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For the Numerologist, on Special Date

April 13, 2022 is a winning poker hand with a Straight,0;1;2;3;4; three of a kind; (three two's in year.  and a pair of zero's Preceding fourth month and in the year. This winning poker hand will not come again this year since April fell short of 31 days.


copyright March 27, 2022

New Web Site or Old Web Sites Reposted

New Web Site or Old Web Sites Reposted




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5th Release  Kings of Isreal and Judah

The previous title Kings of Isreal and Judah was released with about 50 pages.  This release has the original 46 reprinted and adds 76.


There is much more in this edition as it realized the fact there are about 30 Zerrubabel immediatly after the Last King mentioned, Zedikah, and of those about 9 are under the AKA Zoro.  The regular four descents to the Nazareth are there as well as four or five others that go down thru to the East And Byzantium to the Bustani and the Bostani,


Hope You Enjoy It.





4th Release this year
The Way to Better Reading and Spelling

Yes this book is a reprint and yes the Copyright is in the Authors name Mister Brian Starr.  My Grandmother wrote the book in 1957 and copyrighted it.  She made some updates in 1971. 


Fifty years later her grandson copyrights it in the same name.  And yes it is scanned from an original.  Basically it is a primer for elementary reading and spelling, sounding out the words etc.   


The Author my Grandmother Ruth was a teacher a graduate from Baldwin Wallace College and worked hard in her lifetime to create a good book to teach from.  Well I reprinted it with little or not modification, except the first few pages concerning copyright, ISBN, title page, introduction etc.. 


It is different from an engineer going into databases genealogy or otherwise to get information that might be useful. 


So if you know someone that would like an elementary type reading and spelling workbook this book has a proven track record.  For any age it is never to late to learn to read write, and spell.  Take a bite out of Illiteracy !!!

New Releases !
Two New !!

Two New Releases published in May and June 2021 !!!  The KEYS to the Posts or the Autonomy of a Free People and SIEGE.  These two books are now available and Out There !!!!   

Ten Generations

This Author has been working on this book for many years.  Finally after one full year the book is published.  After buying a copy it will go on Amazon Preview a Book and a small percent of it will be available to the reader (the general public).


This type format is a new format and the book is similar to the Second Editions and many of Starr Books previous titles with the modification of adding genertions.  There are additions near the end of the book that lead to a maternal aspect, which is one reason why the Israel of today exists.  That is that women are equal to men although different.   


There are five maternal lines presented that lead to the capitulation of Rome in 400 AD or so When Emperor Constantine declared Christianity's practice legal.


After receiving the first copies and proofreading them the book will be released and under copyright for the next 50 years.   Only 35 years more to go for Starr Books first Book Saints Who Left Descendents,  the idea being there that a family that had a meaning to the church may have had someone raised to the altars and that family had kids, whose blood is alive today.


Not necessarily master criminals drawn and quartered but possibly good family people.


Ten Generations is a compiled book from genealogies found uploaded from the internet about the years approximately 200 B.C. to 150 A.D. especially in the state of the Crossroads, or Israel.

The Three P's for Bad for Business, Poor Quality. Poor Defense, Poor Syndication

Three Things bad for business.  Poor Quality, Poor Defense, Poor syndication.


The Syndication thing is ok for international book distrbutors like Amazon, Barnes and Noble,com Abe books and Books a Million.


The Poor Quality ideal of second editions is a way of complete-ing the Engineering Job submission process of inquiry about the specifications of the design.


The Engineers do have to comepete with all the other Majors of Course and are glad to. (Just try to ignore Gravity!!).  Like when you are in Tennessee and the 3rd Starsky and Hutch is being throne around by the Tornado (torino).  Like please repossess my soul for a scricco  (Oh king live forever it will be dusk soon)


Like Emperor Lucius which one of us singers can run the farthest (Dan or Dinah) (you mean Abe and Sarai lied about being brothers and sisters?)  (and a plug for Nuts .com they got nuts even Almond (for the pudding Pistcio)  Cashews are sort of expensive like separating James and Penny and Markn (Duncan) and Gina.


