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Blessed Charlemagne

Blessed Charlemagne is one of my works.   It all began when I joined the church and started in the Knights of Columbus and had a copy of the Legends of Charlemagne.  About 1992-5  and the fellows in the Order said I could not read the book unless I could prove descent from Charlemagne.   The book was part of a series of classics and other works like the Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs Court were also read.   So I did prove I was descended from Charlemagne by joining the International Society of the Descendents of Charlemagne.   As the years moved on I read Einhard and learned about Charlemagne.  As venerations became apparent people were called into Christianity and the Father noticed at Church.  In 1997 I got my bachloreate.    After many years of selling the vitae, I descided to reread the book Legends of Charlemagne and now it was Illustrated.   The Illustrator has best selling books and the Illustrations were copyrighted by a company with the same name as my alma-mater in 1997.   It is interesting that the capture of Baghdad the first time I read it was overlooked but after 911 I guess thats how you capture Baghdad again if there is a need.  Well anyway the author got out of the Military in 1985 and the strange coincidences about the radio's and electronics keep piling in.


The Society has made many gains, and the 700 club as seen on TV is interesting.  It celebrates the 700 years after the Blessing of Beatus was bestowed on Charlemagne by the Pope.   That's the seven hundred year blessing by Charlemagne.


So if you are interested in the Cause for Sainthood for Charlemagne,  Please see my work that is a genealogical study.



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Favorite Works

In the world of an Author, there have been great influences on me.  Not that Thomas Ridge founder of the Office of Homeland Security and the Watkins School at my alma mater or Samuel Nichols founder of the Marine Corp is an influence that is good, while George Washington's Father Augustine is a very powerful influence. as Mary Ball's son was the founder of the Country and the founder of the Army, however when offered the Kingship declined for some reason.   


Time Magazine out of New York is a Great Influence, especially with the 100 most influential people of all time.  Another good book that was an influence was 5000 Years of Royalty.   Both have the same characters and who really does have an influence on the Planet and who does not.


Bulfinch's Mythology of the Legends of Charlemagne was a good influence.   At the Church I was told I could not finish reading the book until I proved descent from Charlemagne.  Thank you for the Revernd Governor General who founded the International Society of the Descendents of Charlemage.


It is know that Bulfinch's Dad was the Architect of the White House the British Burned in the War of 1812 and an attempt was made after September 11.   Signatures on some documents are important while on other documents they become less important,  Like Treaties.


Any way if you are the Author of the Gods the Greeks the Abduction of Helen and Paris and the remainder of the epics as quoted in Aristotles Poetic show the study of Greek literature is really fun.


Reading is a good vice, and some people think that it can improve your life.


If you have ever practiced Engineering then you know that someone has already done this.   So therefore it becomes a way of finding the solution that has already been done.  Recent discoveries in the Transitor by Schock led to the computers and the access of the knowledge by not only the Priest Elite but also the common people and those who hold title.  So now the See of Alexandria is open to everyone.  but better yet the computers that link it all together are interactive allowing uploading of almost anything, so the information age begins where it becomes where to find it when there is an overload of information and who can sort it out.


So the Philosphy School of Socrates where the thinkers did not get paid becomes important as well as all the people in the two publications mentioned, the most influential people of all time and 5000 years of royalty. 


With the advent of the uploading of information it becomes a matter of who has the authority to work with engineering and science where peoples lives can be compromised.   So certification and schooling have to be set up so that the operators of the machines do not hurt themselves.  


With Author ship that stress has been taken away.   It is not important anymore what is written.  Of course if the quality of the books is not good then the idea of a million seller and tons of money is unlikely.   


However that is not important if you are independently wealthy.   And that improves the quality of the books.   


Especially with everyone's contribution to the genealogy files, the massive amount of data shows the duplication of effort for most uploaders and those of us that are trying to sort this out have made an effort.


Thats what some of Starr Books is all about.  The amount of information taken to compile the books and make the charts are not possible without the tools of an author, the computer and the creativity of the colors of the sky.  


Others of Starr books are lists, since Eliza Allen Starr left a list and those people might be still alive or lost without the Saints.   Venerations and Navigations of Eliza Allen Starr is what that is about and going back further than about 20 generations is watched and certain posts are there, where the venerable can only learn the language shifts by experience to commune with the Saints.   It is a different king of High,  sort of like Rocky Mountain High,  but it is good and fun to do.


