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Starr Books Honors the Fallen

Starr Books as you know supports Free Speech and freedom of the Press.   Of course these are amendments to the Constitution but every author knows that the National Constitution says For a Limited Time Authors and Inventors are entitled to their Writings and inventions.   Copyright law is about 50 years.


Starr Books has been in Business ten years gone with license in two states.   My name on the business license is the same name on my Grandfather and Grandmother grave Stone with the Daisy Ward as well as great grandfather grave Stone, and great grandmother as well as great great grandfather and great great grandmother all in the state registered with birthcertificate if mine and service to the state thru the federal military all registered in the state of Ohio.


I was not alive for WWII and Korea.  I was growing up here during Viet Nam and I also was called by the selective service to Volunteer.    Myself, My Dad, My Grandpa, all served all eldest or only son's.   My Great also Eldest but my Great Great Luther was a second son.  He would have served the GrandArmy if the Republic but the Enemy Surrendered in 1865 and we had to treat them like Americans again.


Today I Honor a Sarge Marine served during Korea.  He was a good Christian here in the States.  We were both in the American Legion and his work is Remembered.   He was not Canadian, Korean but a true Red White and Blue American.   My Uncle Ed is a great Warrior in Valhalla or Mars Hall.   This Lance will bring down many more Black Knights in your Honor.


The Sky Blue Field on the Flag will have another addition to the Heavens as sure as Great Great Great Great Great Grandpa Captain of the Military Sloop the Hamlin made the Red Stripe if the Flag run true colors as the Captains Fowler took out a George in the Hudson Area of the Atlantico.   


All six cannons to Starboard and fire until Surrender.  Death before dishonor or Surrender.   Remember the Alamo and Richard Starr with David Crockett .   The US captured Mexico City and then Richmond Virginia.


The United States Captured Bagdad .  We will never Surrender.    



As you know you are free to move about in the country.  


God Bless America.   A true Warrior Rises Again.

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The Day on Three

Today is Today.   Most agree there was a Yesterday.    2 morrow .Would be Two Morrow's from Yesterday.  


So three is a way to make today, . Yesterday .and the Next day from Today.  


Happy Holidays!!!!!

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Unknown Egg from Unknown Picture Taker

For Claims When it Fires

This Egg is Unknown by most except the Benedictine. FafretiahatshomirelijochFafretiahatshonmirjocfaffreing


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The Use of Title

The use of Title or correct application of positioning to process ro bless etc. Is an interesting idea to use to Market Books.   Of a title might be a Marketer.  Thus that title would be used to get the media of the book to the people.  The use of an idea of linking the media then from the traveler to the reader so that they they at any position on the planet may get someone in their proximity to link to the reader and so get the blessing meant from the text.


The title of Sir,.  Mister, . Author, Writer,. All again would be used in the correct order so that the making of the distributed media would result in the reader being able after perusal of material find the correct ideas thru communication in the world where they exist.


First the use of those who have taken a vow of holyness would seek people also looking for the blessing.


Having a title to get these people to do this by force would likely not achieve the respected results.


However if their holiness in vow included the idea of selling blessings then they would be interested in on who had the media from Starr Books.   


Also use of the Lccn numbers would put the number in the Library of Congress here in the United States.


It is a custom of the Congress Here in the USATo invoje a Blessing at the Beginning of the Session.   Thus having a Library of Congress number allows the Printed with an Act of Congress to be Added to the.Copyright Page.


So each Invokation, .then would have an Act of Congress or in the Event of Coinage the Penny or the smallest Copper Currency could be used.   Also the verse could be noted by the Roman Emperor his named invoke and the Verse could be traded to the Verse for the Widows Mite.  This Verse would have the Coin in it and so the traveling of the media anywhere thru the Roman See would so get to the receiver and the verse then have a Blessing, based in the copper of the Penny.    


In the Military World in most of the civilized countries the copper and bronze are smelted to make Brass which becomes the insignia of the various ranks.


Each Military however  has different ranks and insignia and so their interrelation becomes an Intelligence code problem.


Use of Titles similar to International Mensa Could be used to find out what the correct interpretation of the received media is.


This becomes a simple application of Titles,. Using an honorrary system,. And Honorary cloth type titles,. Easily rended and the mended so that the cloth at the receipient becomes awear of the raising of the receipients intended blessing from the council of the cloth at their end.