With so many numbers in some of the Alphabets its getting to think Brain Bled is my nick name thru life intead of Brain, or Brainstorm figure it out.  Its a good thing Pegasus is Mystical but cannot deliver many books.


So with the Microsoft Monopoly under investigaion about the Fonts to translate the Universal Alphabet in the Charts from Yehuda Berg Power of Kaballa the changing of the fonts is like a language shift.


My grades for the number of translation errors in the first few printings of my section on the Universal is about  above 80 but below the grade scale for grading of alpha 90 or 93 and above.  Thomas Edison University does not use a grade scale because some credit is earned by experience and some from examination.  The Clep test about Sociology that mentioned Social deviants about a boys hand stealing so much as a Penny would not get him a Kingdom. (and the investigation will not pay the bills or feed the people)  After all the social deviancy of the failed Pergamust in Iran was a very short independence due to the Biggest of 7 Shaws could allow the USA to stop him !!! and hire a team to free the hostages.  Not that the stretched neck of a gift to a chicken to a house to teach the correct way to slaugter a chicken neck twisted right left or forward back.  At least my Kythosis since 1968 or so is front back not left right.


Copyright 9 2 2020 by Mister Brian Daniel Starr


So here the Inserts of some Excel charts should help some of the headaches I have been having.  A champion of women as Daniel always is and a Champion of Freedom as if one Brain Mesh nickname or Brain Bleed is a good way to defend one self from over righteus or judgement outside of the civil law of the USA.


Just like the Adams copy of the business forms and the Microsoft office 2019 or home and business the last time I bought the office home and business was the time of moving to the city hall for the founding of Starr CAE fpr consulting engineering and Book Sales and web site design and computer repair.


Like all good automation engineers whose contract job gets a new title for each contract the ability to change engineering title leads to an investment of zero with a title in the black as far as the bottom line.


With the first amendment Freedom of speech the first thing I do in Tennessee like attend a church meeting here or there or be dubbed as a stanger does not man that the higher Archy of the Roman Catholic Forums on Denomination has the right to get excommunicated.  My quote from the William Whiston Translation of the high priests of 88 does as long as the congregation of the doctrine of the faith saves the eyes of the pope from reading my quote.


Like Sister or Brother bani or gani where are all the copies of the book store receipts of my business in rome?  In my travel pictorial of the Trip with the safest breast about nudity like a cold stone statuate of a women.  At least there is a picture of an egg.


With the title promised of the Successful prophet like Amos and possibly Nostradamus who is charting his path at the fifth century to getting some Berlitz in Berlin (says franfurt) the poop I hear that the Metro hospital are counting to eleven new ones in Cleveland Ohio. I hear there are at least 9 legitimate apostles some forbiden gospel notes like the poppy seeds on pizza crust and bagels


Yes my middle name keeps me strong enough to know they set up Dinah our twelve brother sister, and the labor for donuts is for Sari not the bagel or vice versa.


My National part of Tim is well like a Jerry Beor or just the first letter is alright with me.  a


My first call or Brian, the Brian the celt thing (selt) is like to Cora the girl who writes me the First Corinthians, while Dora or Dorothy is the second letter of Corinthinians and so Pasiphae who is the Greecian Formula?


So the youngest daughter Noni or Hannah is the prebesent, or at least all your life the girls want that recognized, underage, underdeveloped. etc... while the Brian the selt is like that for the boys, Oh well Something in common I guess, no matter the age.



So the Bad for Business idea of getting Vitae affliliated with the Chamber of commerce and the IRS Xerxes tax system is good for quality in some ways and not so much for others.  The found your own business idea of counterfiting helps with the response to whats printed while the LCCN idea might get a shot at the Prayey of the opening of the Congress, which is more frithful for some genre of bisac code than others.  Of course the time spent for the conterfitter in prison might be a market for my books and copy !!!


