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Titles Available From Brian D. Starr

Find Your Saints

Find Your Saints is based on Six Saints, and has a section for each Saint. Each Section links the Major Saint to between 50 and 140 other Saints, depending on the Major Saints. Major Saints Include Saint Margaret, Saint Judicael, Blessed Charlemagne, Saint Raymond, Saint Brychan.


Saint Margaret is linked thru either Veneration (knowing the blood lines of Saint Margaret) or Navigation (knowing a combination of blood lines coupled with marriages, coupled with Fathering down a few Generations or perhaps then knowing a marriage and going up a few generation).


***Excerpt From the Book Introduction***


This becomes a study of our past ancestors, or the study of the father.  Father meaning the Kings,

Queens, Saints, Bishops, etc.  who are our ancestors.


There are traps involved as well.   If the bloodline goes to a King and stops there, then the ruler of that Kingdom might think that you are a usurper of the throne and kill you.  So it is a good idea to say that you are looking for the Saints Blessing not the crown.  Unless you of course are planning to take the crown and are laying a foundation in the church that would claim you are the true heir to the Kingdom based on the lineage that led to the crown.


Also, as in the first veneration there are two saints.  Saint Adele of Blois is a way to get to Saint Adele of Flanders.   But in the veneration the title is given only to Saint Adele of Flanders.


Another point to make is that all the people listening might hear their surname.   If so they as well as the person making the veneration would be able to have the bloodline to the Saint.

Another idea is that a long veneration of say 15 different surnames might not be as strong as a veneration of say 3 different Surnames.  


This text is concerned with all the saints in alphabetical order.   There are other publications by Starr Books where the venerations are put together by families.   They are basically the same venerations.


Navigations are usually started with a veneration, and then the relationship to the Saint or Blessed such as Father of or Grandfather of or Sister or Brother of enables the reader to go up in the Ancestors, Past, or in other words Father and then go down or sideways or wherever to get to the Saint. All the Saints who are navigations are marked with an * or asterick or star.  If there is no * or asterick or star then the Saint is a bloodline ancestor and the Saints Blood descends to the Venerator.


*** End of Excerpt***


List by Saint


Saint Margaret..................To  19 Venerations and a total of 114 Saints and Blessed

Blessed Charlemagne.......To  20 Venerations and a total of 146 Saints and Blessed

Saint Judicael....................To  21 Venerations and a total of 142 Saints and Blessed 

Saint Brychan....................To   7  Venerations and a total of  77  Saints and Blessed

King Arthur........................To  14 Venerations and a total of  36  Saints and Blessed

Saint Raymond..................To  47 Venerations and a total of 122 Saints and Blessed

The Plantagenet Kings......To  66 Venerations and a total of 272 Saints and Blessed

The Valois Kings................To  44 Venerations and a total of  96  Saints and Blessed


The above chart shows the Saint or King and the number of related Saints and Blessed.


It is expected of the Reader to do his or her genealogy to each or any of these Saints, and then add the other 100 or so navigations.   These Saints are not Dead.   They are people who the Vatican or others made into a Worship that comes down from Heaven.   Thats right the Saints are in Heaven, raised to the Altars.


When a Person dies, if there is a cause he or she is first made Servant of God.   Then made a Venerable. (navigations and Saints relationships worked out).  Then made a Beatus. (Beatification Ceremony  for Saint John Paul II there were two million Pilgrims present in Rome.  The Author was one of them).  Finally the Pope Fires his Cannon and makes the Person a Saint.   So you see all these blessings from all these steps are part of the Saint,  and to know the Veneration or Navigation is part of the Saint and the Spirit.

Find Your Saints

The Five Generation Genesis of God

The Sarai,  The Sefriot, Hebrew Intelligence Paths, Kings,  Strathcylde, The many mirrors of Galilee, The Worthy Warriors, The Mighty Men of King David,  The early Christian Houses,  The Hidden Kingdoms,  Some Early Saints.




***Excerpt From Book***



The Kings of Judah all married good wives from different lineages.


*  King David married Bathsheba, whose lineage is Judah


*  King Solomon married Egyptian lineage from the Ramses.  He is a great King because he married the Queen of Sheba who adds the Ramsey's line to the House of David and his wife has a lot to do with pregnant women.  


*  King Reheboam married a line from Jesse and from David.  The line from Jesse includes Jerimoth the son of Abigail, who was the daughter of Jesse.  So Abigail is added to line of Kings. King Reheboam also married the line from the dark angel of Death Uriel, who is from the line of Uriah whose line goes to Astarte.


*  King Abijah married a line from Levi the Israelite, not from the Aaronic Priest but from Gershom the son of Moses.  King Abijah also married the line from the Big Sur that adds the tribe Napoli to the Kings.


*  King Asa married Azubah a line containing Jezebel and from Joseph and Benjamin the Israelites. Azubah also married the line from Nathan, so here a husbandry  could get the King to Nathans line.  Also King Asa is associated with Jezebel, so that line from Itabaal is added here.


*  King Jehosphat married Jehoadin and fathered Nimshi and Israeli kings.  Also married wife of line of Gersonites of Levi. There is a kink here that Christians do not allow.   Nimshi is the son of Jehosphat with his niece or his fathers granddughter


*  King Jehoram married Athalia an Israelites lineage to the Tribe of Isaachar.  Queen Athalia became queen regent since King Jehoram was killed by Jehu.  This may have been unjust because Athalia may have slaked her son which is a punishment that is death to the father.  She became queen regent.

King Ahiziah married his mother, who had a daughter Zibiah from Beersheba, who he married, and had Joash.