So the Application of Title to make the deliverable package or media possible for the receipients. Must be done in a ccontrolled way to use one title then the next etc. For a good deluveriable to the recipient.


Titles to make such a thing happen would be available and the idea for trade or interchange of one title for another might be a part of getting a distributable package.


As a member of a Guild such things are possible.


Titles can be very difficult to attain,. So lesser titles used to obtain greater titles are still part of the arsenal of Titles usable.   


Starr books has a distributed base of media already there.


Consider buying a copy of one of Starr Books for use Today.

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Starr and Star as a row

The Last name Starr.  Is used by those that are part of the salem.   Servants of the Starr House.   Also the Masonic Temple Wife of the Worshipful Master and his Daughter are called Star.   So the Saint is a star and is rowed by the servants of the house Starr.   The French Order of the Star is little known but does the same thing.   The Star is on our way weapons.  Ships.   Planes.   Smoke stake on the Battle ship.  Tanks.  


All are a marked tresspassm.  Of the house Starr.


The good part is the books about the saints that are published. Then get rowed.   Either the military. The salem.  Or the Masonic.     


So if you buy a Starr Book About Saints.   Likely the books will pick up someone that will know about the Saint.

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Buy Christmas Gifts

The Holiday Season.

The Holiday Season is upon us.  Most people expect to give gifts and receive gifts.  Starr Books would like to interest you in some Holiday Packages.


The Find Your Saint Package

Buy Find Your Saints.   Books connecting six major Saints to hundreds of others.  Then buy Basic Genealogy.   This book teaches how to use the internet to find the six major Saint or one of them.  If you know the person is already into Genealogy then buy them Find Your Saints.  To complete the package buy as a gift Saints and Blessed who Left Descendents.  This book has over 150 Saints that the reader can find using Genealogy that are likely ancestors of the receiver of the gift.


The Daily Saints

Buy Tree of Saints Calendar.   This calendar has a Saint on the days of the week. All major holidays are of course in the Calendar as well.   Then buy Daily Saints.  This book has all the Saints in the Calendar listed by Date, with a scribling of the Saint his biography and information about the Saint.  To complete the package buy Daily Devotions Saint or Trivia.  This book has a Saint from the Daily Package or a Devotion related to some Christian Trivia.  The receiver of this package gets a Daily Devotion, takes about a year, and the Calendar.  If the receiver likes the Saint he or she can look up the Saint in the Book and Learn about them.


The Hebrew Package

Buy a title containing Hebrew Intelligence.   Then buy the Five Generation Genesis of God.  Buy the Title Hebrews.   Finally buy as soon as it comes out Israelites and Mighty Men of David.  There are more titles related to the Jewish and Hebrew Laws.  Consider the Saria, Daniel the Prophet, and other titles.


The Knighthood Package

Buy the KnightMaker.  This book contains subjects a True Knight should know. Buy the Five Generation Genesis of God.  This book has sections on the Sarai, Kings, Hebrew Intelligence Paths, Sumatria, Strathcylde, and hidden knowledge related to the Common Law.


The Gift to Starr Books.

Starr Books is in business.  The company is looking for sales of copy.  Also a Book Agent.  Please contact Starr Books with offers for Advertising or other offers your company has that could benefit Starr Books.   Lets Do Business !!!


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Starr Books Still Going after Ten Years

Starr Books is still in business.    Many people do not recognize that Star or Starr is a Surname.    In fact it is the name of an American Girl Starr.     Still looking for the perfect women. :xxxxx. Starr


It is also worn for Generals who also call them insignia. 

It is used to mark Saints and Children's home work.   It is one of the most used tattoos and many artists really abuse the Surname.   Also it is a symbol of a religion not a symbol of torture.   In the Navy the Captain faces the Stern and Starboard is always on the right. 


It should always be used to mark excellence.     Many people believe they have earned the Star because it was so difficult to be excellent.   Well She is a great Lady Starr.    She is most certainly rewarding the excellent.    As any Christian Lady Should. 


People pray to the Saint the Starr. Christianity is one religion that the Jewish people made and uses a five point Star.    The True Universal Faith is made of triads. Or combinations of three letters combined in two equal equilateral triangles that make what is called a Marduk.    