Find your Saints is what this is about.   Some say they are guarded, and owned, the Saints, but in actuallity they are in heaven and well there is a way to get there in this life, for some anyway if you have a mind to find a Saint and Speak.   


Speaking is a paid thing where learned professors are paid to speak at a meeting of gentlemen or as a Professor,  but that is for a short time and is very expensive, while purchasing a book is less expensive.


However reading is for the self learners, while some people need to be instructed, and others need to be told.   So putting a value on the knowledge becomes important and writing something that survives is also a thing that the salesman say to an author,  Hey Sir,  your book is great, you are an immortal,  I bet your book will last for centuries, and for a modest outrageauous price I can market your works.   Salesman are such good people.


Anyway reading is a past time of the Author,  keeps you out of trouble and enlightens and illuminates you.   So if you have this past time now with the revolution in self publishing you too can write.


So find your interest in Starr Books and buy a book.





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Starr Books and an Act of Congress

Starr Books would like to remember Eliza Allen Starr's title page that usually included Printed with an Act of Congress.


Previous to last week Starr Books would purchase Library Congress Control Numbers from the self publishing company.


Starr Books is proud to say that the company is now registered and can abtain LCCN numbers and has obtained them for many unprinted titles.  These titles will be printed and released soon.


Here is how it works.


For every Congress Meeting their is an opening prayer.   So the opening prayer is one Act of Congress.   Putting the price on prayer is the difficulty.   Some Say the Apostle James the Lesser married Penny,  some say Linda,  and some say he did not marry.   Most scholars agree that James the Lesser got the tribe Zebulon.


So if he married Penny then there is a price on her, and if he married Linda, then she is a Lending or a loan on her.  Either way the Act of Congress that is a prayer puts a price on the workings of Congress.


The Perfect Penny.


Well at one time the Author and owner of Starr Books was going to the Sons of the American Revolution Library in Louisville Kentucky.  On the way there was a sign that said the road led to Abraham Lincoln's birthplace.   So the Author took the turn to go there.


At the birthplace there were many fallen trees.   A weather calamity had caused some trees to fall.  So the author then found out about Abraham Lincoln's school.  So there there was a school house.  Pretty cool stuff.   Then there was a sign that said to go to Abraham Lincoln's Museum.  So the Author went there.   There was a sign in the entrance way of the Museum said that there were four more brand new designs for Abraham Lincoln's Penny and they were to be released from the mints soon.   In fact the coins were in small quanities made, and they all had a date of Issue.  The Author noted the date of issue for one of the coins was the day he was at the Museum.   Neato....


So the Author paid the price to go thru the Museum, it was quite nice and the cost was modest.


Then in the gift shop was the coin collectors dream.    A Pretty penny on its date of issue with three other pennies all with Abraham Lincoln's design, mounted in wood found at Abraham Lincoln's birthplace by the natives, for sale in the Abraham Lincoln Museum.    The author wrote a check, and the four pennies are still in the Authors possession.   


So the Pretty Penny is really related to the prayer of the Act of Congress, and is now found in more of the books published by Starr Books.

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Starr Books Wants to be a Patriot

OK.   According to the Congress 140-70  We have the right to use military force.


Starr Books was doing some research and discovered the Laws of Moses.   Well  Moses made Ethiopia Subject.   He was a General.   


Then the mother of John the Baptist after the Romans destroyed the temple was Crucified in Ethiopia where the Apostle Mathew was beheaded.


So Apparently the Ethiopia people are ruled by priest, and are supposed to give to Moses anything the Father wants.


Well the Father did not want the World Trade Center.


So who do you suppose told Moses subjects in Ethiopia to have such a disaster, and if they are the greatest priest then they have to be subject to the laws of Moses forever.


Now the Starr Lineage the Author of this blog did well in the Revolution.  We know the surname of the Captain of the Ship that was a tory, was captured and saw due process and was well executed.   If you are not American yes the Revolution was against the Tyranny of the Great Britain Crown.   And Yes after John Hancock signed the Constitution, and the soverign of Great Britain signed a Treaty called the Treaty of Paris.