The Five Generation Genesis of God

Saint of the Day In the Tree of Saints

Saint of the Day for the Saints in The Tree.    Find also the book Daily Saints that has the Saints from the Calendar in the book.     



Saint of the Day In the Tree of Saints

PLC and HMI Course

This Book Really Sells. Written as a sort of How To and with the Idea we are all Indians and need to learn this as a type of do this then do that.


It is a simple tutorial made for both the maintainer and the engineer.  

Programable Logic Controllers are an Industry Standard in the Work Place.  


The Author has been a Senior Member of the International Society of Automation since 2005.   Over 60 successful integrations in Industry. Also a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers the Author has over 35 years in Industry.  As a member of the School of Hard Knocks, the author has held a bachloreatte since 1997,  Major,  Electronics Engineering.


This book is Highly recommended if you want to know how to program these devices,  the PLC and the Human Machine Interface this book is for you.

PLC and HMI Course

Honor of Knighthood

Christian and Judaism Secrets, A quote of Flavious Josephus, Hebrew Intelligence Paths related to the Sefriot, Charts of Genealogies for the Greeks, Persians, Hebrews, Davidic Kingdoms, Time of the Crucifiction. Israelites, Cousins of Rebecca, Charts of the Sarai, Charts of Ninevah Dieties, Charts of the Kingdom of Alt Clut.

Honor of Knighthood

Book Of Spells

Over 140 Spells,   Magick extraordinary and magnificant.   The Sleep Spell,  (like the Bethany) to the Earth Quake Spell from the Anti-Nicean Fathers.   Many other Spells.   These Really Work!!!!


Not Dedicated to any organization like the Black Mass or the Wiccan some of these Spells might actually work against such.   Most of David's Cults get competion from one source or another.   


Based on Genealogy,  the Dieties are varied,  Each Spell may or may not work.  But if you need to Banish someone then the spell of Banishment might be approriate.


If you use Chivalry in Dungeons and Dragons and read the name of the spell then for most you have to navigate to a Jew or Christian, or Recognize a Diety from a Christian Kingdom, etc,   then the spell might work.    Of course it might not if you are not in the correct part of the Father.  You could ask a Priest for help or guidance, or a leader of your cult etc......


Many Spells are made from the Book of Job where someone cast out argues with God about Job.   Well he is still God you know.   It is always good to make fun of a fool. 


God knows where some of these are from,  and what the heck, some of these may be new.   It might not be recognized by your cult leader or Priest, but its still a kind of Magick......


Sumatrian Dieties, Greek Gods, Jewish Names,   All part of the Book.  

Book Of Spells

Saints and Blessed Who Left Descendants

This work contains about 140 Saints and Blessed who left Descendants.  This means there is a possibility that these People who made it to Heaven are your ancestors.   The book is designed to allow the reader to find the Saints.   There is the name of the Saint, the Ancestors of the Saint, notable descendants of the Saint, and a biography of the Saint so you can find our why the Saint made it to Heaven.  If you have any ancestors who are listed as descendents then there is a trace.  The File Saints In the Tree is available, can be downloaded and you can add the Saint to your ancestry.

Saints and Blessed Who Left Descendants

Life of Blessed Charlemagne

A Study of the Genealogy of Charlemagne. His relationships to other Saints is shown, and his title is in the book. 


Not the same as the Great Tome by Einhard.   This book shows Charlemagne Reltionship to other Saints.  His Daughters,   Has his Title in both Latin and English.   There is some Artwork.


Being a member of the International Society of the Descendents of Charlemagne with hopes to be able to join the Crown of Charlemagne.   This book is an addition to those who want to know more about the Christian Emperor Crowned by Pope Leo III.     It is said that Charlemagne and his Kingdoms led us out of the Dark Ages.


Charlemagnes male line goes to the Chosen One of Jacob,  Joseph the Israelite.  It has been said that Christianity went into the dark ages because of the severity of the lines of the rebuked by Nathan,   King David.   So the Josephe  pulled us out of the Dark Ages.  


He actually was about seven foot two or three inches.  A Giant.  He did use his sword in Battle and proved himself.  To win against him at Sword I guess you would have to penetrate his reach.   As a Giant at 7' 2" He would be formidible in both Battle and Court.



Life of Blessed Charlemagne

Daily Devotional Saint or Trivia

For a Saint to be in this Work, there has to be away to find the Saint as an ancestor or a relation to the Ancestor.  The Saints are for each day of the year, and if there was not a saint that the relationship is known, then the devotion is a trivia about Christianity.


Some Days there are more than one Saint so the most famous or well known is the offering,  and yes sometimes Mother with a Holy Vow lies about the Feast Day,  or is lied to its hard to tell. 


Its simple and I am sure the reader can figure out this is like alot of other daily devotionals.    Well I guess,  but hey,  if you bought one last year perhaps you could try this one this year.  


The concept of finding these Saints in your own family tree is what the author is getting at.  


Of course the Spanish are going to claim their Saint is better, and the French Their Saint is Better,  and the English their Saint is better,  well they are Saints so let them discuss.


Study of the Saints leads to an understanding of the History of Christianity, and many people have taken a holy vow to understand and get people to understand Christianity.   Study of these Saints may lead you to one such person, either an officer of the military,  a Priest,  a Bishop etc....     Of course there are no guarantees.   The Author already learned something about each one, and well you can too......


After you find all these Saints from your own daily devotional it seems right to share this with people who may want to get into this.  If you don't,  well thats ok too.............



Daily Devotional Saint or Trivia

Astarte The Goddess and her Ladies

Astarte was a Summatrian Diety.  The relationships to the Summatrian Gods are shown in this book and many ways to navigate into and out of the Summatria.

Astarte The Goddess and her Ladies