Of course my best star like is the actresss not to aquiess for the Actors Guild or get the vice of Telegonus the son of captain Ulyses whose maca tees looked so good to the sailors the son of Helen after all is not the son of Heli.  


 For those of us who can be noble for a time like armored guys with swords etc.  some Museum peace after all. the idea of the copyright for 50 years does not preclude the business plan of waiting 50 years for the median income of the Authors who supply the market.


So second editions  a study of the copyright page in various other books not your own but still templates for the cataloging and filingare one way to get better for quality, while honorary membership does not tax the year for the year investment of maybe not practicing engineering for a few years and where were u?  getting Audited and finding out the foreign legion with a honorable service now about 35 years gone.


Getting to the art or natural museum here in Cleveland is like the adage the pen is mightier than the sword or the quote about Thomas and Becky painting is no fun.  NEVER MIND THE QUALITY TO SPELL THATS IN THE BOOK OF SPELLS WHICH ARE VERY HERETICAL IF NOT POLITICALLY INCORRECT OR NOT THE ZEALOT USUALLY GETS GIGGED FOR ARMOR, LIKE WEaR YOUR ppe hat.  I worked once for almost three years wearing a ppe hard hat before a piece of wood hit me to the floor with the title industrial engineer before getting chidded for benefit leading to paying for completing the bachloreate and again with the response we dont need an engineer here other than the plant engineer.  (ppe=Personal Protective Equipment)


 Some companies only hire one honorable discharge Holder while an authorship qnd consulting company of one President I dont need the aids in business thank you or the hands to harvest the granada this year (The Nile, The Amazon, and the Mighty Mississippi) hopefully greater than meager while Poor Richards Almanac is likey always getting listed as a successful prophet.



Using idenity theft insurance relating to damage to a company and privacy issues is an estimate so far and a burglaary claim with a medium for a cut for Government Employee Insurance Company (Geico).


Reputation about business is a defense of the business.  So if the cost of putting a book on the shelf in a bookstore is shipping there and back with the money it sold here is the money send more.  After all selling books is not like Thomas Paine Tavern the same county as my pomp and circumstance , marriage certificate civil law, not Italian law.  


The idea the cost of war with Italy is imposing the marriage divorce law civil justice for the King Penny thief of Rome.  Some translations after Martin Luthers post in Germany are also after 1511 while the Manchrean sect is about the same for the population for both sides of the Sons of Veterans of the civil war even if you could hire mercenaries then Martin Luther Starr could not participate due to age of armitice at 15 in our USA Domestic Civil WAR!!!  luck of the Gregorian again!!!  Although he was childed and chided at Church probably harshly while all he could likely due there was Presbyte, not that every presbyter and Soverign are not reccognized in Italy or the Vatican.


With platter competition like War of the worlds and the jokes like the Smith Corona wordprocessor versus Microsoft Office and business 2019 looking for suspicious clues is not part of my business license.  How many spins of the war of the worlds 2020 edition I am blinded by the light all year.


Here with universal translation the alphabets being the one from Abram before we lost a Letterman or two while I am better at being a Target than most old Veteran Gentelman at only one span not yet a GEntleman due to lack of the age of 80 due to Aduel Before Moses.




Copyright September 30,2020 by Brian Starr





Copyright  September 30, 2020 by Brian Starr



The Importance of Relationships

Starr books has been in business here or there in the last few years since about 2008.  In these turbulent times the ideas of the business relationships of Starr Books, as well as the Author and Owner of Starr CAE, either DBA or LLC, is important to United States.

For instance business relationships with Common Wealths and Alumni Associations as well as Societies can come to play.  All Ir REverncy aside, the relationships are different and change year to year, month to month, etc.   So in order to make Starr CAE survive further penmanship may be involved.