The People of Great Britain Attached again.   And General of the America's Andrew Jackson bought a sword from Nath and did the Great Britainers in.


So as a patriot of the americas, not to declare war because the Commander in Chief Can,  You will have to figure it out for yourself.


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Sooner or later the idea of Epic is encountered in life. Epicness is great !!!
Now I have just recently read Aristotle's Poetica. Aristotle is a write about 400 bc to 300 bc and is the approved philosophy of the Universal Church. Anyway the idea of poetic justice is found in Greek literature. And then the lady says wasn't that a tragedy?
So if you figure out that the epics are a way to cause a tragedy to a guilty person then if you think you might ever acquire some sort as guilt, perhaps a Roman Sin before you can confess, you pretty much have to take some kind of defense. After all the Greek Orthodox are in communion with the Holy See as well as Roman Catholic.
So if you like Greek Poems, or tragedies, or epics, like Ulysses or Homer, then you probably need a tee-shirt that says Epicness. (I like tee-shirts)
So Ok Greeks have Epics.
One of my favorite Epics is the Song of Roland. OK thats a French Epic. He was the rearguard for Charlemagne and in the hilt of his sword was the relic of the Virgin Mary, first order. A Tragedy what happened.
To honor the ancient text called the Epic of Gilgamesh Starr books has published The Sumatrian Dieties.
From the Back Cover :::!!!!
The Sumatrian Dieties is about the ideas of King Solomon and his worship of Astarte, the Goddesss of Love Fertility, and War as found in the Old Testement. However there is more about it than what is shown in the bible. That is what this book is about. Dieties like Gilgamesh and Enkidu are usually what people understand about Sumatria. These are characters in Beowulf a book the author read in HIgh School. However this book is about the dieties of Sumatria as they are found in the Genealogy files fouund on the internet, putting them together and noting the titles given to the Dieties. These titles are included as well as what was found in the Epic Classic called the Epic of Gilgamesh. So if you claim you are Epic you need this Epic. And this book shows how the Dieties in that Epic fit together as ancestors and as people that lived long ago.

Sumatrian Dieties is a must read for those familiar with Sumatria but do not know what is in the Genealogy files everyone uploaded to the Internet.
End of Excerpt from Back Cover
So another good read about the Greek Epics is the book The Greek Gods by Starr Books. Again this is not poetry but a look at the relationships of the Greeks with charts. The data is from the genealogy files found on the internet and it shows the relationships of the Gods and Heroes to the Greek Kings, Spartans, Kings of Pergammon, etc...... It shows the ranks of the Hero's and so how the Officers in the military who have the Greek maintain the ranks of the commissions.
These charts are also found in the Five Generation Genesis of God a recent Third Edition release. In Nobilities Law the charts are found as well as the ranks.
If you read the Greek Epics closely you might find the author lies about twins fathers or mothers like Petronius or other Epics and so the reader if he or she does not catch this then guess what the tragedy hits !!! (so its a good idea to remain in the holy see so the Greek Orthodox can make fun of you rather than let the tragedy hit).

So become Epic !!!!
Read some philosophy of the Universal Church, and if there is a council to change the Roman Belief just use the philosophy. Read some Epic. Sumatrian, French, Greek, all that you can find.
Read some of Starr Books interpret the Epics. The Greek Gods, Nobilities Law, The Five Generation Genesis of God, The new release The Sumatrian Dieties.
Have Fun !!!! Enjoy !!!!

