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Become a Venerable

Veneration is a type of advantage.   A prayer set up to traverse the time of the past and link you the reader to a Saint can be said if you know how.  The idea is not new.  However most do not attain the title Venerable.


Consider first that to get to a Saint it either has to be under your own Surname, second that the Saint never rests as being held to the altar, (there is a following of people sworn that you do not have to feed or pay for) and third that there is likely other Saints or other surnames hopefully nobility that get involved.


First (order not important, but the ideas need to backed by common sense), explain that the Father loves his sons and daughters and that awareness of the surline that is related to yours thru the daughter is different thru the heir and thru the daughter.  Next remark that the surline is not of importance in the sense that it is related to the Saint, although the idea of importance of a surline is certainly not an insult or meant to be one as the nobility of the surline is likely greater than importance if need be.    Introduce the idea that the way is known to the saint and likely a representative of the surline is alive today and a tresspass or utilization of the surnames recourses is not intended, and after the Saint comes from the past a cleanup may be required.   


Also remind the surline that their blood also leads to the saint, likely thru other surlines and it could form an alliance if all in the path get involved, and their surline would also benefit from the power of the saint and the good it represents, and would benefit first because it is higher on the way to the saint, and is or course common sense that this would be so.  And that after the way to the Saint is made it can be and will be turned on and off as needed by those who have that office.  Point out that most Saints have a noble flaw and once that is known the Saint and the blood of the saint will protect you for a time, not exceeding forever, from the flaw becoming apparent in the future in the existence that you perceive.


All this is done in prayer in a neutral place.  If the Ancestors are Greecian than a Greek orthadox is best, although a Roman Catholic Church is ecumenical, meaning all can be dealt with.  And a saying of Rome is are you a plant?  Can you rome.  (no pun intended.)


Another way is the natural way.  Unfortunelty sometimes the veneration of the daughter had a problem in life that might require a Saint to straighten it out.  For instance in a Noble sir for the line to remain recongnized for certain things that are done due to mischance or premeditation by opponents the title Saint may have to be invoked for the proper ways of Marriage, child bearing etc.. to be continued.   For instance if the daughter is illegitimate and has earned the right to be called a Saint then there is no problem and the noble flaw is that, illegitimate daughter.  In other words the name Saint is both and insult and a protection while likely after 160 years it is straightened out anyway.   


A quote from the wisdom of Judiasm   (to paraphrase so you get the idea at least ) is that the sins of the fathers are forgiven after about 4 generations at 40 years a generation.  So someone in the past has likely seen the human beings there and staightened out the trouble anyway, while it need not be gone into unless needed.  So if the daughter is at least 160 years ago in the past then it is likely that all problems are straightened out by some Jew somewhere and if a problem is encountered it might be something where the reader could ask for some help at a place the Jewish people worship.


Another thing about the veneration is about the first chair of the first daugher, while if done correctly this should not matter because the ideal would to take from the Saint only, not the path to the saint.


A natural veneration is another way to see that the Blood or strength of the Saint is given to the venerable, while then any body, such as a stadium of people in enjoyment because the race cars are going around the track and a champion will go the winners circle, or a football team will win and one will lose, these people are enjoying themselves.  In the words of a hippee they are getting off now and who knows what will happen.  Utilizing the native ideal of all the functions of the primitive, like squatter, jumper, hugger etc.  (there are only so many things a primitive homo sapien can do or a homo sapien can do in the primitive, and some occur more often that others.) then the natural way of the veneration could be strengthened by the large body Getting off at the Game.  Spectacle has been around for ages.


Of course if you have a coat of arms you might know that the first declaration to go to arms is declare you color white of black.  Thus Mr. White and Mr. Black don't have much to do to remain noble other than note who is at arms.  And of course not due to anything other than convention White is the good and Black is the Bad.  The venerable argument here is that the veneration of the saint is not a giving to the surname but a known watch on the surname blood, so the murders that must be done by the black so foul are monitored and the black sir can know when the ancestors are planning a sortay or encroachment or attack.


All of this is worth nothing if you do not know the way to a Saint.  And the Saints work together.  So if you can find the way to one of five Saints found in the book Find your Saints (yes this is selling something that makes the members of the church called sisters and brothers a market,) then each one of those Saints can be linked to over 50 more per saint.  So if your intentions are good then you cannot be stopped.  Unfortunetly in the path of a vaneration there is more royalty and nobility than Saints, and the ideal of a Saint like William and Anne is used to keep an entire tribe of Indians in Christianity in the numbers of hundreds of thousands of people.  So although a Saint may be usable for hundreds of thousands of people it is better to think of the Saint as one who gets you out of a jam or utilizes a small amount of the power of the Good.  Yes Good is also a surname.  Treating every word used as a surname is a good idea while every combination of letters will lead to more intellect as word puzzles and meaning and is used to decode cyphers etc.