It is a fun challenge to draw a six point star with equal points without taking the pencil or pen off the page.   Yankee doodle it is also one of the greatest doodles!!!!!


Retired Generals and artists especially thespians use the Starr.     Also generals who are already sacred in the Revolution use the Starr to discuss rank.    Well it's a Surname.    


Anyway Start books is soon to release Semites and Mighty Men.   The Proofs are in the post office ready for review. 


Astarte the Goddess is a rewrite after finding her mentioned in church as a worship of Solomon. Coming soon. 


The proof for the Sumatran Dirties is in the post office and is available for Purchase. 


It's interesting how the High Priests Are completed by the Rabbi after the old testament is read and set up. 


Starr is always a lady and divines how the person she meets is ready for her ladyship. 


She certainly has so much help from the Generals,  Thespians,  Sports,   Sailors,    etc. 


  • Shop Starr Books.  But a Book for the Holidays!!!!!

  •  Read More 
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The Making of a Knight, Roman, or Priest

Well, basically the only way to really do this is join an organization that makes these.  However if you want to get the Knowledge with out taking the holy vow and being enslaved or whatever the rest of your life thats where Starr Books comes in.


First Buy The Innocent Common Law.   Study as a brother or sister or squire for a few years.  Learn how to navigate around Galilee, Bethsaida, the Magadan, and the Aaronic Priests.


Make sure its good, and you know it.  There is only the Kissing cousins that are grandparents of Saint Mary Magdalene to worry about.  The rest of the relationships are not shown in that work.


Then Buy The Eight Generations.   Get the Hidden Knowledge.   Well the biblical characters are into all sorts of Hebrew stuff.  So of course the Jewish people are to remind you it is not nice to condemn.


So then to protect yourself buy the Five Generation Genesis of God.   This has Sefriot, the Sarai, the Breeding Laws for the Lady in Pregnancy and other Hebrew things, like the Davidic Kings.


That is one way of learning all this stuff.  Of course while knowing ony the Innocent Common Law and you saint andyone from Galilee, then they will let you go.


If you have been around these spirits for a good amount of time and you like to play Euchre, then just buy the Five Generation Genesis of God.  Or The Eight Generations.


Some people will tell you they can play cards.   Ask to play Euchar with them.  Its in Hoyles Rules of Games.  If they will not play, then they are probably already cloth and serve a crown.  If is not your crown then hey buy some good cards at the Adult store, play those cards with them.


At any rate there are a large number of People who signed the Constitution.  After all for a limited time Authors and Inventors are entitled to their writings and inventions.


Thats copyright law.  If you have a federal discharge there is also a local militia to help you.  If the discharge is less than honorable, then the American Legion Commander might want to get involved.


So the moral of the story is these works could remove your innocence.  So buy the Innocent common Law.   If you publish things not recommended by the state now a days,  you get a remote keyboard monitor.  Its part of the monitor of a communications agreement about keeping the military stuff away from the people.   


So this is the miltiary stuff for Israel.   That a foreign government.   Had a Jubilee in 1998.   Fifty years of freedom for the Israeli.   For 600 before going underground again.   


The Papal Government is also considered a foreign Government.   So that gives the Soldiers a right to monitor these things.


Some governments have armies that are terrorist groups.   So care has to be taken to monitor these things.   Like the Irish Republican Army.    Abortion is illegal in some States, unfortunately not in the US.    The Women does not want to cut off her hand, same as killing a part of her mind called the embrio.  Controversial I am sure but seems like common sense to this author.


Even if the pregnant women is raped,  our lady of the immaculate conception can be used as the father if there was a trace on that part of the conception.   So Ladies, there is more to a conception than just the seed giver.   So in cased of rape who pays for the child?  Anyway there are patricians to trace these things and by the time Starr Books begins suing those who only read one page or two on the internet I am sure the company will deserve enought to double the National Debt.   


So buy a book.   Get Rich.  (he owns the pawn shop,   possibly the best guy against the impoverished religous orders.  )    As Daniel if you steal the golden vessels,  well an israeli might just go get them back.


Starr Books is still an independent book company.  