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The Art of Veneration

The Art of Veneration

The Spirits
First it can be assumed that after a few generations going back into the lineages and the marriages and those lineages that the ancestors have become spirits or ghosts.
Next, considering that they were Christian spirits it can be assumed that for the most part they are good spirits. Now these some of these spirits were greater than other spirits.
Furthermore it can be assumed that each living person has a memory of these spirits, no likely known to the conscience mind, but these spirits will have an affect on the person and so everyday the person will ascend to the father or to these past spirits. This is one way the living know God or the Father.
Now in the event that each day one spirit might ascend to one ancestor and his brother or sister might ascend to another ancestor, how is this possible? It might be that the spirit of the living is attuned to that person in the father or ancestry more than say his brother or sister. And also it might be that the ancestors sort of charge up with the days, so that one ancestor might be left to charge up for three days and be known or another for four days and be known. It might also be that certain places in the ancestry or Father are occupied by brother, sister, Father, mother, etc. and that might influence how the spirit of the living might know the father.
In the event that a person should take the time to develop an ascent to the father, in the case where a living person has found someone in the ancestry such as a Saint or a King, the idea of how to affect the ascent can become important.
The idea of a natural Vere or a forcing into the wives line is considered, especially if the male side was a soldier that say a battlefield and took a life. In this case it is likely our natural ascent would be to avoid the soldier and the death and take the ascent of the wife or of the wifes ancestry.
Other things might be able to be used to develop a veneration like altars and second marriages etc.. These type things are usually part of the clerical teachings or the divinities of the people's religion.
Finding a Saint and preparing a veneration
So in the event that a living person has studied his ancestry and has found a Saint in his or her father the divinity of that Saint is now part of the bloodline of the person who discovered it. So first a prayer should be developed to venerate the Saint.
A prayer such as God Bless the veneration of Saint Margaret, (Saint Andrew pray for us ) for the Starr's married the Spencer, Douglas, Leslie, Chrichton, Stewart, Brus, line of Saint Margaret, will allow the holy people who hear prayers to know that you are invoking the way to the Saint and you would like to either enjoy the blessings of the state of heaven the Saint can bestow or that you are in spiritual trouble feeling insecure and so with to invoke the Saint.
Modifications to the prayer such as Thank you for the Veneration instead of God Bless the Veneration are another way to raise the veneration above the primitive God into the realm of Thanks.
Continued Modification might be Let this Veneration forever link me to Saint (name given ) or Let this prayer ask a divine person to look at the veneration and make the flow of the spirit better, or Let this prayer make a natural and divine path to the Saint (name Given).
Here the idea is that the prayer could be repeated with modifications at the same church, sanctuary or chapel, and then the religious could make the veneration work.
The idea that once the prayers and venerations are established the heaven the Saint can offer can be bestowed on the venerator. Entering supplication (giving into the way of peace so the spirit can flow both into the supplicant and thru the supplicant) might also help to get the venerations going.

Taking the time to carefully look at a veneration to see how it gets to the Saint is another idea of how to plan to make a good, continuous veneration. For instance if the path to the Saint goes only thru Christian Houses such as most Venerations to England and France, then additional thought might not be in order. If the veneration goes thru a King or Queen of a house invoking the prayer to the King or Queen that the venerators want to travel thru the Kingdom and find the Christian Saint and are not looking to usurp the throne are in order. If the veneration goes thru noble houses of lines with Kings and Queens it is a good idea to see if those lines are Earles, or Dukes, or Viscounts, etc. to see if the passage thru the house has to be won or asked for.
In the case of the Starr line it is known that Soldiers in past wars used their swords for primitive kills in those Sirs. So if the Soldier was subject to the Crown and the Crown won and the rebels were subjected to exile or slavery or something else, it might be a good idea to let those sirs know that the Starr Venerator has the ability to invoke that crown to make the sir allow passage thru his sir, as the drawing of blood between sirs in war is kept as a record and so certain sirs might become subject to other sirs, thru obedience to the Crown and Thru service to the Crown, Keeping in mind that these thoughts are for the people in the veneration that grew up in a Christian Kingdom.
If the veneration starts with Christianity and then goes thru many generations of pagans or non Christians and then back to the Saint these are also ideas that the persons designing the venerations might be doing.
Many venerations are thru another Saint. So for instance to go to Saint Henry the Fowler it might be a veneration that includes Saint Margaret. So instead of Calling her Saint Margaret it might be better to refer to her as Queen Margaret of Scotland or Margaret of Scotland or Margaret Atheling, rather than as Saint Margaret because the Saint involvement by the venerator is to commune with Saint Henry the Fowler not with Saint Margaret. For Example, The Starr's married the Douglas, Leslie, Chricton, Stewart, Brus, Margaret of Scotland, line of Saint Henry the Fowler. Notice the title is used only once for the venerations.
There are organizations such as Saints and Angles and the International Society of the Descendents of Charlemagne that actually have divine people do this and register the veneration either for a fee or to improve our Society.