Another idea is that the nobility is supposed to both give to a proper charity and defend itself.  When it is being stolen from an improper charity it is required to defend itself.  To be part of a cause for a Saint the Saint must first go thru four steps.  First a Servant of God is a title for a personage that has the function to serve the good.  Such as a safe house for women.  Second title is Venerable.  That the personage can call down other Saints to make the service of the good possible thru veneration.  The third title is Blessed.  This means that the personage is beautiful in the way that the required blessing is done in most cases and the term Beatus is given to the personage.  The fourth title is Saint and is used to be given to Neophytes to both point out their need for guidance and show them how they have sinned.


The problem is that the Saints featured in the Book Find your Saints are mostly more than a thousand years old.  But knowledge and knowing the paths to those Saints is an advantage, whether those who keep the knowledge deem it not necessary to give and believe me when most of the past is Royalty, who govern the people, or Nobility who maintain their place and look for advancement, then the creation of a Saint or giving to the Church a personage is sometimes forced, which is why many are against having only one holy see.  The author knows of at least seven sees and they can all work together.


Another point about becoming a venerable.  These paths become ways for those who are given to the monastery.  A noble has nothing to do but offer a dowry for the daughter, and if the surname would like a post in the Church a donation to cover the daily bread for the remainder of the life of the daughter is done.  The reader can recognize this as being done if he likes it or not.  Usually the second or third born son is also sometimes donated to the church with the accompaning blessing of the donation to cover the daily portion for the rest of their life.


Also a veneration becomes a way, and in the way of veneration being the blood of a known lineages related to other lineages and the ideal that Andrew is called Andrew Medes.  This means that Andrew gets the venerations and others will follow him.  Thus Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland and his relics are sought by some and taken back by others as the relicas are considered sacred by some an utilization of a corpse's bones by others.  So finding them on your person to some might mean something to one while to others it might be suggested that feathers are bones are birds and a red cardinal will not fly and post on your finger.  If you can do that trick in esquire than you are dong better than the author.


So if a way is set up in Andrew because all the people who watch these venerations and the Black and White is an even split, then the Black will corrupt those ways if each veneration is continued.  Those way will make Andrew if considered the Captain make leutenants and those lieutenants may or may not rule with embesselment or protection money.   So if the venerabel discontinues his vice of callling down the Saints the Lietenants get busted and made to pay while the venerable's job in life is do nothing at all.   Those in the church know what is going on and because the veneration is already made it becomes a white watch so when the Lieutenants attack it becomes a contest of the Knight to survive while working on promotion to Esquire with the onlooking of the other nobility noting the advance.


So this author gets to make the charge with the magistrate of Assault with attempt to kill when those trained in the art of catching criminals come up with the perpetrators.  While the Author was assaulted it is better to bring justice to the criminals to stop their advance.


So the vice of veneration is done for an advantage, and sister and brother are not enemies, just tools that you do not have to feed because they are paid in full.  So the true titles taken and reinforced are not given lightly and the going against those titles is a way to test them and see if they are true, while to those who hold those holdings as shown by the titles pass them off as paid in full and not worth more than recognizing the insults.


A look at the innocents in Symrna, a Crusade if its in your lines may help going from the last crusade in 1299 AD back to the first one at the turn of the first millenium.   Considering 300 million bend their Knee every sunday in this type of practice world wide means there is opportunity.


As a final note as the Author who seems to have people begging for stale bread that is not that bad to eat, while in the middle name or thee,  a riddle,  How does Cyrus if Dan is his father top Darius if Dan is his father if Darius did in fact burn Athens?


Copyright November 4 2021 by Mister Brian Daniel Starr 


Remember Christmas is coming, books are part of an education and duty as a parent, and neophytes can spend much time finding their ancestors and Saints and not bother the Parents!!!!!


(See the discussion on Markets for more on published venerations and other books by Starr Books.)












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Using fonts and posting blogs on the Internet is a common practice for generation X.  Personally I was a war-child during Viet Nam.  What is a Nam anyway?  Of course reading and writing helped get my Engineering degrees, as an Associate and Bachelor of Science, while my Mensan Membership puts me in an upper two percent of the intelligence, while any achievement of a Masters Degree would put an individual in the upper two percent of the population of the United States.  I notice as working in authorship for a few years full time that the fictional books are syndicated and the English majors may or may not be related to Bachelors of Science but may be Bachelors of Arts.  While the art of Authorship and word play exist in Kepplingers orbitals on the Jetson's cartoon related to Skeptisism the ideas of Cynisism and Sofisticated Aristotlean Sofism is an idea for any Attorney who passed the Barr, (This is a typo that I could be liable for a women who rejected my maleness and after legal age something that is 35 years old can rest) while holding a rank in a military that calls you a bastard (Lance corporal) it seems obvious that some swords like the Winchester put the Excalibur to hell !!!  So with titles to compete with like King Lear and Animal Farm, while some authors have to fear their crown and some just hide in the Globe hoping the noble gets made enough at the Cross Dressers called Actors to allow throwing of apples instead of Tomatoes (at least bruises feed ya better !!!)   So Translations of texts that have existed for thousands of years require language skills that mathimatical formulae do not.  It is wise to not drop an apple on the foot but unwise to have some idiot shoot an apple off your head if you can balance it there.  So anyway if you are making a living as a translator at least learn the language.  Mine is American English, supplemented by local natives.  (Like Geauga means Racoon (Spy eyes of Pocahontas))  Cuyahoga means winding river or try not to fall down in Akhenaton or Akron, and Huron means Beaver.  BeaverCreek then must be a place where the Beavers in the Creek damned the head of water or potential energy of the Damn, here in Ohio (Means War) called the Huffman.  (No heavy breathing ladies)   To conclude this blog, I would like to thank Time Magazine 100 most influential people to mention my last name as a miscreant called either Richard Starkey or Ringo Starr to get my name mentioned and save me from the influence of Influenca as passed out by the Anti-Christ King George III.   Signed that paris treaty? An Adage, some nations earn their mistrust !!! After all its Prince Chucky verses Sir Charles Stewart or Stuart on the Eve of All souls Day.


