon went straight for the heart. Well I am Daniel After all and I enjoy a good tussle so when the Rac figured out he was not stronger than I as a really big rodent then he regrouped, decided a friendship type thing (people like me have to be careful in bars since Beaver people love to provoke a Rac )luckily in a Bar I can just use the Bar maid business license and say my hands are registered weapons with the Sheriff and watch, and when the sheriff calls and asks if the bar maid needs support (this makes the bar maid your friend of course and helps everyone) Well a few days ago the Racoon communicated that big Toronto from the creation of Bison where on the way and the Shonee were somewhat confused, the visiting cherokee didn't have a clue, So I thought about it and Got the Moose Lodge people to post a Hussey and Husser. Just to let the New York People know if an American Bison sees you and your squaw on the Great Plains out here they go about 35 miles an hour at full gallop, Run like hell, and tell the Bison to go eat grass. Hopefully you will survive. The Bison preditor is the wolf, so summon those if needed (esperience in Tennessee the Hockey team for Nashville of Course) So anyway the storms cranked up and well the people here in Ohio are not so happy. Being in Dayton well we did not get hit. After living in Tornado Alley out west thru Tennessee the people here think that is Tornado alley over there not here.

Since most of these people are happier under emergency save the world lets enter hebrews (the coffee pot is working ) and go with it the region is well happy in JOe and I am gratified by the beauty of the Pictures here. And the ideas they bring to mind.

So the exerince as a proctor for General Physics where the marine buys one stock on the stock market for the corporation (the one stock being the corporal control of the corproation ) and use of the Corpus (meaning I have a post military Bacheloraurate and I will do what I can ) Passed the non militant in the clearances related to nuclear so the comm clearances are OK and the Mensa Table is open for Intelligence clearances which the Chantilly group is great Psychic teachers however not primitive Marine, Of Primitive Engineer. So with a bottle of wine and hoping for the best the cleanup is under way, the propaganda for the kids is where I have to stay, and the groups are cleaning up.

Sounds like a good time to get away. The Dayton Dragons is our sandlot baseball here, so all is well.

As a Proctor giving out CEU points accredited thru 1000 Independence Ave Washington DC there was a Student (already a proctor from Canada who wanted the class on Allen Bradley material) Hopefully he is in toronto and is using the electricity to fool these new Bison into thinking that the Great Spirit of the Tornado is not really a good way to get the Toronto numbers back up to speed. Well the Moose and Moosette the food supply competion agree. So the Racoon saved some life, As a Canterbury knight in Scafelwa (the Sky calling the Knights from Kent to the Lion Dionysius and the Lesser Lion Priam the Greeks Gods helped out ) True Knights of Canterbury get real pissed off when theri fortunes and strength are called to wreatle Twisters and Zorasters and angry spirits of the Sky. The evidence is in thou, the First wife provoked Gaul, my Dad passed the Gaul Stone, so the truth of the promise of the Maidstone Dioses of Kent is well proven by Medical document, easily obtained by the Alumni at Thomas Edson State University in Security the Office of Homeland Security Group. The IT security group has thouroughly destroyed the internet as well, as if you are a four year guy or gal looking for Corpus then the Engineer says someone has remote control and you are IT. Because I missed the Boat in the Marine corp I was a week by week guy, for so long, then I confessed to a Franciscan about a worship in a massage parlor, and he said he would nnot pull his sword until I understood. So now after wearing a hole in my foot down past the skin to the flesh ( a montly Camel is there and thanks Franciscan Camel for your sword ) the Franciscan Arulappa (drink fire water) is also understood so his sword is active watering down the troups. So if you find a Corpus, I know you hate mene but it keeps us alive and well its either us or them

