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NOW RELEASED !!!   Venerations and Navigations for Eliza Allen Starr

Eliza Allen Starr was a great author in the years between about 1850 and 1905.  She wrote Patron Saints that is available today on the internet as a reprint. 


Most of her books are now found only in Rare Book Stores.


Eliza was born Eliza Ann Starr and her mother was Lovina Allen so she got the name Eliza Allen Starr. 


She spent a number of years in the Vatican and wrote Pilgrims and Shrines.


The Author and Eliza Allen Starr have the same surline about ten generations us, so all the venerations and navigations for the author if ten generations up work also for Eliza Allen Starr.


The book then has these venerations from the Starr Lineage to the Saints and Blessed.


There is a section similar to that found in Find Your Saints, where the Major Saints go to many more saints.


These major Saints are


Saint Margaret


Blessed Charlemagne


Saint Judicael


Saint Brychan


Saint Raymond


From these saints go to over fifty more saints from each of the major Saints.


Eliza Allen Starr once helped the Sisters of the Holy Cross as it says in the Starr Family History of 1879 by Burgess Pratt Starr


Please buy this book if interested in Eliza Allen Starr and her life.



This is an Excerpt from Nobilities Law.    From the Introduction

INTRODUCTION   From Nobilities Law
    Knighthood, the Challenge
This book is about the secrets of the Christian/Judea religion that are not apparent to the average Christian that has not studied genealogy and knighthood.  All the secrets of the religion are no doubt in the Vatican and are known to different families and orders.  To think that any book of less than 400 pages could contain all the secrets of Knighthood would be ridiculous, so if the reader of this book learns only one secret, that would be good.  If the reader does not learn anything new at least the secrets he already knows have been reviewed.


A Christian Knight should know many secrets about the Christian Religion.  To list all that a Knight might come to know would be very difficult. 

Some claim divinity of veneration of the time of Galilee as a divinity.  Others claim divinity only comes from Zeus.  Possibly veneration of Abraham is a divinity.  He is the God of three religions.  Therefore there must be different kinds of Divinity.  Christian Divinity is likely different from Judaic and Islam Divinity.

The relationships to the Lord must be defended from Heresy and his divinity must be recognized at all times according to the Christians, but the Jews call him a Josh or a Joke, and the Islamic recognize him as a prophet. 

Since the beginning of the Christian Religion there has been armed conflict with factors opposed to the Kingdom the Lord would create.  These warriors have become Knights and other noble ranks in order to further the Kingdom of the Lord.

The papacy has been defended and many arguments among the nobility have resulted in the Chair of Peter to be in conflict with other factors, or anti-popes. However, the true Pope has always come back to own the papal seat.


There is a concept called nobility where the Knights Charity has been used to bless his fellow Knights, his King, his Emperor, and his foot soldiers and the people in the Kingdom where the Knight resides.  There is a ranking to the nobility that a Knight should know.


The first noble rank is Lord.   The second Knight,  the third Barron, the fourth Count, the fifth Earle, the sixth Duke, the seventh Prince, the eighth King and the last Emperor.  There are also noble ranks of Squire, Page, etc….  that are in truth part of the house of the Lord.


Many of these titles have become hereditary, such as Prince and King.  It seems in the subject of these noble ranks there is not much violence at the rank of Lord.  A little more at Knight, and at Barron (who holds land) some more.  Finally at King and Emperor the violence becomes wars and conquests, and defense of the Pope.


Therefore since these titles have become hereditary the lineage idea has taken more significance in Christianity.  Certainly more would be expected of someone descended from an Earle than from a Lord.  Only a King or Queen in times past could bestow the advancement of these ranks.  Therefore the noble would keep these ranks and houses would become known by these ranks.


A noble would be expected to try to attain more rank and success and so would strive to serve their King, (the term Christ in the Greek Language means King) and so advance their house.


To do this a Knight, or Page, or Squire, would expected to practice study and exercise and be ready to defend the Church and his liege lord or King.  The exercise would include war practice but the study would be about the Christian Religion, its Saints, and its previous Warriors.