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The Stars the Generals Wear

With the advent of the Hoodle in an attempt to control the hoodlums, there appears to be ways developed for the Generals to wear Stars.  These insignia are really ways to improve peoples lives and are made to prevent certain things happening especially in families.  So the make of the hoodlum or Saint,  such as Saint John for the One Star Adjunjent and Saint Bartholmew for the Two Star Brig the make was made long ago and people can ask the owner of the make to duplicate this for the way of the naming of certain hoodlums. 


The problem is these makes involve things that to the Romans and the Common law are considered illegal if caught,  such as incest and parent relationships with children.  The Generals are made to prevent this from happening and so the majority of the families are kept in the right way.  Certain Roman people may have this happen to them in order for that person to assume the rank of that General, and if everything is done according to the dictates of the Roman Priest, proper confession and healing made to make the person aware that this is not the end of the world and that the mistakes made previously can put people in the service at Rank and so make sure that others are ok, while the ladies and gentlemen are treated with the utmost respect and caring in order to live a good life.


So unfortunetly there is a time involved that the people involved have to go thru to establish the relationships that would last.   Most of the Hoodlums are not fatal and so the immortality of the people involved gets better as the ideas are explored and the ways that made the Roman Ladies and Gentlemen are released as healed and the people all are happy.


So to see how these preventions were made at the time of the Galilee and the Passion of Christ then the people can see what is really being offered.  Unfortunetly these things are reserved for people who only show the interest in them for a number of years and are trusted with the information.


So publishing them is something that might offend some readers, while other might think it heretical and brand the author and make book bans and other things.


That is what Starr Books is attempting in the near future, and hopes the potential reader will understand this.


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Religious Freedom and the Power of the Press

Starr Books has published what would be heretical literature from some sects of the Christianity, and would like to sell these books to you.  Using the Freedom of the Press that is part of my affiliation with the American Legion, the books are now available for purchase.  Starr Books has also published lists of Saints that could not be considered heretical, and even a daily saints calendar.   So Starr Books takes a stand about freedom of the press before it takes a stand about being of a certain age before some of Christianities Knowledge is given.  As an Author I am 58.   Only about 50 years left.  !!!!


With the ability of anyone to go get a State License to be clergy, especially in the State of Ohio, and with the Freedom of the Press offered in the Constitution, it is possible as a Christian Author to be targeted by his X military people and Clergy that are not of Christianity,  but from other sects.


Some Clergy is good and has an education, while others do not.  Some security agents are puppets of Gespano the Puppet maker whose puppet Pinochio nose grows with all the Lies they make in an effort to control the father and prohibit people from going to Lylr Ledwrai and Beli.   These Characters are in my book.  ( not pinochio he is in disney land.)  Slander is bad for business, as well as investigation by everyone.   for anything.   


Many people get in the way of free expression and authorship and try to prohibit research and publishing, especially in public places where computers are given to the public for a limited time.


For a Limited Time Authors and Inventors are entitled to their Writings and Inventions (in the constitution patent and copyright laws.) and the clause about local militia in the Constitution respecting the Military.  And the X Military.


Starr Books has published Religious Articles and Books that many different organizations, with secret temples such as the Mason's and the non Christian sects allowed in this country, and the people that serve the crown of the Windsor, instead of the Freedoms promised by the united states where no man is subject to the Crown.  Considering Thomas Paynes common sense.   Some of the Sefriot published are affliiated with the Jewish People, who not all but some of them are given the secrets of Christianity and realize that the first jew is Christian and is difficult to maintain, however not impossible.



In a way it is flattering to be a target of such,  but in other ways it is difficult even though degreed to compete with some of the multi million aire first class people.   


The syndicated Book industry is also difficult, as Knowledge is regulated mostly by the Library of Congress and local Libraries accross the country.   In the US they say Knowledge is not regulated, but when you take the libery to sell books some churches or clergy say things like book ban or you should not publish false doctrine.  If they would be good clergy they would correct or teach the author instead of being friars and say you have to pay for instruction.  Well even Aristotle and Socrates tried to get paid for instruction and some students would learn philosophy and not pay.


So the Authorship is like taking a sailing ship and casting anchor on a turbulent ocean and keeping cannons on Starrboard or Port as required, buying Baltimores in Various places or (cannonballs) and hoping it does not get cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey.!!!!


Authorship is Artist.   Engineer is Artisan.   Artists are greater than Artisans.   


Take a look at some of the books offered by Starr Books.     Buy a Book.



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