For instance in the case of the number of guns on a Pinnacle class boat, such as the Speedwell that supported the Mayflower, the internet seems not so easily searched.  But due to the defininitions of the boats on the ocean related to Burden Tonnage, then if like a Sloop,  about 6 cannon.


Have a Good Day.


Copyright 4 13 2020  Mister Brian Starr

Library of Congress Catalog Number

The library of Congress Catalog Number I sometimes refer to as a control number because as a consultant engineer I have considerable experience in that application of a process.  And as Robinson Crusoe always explains to the bothersome Friday that perhaps Engineering will not be necessary 24/7 and he gets time off for the weekend, in refernce to the pervious published number of books, that is correct about the 43 catalog numbers, and the tracking number for the USPS box was delivered 2/10/2020 and their presence is on federal land and the Eagle still holds more than 2 straws in its beak.


Because Previously I had looked on the catalog online and seen 21 titles there, with the additional 13 titles that were in the box Tracking # 9549313951920038175514 with a weight of 12 lb. 0.8 oz It was delivered on February 10, 2020.


The location of the books previously told what shelf but the search box with my name on it said the numbers were in the Catalog.



So in Engineering Summary applied to Authorship on this 10th day of the month April 2020 Friday still wants the weekend off and still needs to be cussed out daily for bothersomeness, so on Friday you got to Cuss out with more strength in my Engineering experience Mr. Robinson Crusoe and dont go away since maybe on day Friday can take it  !!!

Starr Books Today

Starr Books original Logo , with First Book Published (Saints Who Left Descendants), with First Business License from Tennessee, now also with Ohio, and now with two branches, Authorship, and Consulting Engineering, leaving Web Site Design and Computer Repair as a business branch that fell to competition.

As an Engineer first Collegiate in 1985 (AAS - 2 year) and then higher in 1997 (BS-AST - 4 year) as an Engineer and hobbiest as a Genealogist, my authorship first was published on CD as Bootleg offerings on Ebay for less than 10 dollars each.  The profit was not really big, but it was fun, and eventually people noticed.


So following advice it became a good idea to get a business license and start publishing in paperback and have the books printed. So in 2008 first license in Tennessee and then join the Local Chamber with the Logo design things.

Pretty soon as an Engineer I figured out these people wanted a lot of layers to the Authorship, the Logo's the Cover's the interiors of the Books etc... as protected by Copyright, would make a good way for people to enjoy the books.
As an Engineer you are trained to cut to the quick and go straight for the non function in order to save human life and get to the safety of the Plant. Well as an Author the reader wants to relax, have a time to think, and not be bothered, and study or get into the content, yet get the concept easily.