Divine people have a sense to follow the veneration, and if the next marriage is not there the veneration will not work. Ladies are especially good at this, especially married ladies, and so that is why the spirit of marriage is said in the prayer of the veneration.
Unfortunately if an ancestor actually did kill someone and it was not confessed there might be a problem with the veneration. This is especially true of the idea of a witch in your ancestry, discovered by a Knight, and so the witch must be killed. In the early days of Christianity the term Witch was used for a lady that was accused of taking a life, so the Knight or the homicide detective or whatever it is called, would be prone by Christian law to dispatch the Witch. This leads to great fun around All Souls Day and Halloween when it is customary to scare the Children and Neophytes. However it is a real part of Christianity and knowledge of it will lead the initiated into a mature interpretation of a witch and witchcraft instead of an idea based on Halloween or other ridiculous ideas.
Now the idea of a women in the ways of a women is also considered in veneration, and this is an important part of a church and veneration. Saint Andrew was said to be of the House Medes. Well in Hebrew Medes means Blood. So Saint Andrew is invoked because in a veneration there is a bloodline to consider. So if a women in the ways of a women (emitting blood flow) is a good Christian women and her spouse or lover does not have a veneration she may be able to offer her flow to a venerator or a member of the Clergy in order to obtain the blessings of the Saint from the clergy or the venerator.
There is another Saint, Saint Otyuru who can be invoked, (taught to me by a lady security agent) that has each drop of blood from the womb be a different part of a veneration. In other words if there are say five or six marriages between the venerator and the saint then that does not take five or six months for the Lady but by invoking Saint Otyuru there are a great number of marriages possible.
So here the lady being in the way of a women has a holy way to help the church and her people thru the Saints and Venerations.

Knowledge of each Saint becomes important, so to invoke a veneration to a Saint that is newly found on the genealogy files is a good thing, however it might be a good idea to look up the Saint in a book and find out about the Saints History, why he or she became a Saint, and any other interesting facts about the Saint.
Keeping in mind someone like Saint John Paul II who was pope was raised to the Altars by a group of two million people at beatification and a million at canonization there is more than one spirit involved with invoking a Saint. Not all saints have this many people involved, but All Saints are raised to the Altars and are residing in Heaven.
Curing and the cause of some diseases. Because the Roman Empire was coming around 20-100 AD it is possible that the idea of venerations could be used to invoke plagues and diseases on the Romans. Knowing the Hebrew Kingdom was going under the Roman Occupation for a time the Hebrew may have made ways that the use of the Father would cause a disease such as cancer and if the correct way of the father was not invoked then the person would die of the disease. Gout is a similar disease. So to cure something like Cancer or Gout a proper veneration could be invoked that could cure the disease. Once the diseased person learned the correct way and the Doctors and Clergy set it up the person could live the rest of his or her life cancer free. Some may say this is not so but certainly if someone having cancer or Gout reads this then in the least they might gain some hope, and who really knows what causes these diseases?
In Early Christianity there is much debate about how the genealogy and ancestry actually was. Especially with the invocation of Saints (sometimes used to correct bad things like incest, homicide, and rape) it becomes a debate about how the genealogy really was. In fact ideas like the fact that the only thing that survived about the Apostle Phillip that is not divined is in the Anti-Nicean Fathers that say he was the twin to Mariam. Now the Father likely knows more than this but the layman is not allowed to. This protects the church and keeps it holy, and is a good argument to stay in communion with the church, rather than just quit when the going gets tough. Another example of this is Saint Peter the son of Judas. Well the only navigation to Jonas that is known is thru Aristobulus and thru Perpetua Saint Peter's wife. Thus to get to Jonas or Andrew the navigation has to be thru Aristobulus, (causes a giant gaseaous defication) and then to Peter, his father, and then to Andrew. This protects Saint Peter and allows the Father and everyone else to not have defication accidents in life, which are set up in the chief Simeon the son of Leah and Jacob, and they become part of Saint Peter. Then if a person would attack someone who knows about this like a Father of Bishop etc.. they could be caused to be bad mannered or un-civilized in the presence of a Priest, which in fact preserves the integrity of the Priest and the Father.
So if the Father is the keeper of the cure of some diseases, and the person separates from the father, then Father may have to protect himself or his flock by invoking diseases and keeping the faithful alive the sinners who do not repent are stricken with death or disease and the disease is not cured unless the person goes back to the father. This seems a little harsh but it preserves the church and lordship and prevents unholy people from going to the extreme of setting someone up and telling others that they are next !!!!
Therefore the study of veneration and the setting up of venerations is important to a person's cause for Sainthood. The four steps for being raised to the altars are Servant of God, then Venerable, then Beatification, then Sainthood.
So communion with the Holy See becomes for the Illuminated the idea that if the Father knows the Illuminated Knight has these venerations and there is a need to give a large amount of the Father to a person or group, then the Father can allow the passage of this energy thru the Illuminated Knight to the Person or Group the Father is blessing. Of course the Father is involved as well, and if the Father has a large amount of Knights present at the Mass and the Father and the Knights call down the spirit of the Mass then the people present might have a greater mass than if it were the Father alone. Thus the argument goes that a Mass with multiple Fathers, Bishops, Archbishops, etc.. with Knights etc. and Nobles etc… then the invocation of the mass and the amount of blessing the True Father or God allows to come away from the Mass would be greater with everyone who attends, especially with a good preparation for the Mass.
So Venerations in the Chapel are made in preparation for the Sacrament, and the Father knows these Venerations are there perhaps early in the week, and so can plan that the Saints presence can be at the Mass.