So thanks for protected forum here. By the Way my Patriot Ancestor Alexander, From Washington County city of SAlem is the Wool guy for New York State. I found my original Starr Books Logo with the Four Pillars. So control of the Fleecing at New York could be underway of course the Patriot is for the Lady Nish if I could find the Micah Jew somewhere in myself to give her. And so the Story goes. Since our Honorable President is Honorary Harvard, and Comfort Starr (viscout Engilish Irish about 6038) over a few months back about 1649-1653, In 1652 the swarai from April 29 to June 16th. or so and my meditation on that, well that comes down the line everyday so Comfort Starr son Dr. Thomas Starr had a Crucible of course and his little brother swore one of the six founding chairs of Harvard. ) only a Bachlor of Arts ( then the remaing six are always active.). So watch the crucible for clues, keep the playrights busy with thier new scripts for Hollywood and let the President know he has support of course (his Excecutive Position is both prestigius and he get mucho fringe benefits but still only pays about 280 grand a year ) good government service of course. ( Keeping in mind the Original settlers probably landed from Connecticut (we want to cut the tie with Great Britain not purify it ) so that when we got to the Connecticut Western Reserve we started I think in Ashtabula (light the fire and bula to put it out ) well the fire is still buring Lake county where I was born is still a Port City of Cleveland Ohio, Cuyohoga stll has Mentor, and Geauga the Racoon gets around and keeps all straigth alive and full of Nature. ) Might have passed Thru Trumbull County (If you did not Know Colonel Trumbull signed the Commision for Captain Timothy Starr, during the Pergammon Freedom from Great Britain ) As you know its Captain Colonel on the Ship, so if the Colonel has Patrician Tendencies AS did Colonel Trumbull well its good to work them out ) So all is well, the Country is improving The GOP contributions that got me a Train cup with a Card Trick did not have the bust with the Whig, and the smaller and more effetive Contibutions to the GOP here in Montgomery County got the opposing side all riled. (good to have someone to play scapegoat with ) Of course Montgomery is still A Select Man of Middlesex Connecticut and although not on the Docks looking Merchant Marine has a considerable force in the Revolution called the Cincinatti ) of Course there are Two CAsinos in Ohio as stated in the Constitution of Ohio, The Cleveland and the Cincinnatti, so All are welcome here. The siamese fighting fish that jumped out of the fish tank and could not find water to breath in the air was both stupid and is now dead, so keep the glass on the fish tank, Keep the rulling Siamese class of Oriental over the Koreans in ruling, and try not to make too much fun of those whose time is spent with the keeping of the visiting ambassadors. (If you catch a guy like Kim Sue ) Obviously not sure why hes here just because he fired a missile at Japan ( and I did have people who loved me in Okinawa (some of the girls did your laundry if you paid them ) then try to get Oak trees to grow in Okinawa, and dont tell the Ambassador he needs to go to the interior and see the girls in the Casino ( its like don't tell the fool hes caught and being entertained. Just do It) If you know what I mean.

As Always Karen and Kim and Cathy (Cathy seems to always have designs on my swords ) and Rachel the Virtue of Beauty for me since my Mom Helen who holds the post for most of us, well her older sister Diane if you sit on her belly button is perfectly happy to keep Helen at work ) so it goes. If Mom is just a daugher of Prometheius little brother then just dont tell Hera bout Diane, and Taygete, and Posiedens Brothers other God Friends )

I am getting so lonely I just start blogging such nonsense. That why they got me into Communication. People actually block thoughts for their own gain or to cover their mischeifs.

The good thing about Karen Dreams is that it is a paid site, so away from the IT guys allumni, (they might check in ) and not the main stream of internet.

If anyone can illustrate books, has the time, a new design of a Tarot deck is made great by the illustrator and so would my books be better if a talented artist would take the time.

One of mY Dreams Inspired by Karen Dreams.


Many of my books would benefit from a great and colorful illustrator,


Much of the Artwork does not do it justice when I do the artwork.,   more of a gatherer compiler of information type of Author,  with only one Poetry course from NCSU.






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Miltary Service

This was Posted Before The Internet War Began.   I did Serve in the Military,    USMC


INvestigators in America In Ohio should not have the right to delete information not backed up by my possible Father,


At any rate my Grandfather did also serve 1920 Fort Campbell,


He Passed May 12 2001.  My He rest.  His Church Office ended then.  God ONly knows what He stood up to, although in some views he was still uninitiated,  the size of the Vicar of Rome, an quanity unrealized by some.




Let it Rain.


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