So as an Author the disicplines are different, but it the building blocks are made in Engineering for the Reader to enjoy the content of the books, then it is obvious that for certain types of books like text books, Lists, functional type books, it would be a good idea to have all the parts put together to make a work for the Readers Enjoyment and Enlightenment.
So first the business license is a way to separate oneself from the unknowning public on how a business license works. Basically it allow a way for the license holder to offer a product sale or experience, such as healing a patient or reading a book, in a way that no one get hurt and of course it is monitored mainly in the way of how much money it makes and how many employees are in the company and how these employees are handled.
So, in the event of an Author, the possibilites are endless, not just a recording of Genealogy Research compilations, but also Recipes, Jokes,  Model Shoots, and is as great as a Consulting Engineer (Artisan) but yet part of the Artist World where Free Expression and Freedom are allowed and encouraged. This allows better research and development of things related to Authorship and the building of the Blocks to create a good experience of reading for the buyer and customer.
Considering Best Selling Authors and Celebrities, it becomes important to have a public aspect of life. The Actress has to have body guards, some celebrities do and some do not.
With the level of success in my life due mostly to succesful Engineering the Authors existence as an Artist and public figure is different than a successful Engineer. The basic drives are the same for Success. Hard work, Knowledge is Power, defeat the dangerous, ignore and help the innocent some, but if innocent likely weaker so help gently, while the dangerous you got to correct in some manner to keep the process safe and growing.
To turn the negative, work and row hard, but when turned from the good strive against it until the good is better and of course leave a path to thank who helped correct whatever got you going to correct the bad (usually unscroupulus businessmen) in the first place.
Leave the really difficult stuff to those allowed to use the weapons at the time, and if you get the chance do not hesitate, its really fun to go to the Range and fire a few weapons.
So anyway the Logo when asked is a good part of the Advertising and the four pillars usually represent the four pillars of the Chambers, which is made to protect the Author and the readers, and the businesses.  So also the attorneys who get involved when the going gets tough. Well basically this is all just paperwork of people who need a job and something to do so its good and nobody gets in harms way. So when the fellow business men in your first Chamber of Commerce say your Logo cannot have all the pillars of the Chamber, then that opens negotiation for all pillars to get stronger, which initiates which business is in conflict with a Consulting Engineer and Author. While the first business had Website Design and Computer Repair, this became a teaching this business owner had in that its possible to have to much to do so the competition can do the job better, and the customer is smart,  so experience becomes important. So it became a wise business decision to retire the Front of the Web site design and computer repair, as other businesses foxed the business owner into a realization that the Consulting Engineering would likely not fall due to experience of 35 or 40 years with Education while the Computer repair and web site design were just really adders with little experience and was in fact proven that per hour spent the return was much less.   While the Authorship or Book Sales had ten or so years related to the Lists of Saints and others the Documentation and so on related to Engineering was over 35 years in experience. So the Authorship education with a few courses from Volunteer State in Tennessee related to business and writing etc. and getting a good business relationship results in many hours of the 190 plus passed collegiate course work to become related to Authorship. Previously these were related to Engineering only while they apply to all aspects the empasis now on Authorship,  many of the humanities are related to some subjects of the Authorship while others of the Humanitites are not. While the Humanities are usually Collegiate Electives you select beause you are interested the interest continues throught your life.
However to offer full attention of each Humanity and subject for each copy sold, warrents teaming up with foundations like Libraries and the Colleges and Alumni Associations and other connections, that become both many in number and the easiest ones are the low maintenance meet once or twice a year, and many you just gotta pay the membership dues.    Well some Authors are like Models and Actresses artists as you know. So I do like good cooking.
So today at Starr Books the research goes on and the non profits guys can sense the Disporia Research as well as many people in the allied Countries where the Posts or Hoodlums or Israelelites ran off too and the idea of world wide travel other than the internet is again a good idea.
One thing The Authors Guild does that is good, is basically protect the Author and allow the Reader and customer to get into it. Thus the open forums, the advancement of ideas, allowed in this country due to freedom of thought and Freddom of the press, while the international countries if allied now or then or soon, then the commerce international makes a good forum for letting the commputers and the large conglomerations of big business Book outlets take the big shots while the Guild will monitor and keep track.
In some ways Authorship in this type of manner is a way of advertising since it is possible to read Starr Books in the neighbor hood of 350,000 pages read while each page is only a reference from a search engine on the internet it is still a good advertisement. So then of course Idealogies and the ideas get into it which is what this type of Artistry called Authorship is about.
So after the Logo, then the dedications, the disclaimers, the tables of Contents, the indexes, the other sub parts of a book are a good part of the readers experience. So they say the cover sells many or most copies so real artists who are image types imaginative with brush or computer can get the ideas of the cover and interior art better than the painters or recorders of ideas, while the visionary types of inspirational Authorship can be better left to the people in the areas of the listed Saint or Vitae offering such that the location of the Saint and the Life where lived. Adding the Saints Family is an idea that keeps the Neophyte from fighting it so much since he or she was part of a family even if an orphan, and can become a novice if the mind is there for the advancement, and then the insignificance of the ideals can be recgonized until the significance of climbing all the steps past being important become the Political aspirations of Enlightened Politcal Science Majors with Social Scientists ( Socialigist courses ) and Doctors in Medicine who just just get the educated Nurse to Zap Ya while he heals your body. The other Doctorates are still experts, and are still likely significant or important and once you climb up one way or another it is fun to help the younger guys and gals get better while their disipline may or may not be in conflict with your goals, aims, or business sales. Unlike Engineering Authorship does not have as many safety checks involved so the idea of a restive type of life, is such that the docile beast of laziness can make it difficult to continue wholeheartedly while the idea that Quality is important the Quanity is part of what is already written.