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Getting it Right when thats almost impossible

My latest work The Eight Generations that Made the Lord God is like a masterpiece.   In a way the relationships of the people who made the Lord God represent the Common Law.


So almost everyone will agree who the apostles are and who the characters in the bible are, but this happened about 2000 years ago.  It is the authors thought that the Hebrew People viewed themselves as being invaded by the Romans, who were trying to impose their law over the Hebrew Law.   Therefore the Hebrew used many mirrors and confusion so the the Roman Authority would not know who was even in charge of the Hebrews.   The number of the name was used and is taught to the young candidates of Christianity to let them know the Roman Occupation was against the Christian Religion.   This proved true for 400 years with the early church giving people to the Lions in the Coleseum and other sacrifices.  If you got caught as a christian then you were killed.


So the author has printed something that reveals the relationships and secrets to the reader, and thru the years the original texts printed have had minor changes.


So the author has a tremendous feeling of guilt that the reader will take what was written as true and so have a tainted existence.   Some of the clergy would say that the book will become Heresy and that the author is publishing false doctrine.


Well no one else has stepped up to the plate to try to publish this.  Sorting thru the genealogies on the internet and finding all sorts of different views leads one to wonder.  In fact different what is called denominations believe different ways.   The author has heard that the Roman Catholic, Baptist, Church of Christ have similar ideas about the relationships of Galilee, while the Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, and the Military have different views as well as the Churches of the Primitive God etc...


Honestly this happened two thousand years ago and it only happened one way.   And to find out that Jonah was the father of Saint Peter and Saint Andrew is one thing.   It is almost always agreed that Salome was the wife of Zebedee.   It is not shown however that possibly there were two different wives named Salome and as in the chart printed there are about eight or more people named salome at the time.  And it was a surprise that Jonas may have had more than one wife.


This brings up the subject of Love.   Well if you are a parent you love your children usually with the heart.   Starr has the double r so the first two chambers of the heart can work together to make a sincopat.  The heart then makes a feeling of love.  Arithmea or heart rate increase will cause a feeling of love.  When a young man meets a young women and they start to get it on the instincts take over, the heart rates go up, and feeling of both is interpretted as love.  So the name Rachel of Arimathea and Anna of Arimathea and the deceit about the eungyneus is there so even in bars Rachel can make the young man have an arithmea when he looks at the long lady who will tighten her butt muscles and then the boy has a crush on the girl and will follow her around, buy her dinner, presents etc...  while the lady is looking to take him down to aisle to support her and make babies.


So you see publishing these things about these relationships if incorrect will cause alot of problems for those who make these arrangements for the people, and so the author has received valuble corrections from sources and has looked at what is right and so published his latest The Eight Generations that made the Lord God.


Of course if any of this does not agree with your interpretation just say anyone of the characters is a Saint and the Father or Reverend will look at it and say yes or no, which will depend on which type of Father or Reverend you ask to look at it.   Email me a correction there is a contact form on the website.