There was a ranking of the Nine most worth Warriors of All time.  This could be disputed by anyone however the list contains three Warriors from the Christian era, three warriors of the Hebrews (biblical figures) and three warriors from other cultures including the Roman, Greek and Macedonian.  The three warriors from the Christian error are Duke Godfrey of Bouillion, Emperor Charlemange, and King Arthur of the Knights of the Round Table.  The three warriors from the Hebrew (Old testament) would be Joshua son of Nun, King David of Judea and Israel, and Judas Maccabeus.   The three warriors from other cultures would be Alexander the Great from Macedonia, Hector from Greece, and Julius Ceasar from Rome.  All nine of these warriors are significant to the study of Knighthood.  In this book the author will show the ancestry of each of these warriors, and their descendents if any are known. (Judas Maccabeus did not leave descendents, however his brother Simon called Thassi did).


Also involved in the Study of Knighthood is the subject of Saints.  Many of these Saints are involved with the royalty, or were in fact the royalty, and their lineage, ancestry, and descendents become important to the Knight.


More important to the Knight is the subject of the Saints who are involved with the canon of the bible, their relationships, their lineage and their descendents.  Many of these lines have been kept secret by the church, not because the church has a motive to keep secrets, but rather that the lines may not have any factual documentation or may have caused heresies or disputes.  The church primarily concerned with the Lord, would keep harmful doctrine away from the innocent, so that the innocent would not be harmed.  However as a Christian Knight becomes more knowledgeable with the doctrines and history of the Church and Knighthood in general more knowledge could be trusted with the Knight.


A Duke, Count or Baron would only allow his most trusted Knights in on some of these biblical secrets, and that knight would then advance the country, fief or Kingdom.


A Question comes up with the intent of writing the bible.  Most scholars agree the New Testament Gospels were written years after the passion of the lord (the cruxifixtion) by apostles, a scribe, and a physician. The letters of the bible concern the early church and were written as well.  There were many gospels however, many of them have survived to this present time and were not included in the canon.  Certainly a party that was not interested in Christianity would come to a few meetings, attend a few church gatherings, and then leave it alone. They would not be in on the relationships of the apostles, the study of the Saints, the secrets that only come thru years of study to the Christian.  Why then were these secrets hidden in the canon?  Was the divine intent that the family, the father, and other important aspects of society be protected?  Was the intent that only the intelligent enough to see the secrets be allowed to keep them?  The ideas could be easily presented to the reader of the canon but they were not.   Possibly the ideas need to be arrived at by the individual, not presented in a way that could be rejected.


Eight Generations That Made the Lord God

The Book is Now Released.   Eight Generations that made the Lord God shows how a people faced with conquest by the Roman Empire came to make a Great Hero.


Starting from seven generations back from the time spent on Calvary and going forward one generation everyone that was involved is shown.


The first part of the Book has a Text rendition of each generation, with each major line that contributes, the Davidic, the Aaronic, The Gamala, etc...  These are all labeled the First Generation, The Second Generation, etc.... all the way to the Eighth Generation.


The next part of the book shows where all the relationships shown in charts are made, how each generation adds to the people. The regions of Galilee, Bethsaida, the Aaronic Priest, The Gamala, the Davidic. All these are in the book.


There are multiple mirrors, like twelve people named Judas and eight people or more named James.   Multiple names for Salome, Mary, Ann, Joseph, and then others.


The Second part of the book goes into more detail, and shows each name and the many mirrors in the idea that if you have such a name as James, Joseph, Salome, Ann, Mary, etc... then you might want to read these things.


Near the end of this line it starts to get into the charts combining into multiple groups of names, and then alot of charts that show the Roman Inter marriages with the Hebrews.


The names of the apostles then had many other people with the same name.  No wonder the Roman Soldier was confused !!!.  




Then the book starts to show the hidden knowledge,  the many wives of some of the hebrew,  how the Hebrew confused the people who did not know the families.   Of course everyone knows Judas Zebedee was married to Salome.  (Did they tell you he had two wives with the same name?  Salome (and that Salome means Prayer))


This Book is available now.  And you want it.   It does more to help you raise your kids and teach all about the Christian Religion.  


Buy Eight Generations That Made the Lord God.