Then the concept of combining all the research and getting it all to work in one final work of ten or twenty years of research (usually means an advanced degree as monitored by an accepted authority ) however since the research abilities of the computer and the compilation time advance thru the computer there is not too many pioneers in this field at the time, so the competition is fierce and the publishing is not always polished at the time of publication, however not as much pressure as a daily news journal or news paper, but the sales stuff like the Press Release and the local advertising and the local books signings are not as pervalent in this authorship. So soon into the full time aspect of being an Author, and frankly I really miss the Engineering and the toil of Daily Routine, yet the aspects of getting something done past a machine that is controlled to a thought that will grow, is better than the regimental existence.

It is not a matter of Security but of Freedom, (with Defensive Security) and It is just a matter of thought. In Engineering there are not so many young or neophytes or just people who don't have a clue, or at least when engineering you are separated by them by the receptionist in a controlled environment.  Yes the receptionist will tell you when the sales men are there for the Engineering Bill of Materials. Well the Authors also has a Heirarchy as well, and the college text books, are part of the Ivory Tower, while in truth Electrical Engineering has been around a while while Electronic Engineering and Controls is not as solid based.
So the begining of the Authorship is fully developed past the CD's on Ebay , the first and second Chamber of Commerce , and the first issues of the printed books, where the advertisers get the Author into the ideas of the immortal Author leaving words and books that will exist in or out of copyright years after the Authors gets his final rest, and the fan base knows the books were one hundred years old, so the Quality becomes important.
And the Diclaimers where the arguments are presented, because some of these lists are thousands of years old. So most of History is presented as a study in the past to get the future better.
So that is the ideas today about Starr Books.
Logo, first and second with software to get it developed, Artistry for the covers, with Artists, while the Pages get more copies than others while again the readers want to feel the impressions of the books, it is good to let the readers experence it and so not indulge too much. First second third and fourth printers, either money up front to publish or money after sales or ebooks or advertisement that works, while the internet reputation is important to maintain, in the case where customers and  other people will not like the image. Some Christians will not accept books by other Christians if there is one bad or wrong thing in the Reputation or even a misspelled word. !!  (mis spelling is a way of expression to contact the subconsious (anyway its a good excuse !!!))  (Artists are allowed excuses Engineers are not !!)  Well Authors and other Artists have a life and a private life as well.
Recreating web sites by just surfing the internet about Starr Books and downloading older advertisements etc. over the last ten or twelve years gets many of the good times and the reviews and the pictures and the Newer titles and the better titles on the new web site, and the stronger help from the legal people involved with the business and the Selling of the Books has made this site priceless. 






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Starr Books  started as just CD's   Then self published books.   First only Saints.  Then Knighthood.  Expanded to Poetry and Photography,  Technical Literature,  Magick, Vitae, Travel Pictorials,  Pilgrimages,  Poetry,  and Others.

Ten New Titles Now Available

Misters Book of Poems After the Writ


Semites and Mighty Men


Sumatrian Dieties


The Generations Eight


The Gatam


The Cousins, Sechar and Isova


The Red Stones


The KnightMaker


National Rocky Mountain Park (Calendar  Three Years)


Mech     (Calendar)









Brief Biography



Author, Ex-Marine, Engineer. Born in Ohio. Have residency claims in Five States. Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas. Have Traveled to 38 of the States, Japan, Costa Rica, Mexico, Bahamas, Argentina, Italy, Vatican City States.


For more on my Biography see the Biography page


A True Knight