Further,  since the people of hte Hebrew wanted to show their religion is appropriate to the Emperor, with no incest, cousins marriage,  Aunt nephew marriages etc.    then the first pages with the many named the name of Mary, Ann, Salome, Joseph, James, John, Judas, etc...  can be presented as everyone is rather innocent.  But if the pages of the Hidden Kingdom where there is more than one wife, well then that is only acceptible if the first wife has passed away or is divorced, unless of course the Apostle is supposed to be illegitamate.   


So now that this is published the people who are determined to keep the innocent protected might try to interfere with freedom of the press that is in the United States and call this false doctrine.  Well I can truly say I believe most of it is right, and if there are a few minor things wrong then well hopefully they will not cause harm.  


So here is the book,   I hope you like it.   If you are already familiar with the common law then please read and send corrections, I will look at them.   


Another important disclaimer about this.   Well the author has a sister named Mary.   It is customary to raise the brother of Mary without any law, and send him to church as a fool.   Well that I can be.  Then whoever in church teaches the law to a fool will get a reward.   In this way alliances are made with other families and surnames, countries, etc... that will also show they have christian law.   Of course by the time the brother of Mary or Alpheaus gets all the law and his Priest or Father or Sir look at the Law and then they can say,  thank you for showing you have the law and are able to bless this poor fool, we too took that as law thru the centuries and we are happy to find someone who also believes in the law.


Not to say that the house and arms did not have the common law but to say that hopefully many alliances can be made to the house so that the generation that had Mary in it might make a good many alliances and marriages between other houses so that peace can be preserved and christianity can increase.


So if you dont have the common law just buy the book and say that you knew all this already and that you agree with it.



Hope you liked this blog.   Consider buying a Book from Starr Books.

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Vitae at Starr Books

Vitae are Great  !!!   Vitae is Life.    


Here are Starr Books Vitae!!!


The Life of Saint Brychan


Life of Blessed Charlemagne


Life of Saint Dewi


Life of Saint Raymond


Life of Saint Ethelbert and the Saints of Kent


Life of the Armenian Saints


Life of King Judicael


These books are about each of the above Saints.


It all began with Saint Brychan.


When the lists of Saints for Saints Who Left Descendants became known then adding Saint Brychan with 24 sainted boy children and 24 sainted girl children it was obvious Saint Brychan would need his own book.


Each of the Vitae for Starr books are Genealogy based.   The texts written one thousand years ago about Charlemagne and Saint Dewi are of course also available and are a good read.


Starr Books Vitae explains the Saint, his family, his reason he became a saint, and if he is a Patron Saint and if so what a Patron of.


The Vitae also go into the Saints in the Region.  For Instance Charlemagne became an Emperor, and there are many Saints related to Charlemagne,  this is in the books.


The Vitae all go into the way the Saint fits into the Tree of the Father or the Ancestry and explains what influences the tree has on the Saint.  


The vitae have relationships or navigations to other saints, like from Charlmagne to many others.


The families of these Saints are in the Vitae, and what the names of the families are.


Saint Ethelbert was the King of Kent and his wife was Saint Bertha of the Franks. 


So there was a union between the People of Great Britain and the Franks.  


In the Vitae it is shown how King Ethelbert and Saint Bertha have common ancestors, while King Ethelbert is descended from


King Priam for 18 generation Saint Bertha has 28 generations to King Priam.


There are Interesting facts in all the Vitae about each Saint, based on many factors.


Seven Vitae at Starr Books So Far.


Find them at major internet book stores.


Get a Life  !!!!     Get a Vitae   !!!!!





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Great Maintainers At Starr Books, The Saints Series

The saints series is about the saints books.


These books were what first inspired the author to go to print.


The saints are really only about 2000 years old, some of them, while others are only a few hundred years old.


And yes, some saints were cannonized last year or the year before.  


There is a great many people who take the holy vow and eventually everyone will have to serve as a saint


The first book published,  Saints Who Left Descendents had 110 saints that it is possible that the reader could find for him/herself


Eventually Saints and Blessed Who Left Descendents replaced this title, with 145 plus saints that are possible for the reader to find.


The first book of the Saint in the Tree was called that, and this book had saints that did not have a blood line that continued as far as the author knows.....


Their parents or grandparents are likely the readers ancestors if you can find their bloodline or as it is called the veneration.


