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Authorship is fun !!!

Well it did happen,  Divorced Man is now five years old.  Married man passed at about 24 years according to some except the Emperor of Italy and these guys developed pasta and who argues with that. And of course Married Man can start over at say 25 whie she is going on one and yes an old man can move pretty fast when faced with support issues and the way women want us to think in that women dont want us to know how they think and they tell us so thats all right Oh.   And yes the Author has reached the Age where the heresay says that it is illegal to claim the Young age.  Yes I am now 1 Span.  So considering about 50 years to go it will beat our natural age of 107.  One Span is similar to Decades Television where a span is a ten year period.


And yes in the ideal life like an Authors, the strength gets greater every year, and the temptation to make fun of everyone does as well.   Since it is illegal to claim 60 years young then (at least according to some oldsters) it is such a temptation to make fun of young people.


For instance a being will say put on your coat and button your coat, but not give the individual time to do that, so the old guy will distract the one initiating the action and the command and then the other one is grateful and the initiator seems to be better that eventually the orders were followed. 


Anyway,  thats about all the BIOGRAPHY for today.   


Copyright Mister Brian D. Starr   Novermber 26 2020   Happy Thanksgiving

History of Starr Books

Starr Books


Decided to write CD in 2005.  E bay.   Got some backing,   Adobe said could include reader as a business.


2008  Business License Tenessee


2013  or 2014  Starr Books  (StarrCAE LLC)


Starr Books 

PO Box 43

Fairborn Ohio 45324


PO since 2014

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Logo of Starr Books when affiliated with Xlibris Publishing that displays the Flags of Great Britain, New Zealand, and one other flag.  All the Flags had a Star on them so no problem we can do business. 

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Early Starr Books History.   


The Videos have progressed thru time so the Authors Present State might not correspond with the recent addresses  etc...  However PO Box 43 Fairborn Ohio 45324 for Starr Books is now at July 1 will be six years there,  remembering the 1943 things,  I was born in 1960 in actual Fact.

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The Video was Made With Article Video Robot a Robot Highly Recemmended By the President of Starr Books, Mister Brian D Starr




The Early years of life when not yet walking were spent in the house the parents owned,  and the Farmhouse the Grandparents owned



Yes my Dear Ole Dad was Army Casson




I am Old Navy.


Gramps Passed from this life May 12 2001.


Fort Campbell 1920


Walked with Rifle from Ohio, near Connecticut Western Reserve or I guess from Inside.


Anyway I am now an Author.


I was Communications.


Not an older science.


The Internet has Gotten Better


The Audio Dubbing,  extra help with the operation of the computers I own.


I mean Thanks.


Ya  Abe.


Still one or Two post mililitary Certificates.


Got an old Certificate about 1984.


Wild Wild West,  or I guess it was the Mojave.





Thomas Edison State College


Yes I was a Collegege when the certificate in Home land Security Started.   I did live right next to Ridge Road on Chub lake Street.


Then the new Certificate at the School got real popular.


Soon the New Alumnus started arriving from all over the World.


The President bought some land and made a Monument.


Then the College became a University.


Then the Cerrtificate Guys from Security started getting Masters and BAchelors in the Homeland Security Stuff.  


Then they figured out all the other schools started offering the same and so if an alumni from TESC now became TESU started leaning on the New Security Forces,  Then well ABe the Guy from the Office of the Security Guys,  well he just is not a problem.


As x military,   the correspondence school as sure changed.


OK you can be the head of the new office.


As a little bit disturbed about all this the courses of 190 hours, of course from other schools with other business licenses as well, will apply to my Authorship from the Promotion from Engineering Artisan to Artist.


In an effort to help people the Guys joined Mens Clubbs.


The intelligent Guy took a Club and began to beat any book to death including the Comic Book found from Powell Avenue New York with a Libraty Card in it?    New York


So the Girls Agreed.


So some Clubs.




American Legion  (as of May 19 2019  Not paying dues because it is a non profit.    Starr Books is not)


Knights of Columbus  (second Assembly Financial Secretary sort of older now  on the payroll)


General Society of Colonial Wars.


Gerneral Society of Mayflower Descendents


Lifetime Member Founders of Hartford


Charter Member of Order of Pirates and Privateers.


First Familes of America


Marine Leaugue (Not presently paying Dues)


Friends of the Zoo


Friends of the Library







Author, Ex-Marine, Engineer. Born in Ohio. Have residency claims in Four States and am a Citizen of Ohio. Residencies in  Pennsylvania (about 2 years), North Carolina (32 Years), Tennessee (8 Years), Texas (4 months) . Have Traveled to 38 of the States, Japan, Costa Rica, Mexico, Bahamas, Argentina, Italy, Vatican City States.


Hobbies, Coin Collecting, Genealogy, Computers, Hobby of Writing turned into registering a business license as Author, Consulting Engineer. Education is Bachelors, Associates, Lots of Classes. Been an Instructor. Engineer, Draftsman. 


 I can still dress up and go to the catered dinners for fifty plus dollars a plate and watch the gentlemens clubs proceedings.   I am in the Mayflower Society, past Governor of the Mayflower Society for the State of Tennessee,  American Legion, Knights of Columbus, past treasurer in the council and past scribe in the assembly. In the Sons of American Revolution, past tresurer,  many other societies as well, see other web site.   Parents alive, have a good daughter as well.   Thrill Seeker, use common sense, like to father the Revolution. Some People Follow. I don't understand following. You leave the parents,  get on the street, learn to survive, get means,  get divorced, live by yourself, help people when you can, and if you are satisfied, thats all that counts. If you can live with yourself, thats good,  if not get up and make the changes.



Authorship has opened my eyes about the real world and what an artists contribution is to the world. People believe what you print, and also get some of whats printed without paying for it!!!!


Publishing books on Religion is something many people feel has to be sponsored.  So including a library of Congress Number makes the books Printed with an Act of Congress.   Every day the Federal Congress meets, and says a prayer, so naturally if you have a penny then someone named Penny has a calling.   Anyway the International Standard Book Number is included in all books, so that is another way to get sponsorship for what is in the books.   Although the books are not yet in the See of Alexandria  (the international library made about 800 BC.) about 21 titles are in the Library of Congress in the United States.  Thats the sponsorship as well as having been a member of seven churches six of them Roman Catholic.


Some books are technical, and its just a matter of having been in engineering for 25 years or more that makes writting these books easy.   


Some Books are Art Books, and that belongs to the artists the books feature.  Some books are travel pictorials,  good for ebooks on electronic devices.   


Many of the Books are E Books, and can be bought cheap.  My career as an Engineer has kept me busy and over the last ten years of Authorship I seem to write the books more than promote them.  To me it seems that the salesmen mentality to unite the reader with what they want does not go with Authorship or Engineering.   Authoring is giving ideas and inspiration while Engineering is making ways to make peoples lives better.   Sales is finding the win win for both parties.  


I have published over 100 different titles.  There are many categories of books published.   


The Royalties have helped the government thru taxes paid and the business licenses keep the business honest.  


In Ohio now again here for almost seven years the apartment fully furnished with a spacious living room and a well equiped writing room, the inspiration for the works continues. 


I hope that you would consider buying a copy and giving a good reference to the books.   Most of the people do not know the books are out there.    


The books related to genealogy are written with the help of everyones uploads on the genealogy web sites, a computer, and the internet, and a genealogy program.   It would have been impossible to get this information published and compiled in one lifetime twenty years ago without computers and the internet.


Enjoy....  !!!