Saints in the Tree after a few years became Ascent of the Saints, with both venerable saints and saints who did not leave descendents, with of course a path to find them.


Major Saints Ancestry came out to solve the problem of the saints no one ever heard of.


Yes there are about 700 saints it is possible to find using the books offered by Starr Books.


However only really Major Saints like Saint Patrick and Saint Valentine are the ones people have heard of.


So Major Saints Ancestry is like the Hall of Fame for the Saints,  (they like to stay humble of course.)


Dictionary of Saints of course has all major and others of these in Alphabetical Order.


Each saint has a feast day.  The reader is of course familiar with Saint Patrick's day.  Well thats his feastday.  Or course Saint Valentine's day is another famous feastday. 


Every saint gets a feastday,  so Calendar of Saints was the first feastday book.


As the list got bigger Daily Saints was published with each day of the year (or most days at least) with one to a few saints.


Daily Devotional Saint or Trivia was published to fill in the gaps where a feastday did not have a saint that was in the tree a devotion was added to that day.


Saint of the Day Calendar with Saints in the Tree is now available, and is a calendar you put on the wall, with each day having a square of course,


with an entry of the Saint and where the Saint is from as in Saint Patrick, Ireland.  


Then Find Your Saints has the actual venerations from six of the Saints to almost all of the other saints.


Here the idea is that if you have found one of the six saints in Find Your Saints then you can navigate to others.


So how do you find out where or how to get to your saints?


Starr Books has an offering of Basic Genealogy for Beginners.  


The book is like the boot camp for finding your ancestors.


Starr Books found on the internet that one in three americans can prove their ancestor is some sort of Royalty or Saint.


Well,  not to promise anything, but if there are 300 million Americans thats 100 million with some sort of Royalty.


Of course your odds are one to three.  


Considering you are using a computer to view this, and that means you are in the computer class, that improves your odds.


If you are not from the US then depending on the country the odds are still not that bad.


So here are the works mentioned above again


Saints Who Left Descendents


Saints and Blessed Who Left Descendents


Tree of Saints


Calendar of Saints


Major Saints Ancestry


Dictionary of Saints


Ascent of the Saints


Daily Saints


Daily Devotional Saint or Trivia


Saint of the Day with Saints in the Tree  a  Calendar is available


Basic Genealogy for Beginners


Starr Books has been published now for years.   These books were difficult to get set up in the beginning, but it has gotten easier throughout the years. 


I hope you enjoy the offerings....


Starr Books also Offers Vitae,  or the Life of a Saint as in The Life of Blessed Charlemagne. 


Seven Vitae so far.   Enjoy   !!!!

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The idea was simple, put all the Saints in the Genealogy file into a book to share with others.   Then promote the book as the Saints that are in the tree.  


This idea came to pass about ten years ago.  The books got bigger.   A daily devotion found many more saints.


Organizing the Saints became the issue which resulted in more books.  There are two ways a Saint fits in the Tree.  Either he is a direct ancestor, or he is a son or a grandson etc... of a direct ancestor.


Saints and Blessed Who Left Descendents are only Direct Ancestors.


Ascent of the Saints are both.


Dictionary of Saints is all the Saints in Alphabetical order


Daily Saints Whose Ancestry is Known is the Saints put in order by the Feast Day.


These four books have a very large number of Saints in them.


Saints and Blessed Who Left Descendents  152 Saints and Blessed.


Daily Saints over 500 Saints and Blessed


Each Saint has a listing, with Ancestors and Descendents or the Branch of the Tree, and a Biography, and a family Section.


The family section will list the Mother and Father if known, and the siblings, sometimes the siblings or mother or father are also Saints.


Find your Saints is a listing of the actual relationships found in the genealogy file, moving from one saint to another.


For Reference if you would like to look up a Saint, Dictionary of Saints is the Best


For Daily Devotionals Daily Saints works Well.  


There is a Calendar that is available for 2019 that has the Saints in the Daily Saints Book printed out (just the name and the country) on the day of the year.


For a Devotion get Daily Saints and the Calendar


If you need a Devotion every day get Daily Devotion Saint and Trivia and the Calendar.


Look on the Calendar, if the Saint is interesting look him or her up in the book.






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