 Copyright October 30 2021, by Mister Brian Daniel Starr

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The Press

The Press is powerful.   Having published as a moonlighting Engineer and then following it up full time for a few years, some get righteous about what is published.   I suppose some are supposed to, however they can attack the bottom line, where the author has lost one or two contests of profit in engineering this way, the real cause of engineering is make peoples lifes better, but the business owner who hires you looks for a profit.   


Publishing some subjects is a no win and a no brainer, especially in the multiple sects that are out there today.  One sect will say one way is right, another will say otherwise the right way is this because that sect is subject to our sect.  Also publishing something like "The Book of Spells" will cause some to hesitate, and others to dispell the title heretic with unholy worshiper or worse, without seeing past the title.


Putting something in print in does not make it true.  In war time propaganda is supposed to confuse the enemy.  What news source is trusted?  


As a member of a Guild, using the word Guild will confuse some at least say may say which one?


The writing of certain words or names might confuse someone like Naomi or Confusious, but then some will cause it be slander.  A good idea is to refute everything you read, acquire some cynism or sophism if you don't have any, or find out what a cynic or sophist is, and then decide for yourself what you think is the truth, but don't tell anyone.  There is a group of thinkers who will argue with you about anything with one goal in mind, to get you to change your opinion.  They don't care about the truth per say, they just want you to change your mind, then usually argue about whose will is stronger.  These types I call bothersomes.


Anyway having read some of my heritage and wondering why people attempt to pay money for philosphy courses as if it has not been written before, or translated by whom and when.  


Finally to close this blog.  An Engineer is taught it has all been done before, its a matter of finding out where to look it up, and implement it one more time to make a life better for someone.  The bottom line is important, but then some bothersomes if given a dollar for a political contribution think they are your friend forever, when the one dollar was the only payoff for the for sale hand out guy you had to give that one.  (and if was tax deductible).

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Tapping the inner force

The tapping of the inner force, the Subconscious. 


I don't know if you are an author or just anyone who has a computer but all of us had to learn to use the keyboard to use a computer, not a bad thing really but some history is involved.  Typing speed can be increased by rearranging the letters on the Keyboard.  We have Mr. Olivetti to thank for this.  The typewriter was a new invention, an arrangement of letters was needed, Mr. Olivetti drew the lot for this work and his name goes on it.  It was the early 1900 or so or late 1800' about 100 years ago.  Everyone learned it.  Yet while being inspired to authorship and typing the first centurian of the past 100 years comes up.  Well that's the keyboard and one hundred years ago Mr. Olivetti made this arrangement and you have learned to type at your own speed trying to go faster at some times playing computer games to increase speed or agility on the type writer.  The problem with going back only one hundred years Mr. Olivetti would be responsible for Olive and Brutus or Popeye and that would come to mind about 1300 BC 33 centuries ago.  Now then also typing would say Olivetti is only one hundred years old, so go back to the modern times,  so now you did not want to go to Olive and Brutus and Popeye anyway so bounce somewhere else etc…


Now in the midst of this you get an email, the computer dings and well you know you answer all the emails at once, so anyway you read and respond, and then the closure.  In the first place you were interrupted, and the second place you are already on the Keyboard.  This author used Best Regards, and then type name, contact info etc… you know dress it up.   Here is the fun part.


All of Best Regards, is done by the fingers of the left hand.  If you are in E or upset because you are giving, then it comes up Best REgards.  You see, you have to have the left pinke release the shift key you press for the R in Regards, and get off it in the time it takes for the middle finger to go from e to r.  If you are too fast you got to correct!!  They have written many things about the left hand and this is one of them.    

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10 10 2020

This day is the double day for the numerology and soothsayers and magicians.  Yes these words are in the book that my middle name is named after.   


Prophecy is somewhat like engineering.   ZagZag the Ptolemy teacher of Moses or Amenhotep III did teach Moses the alignment of the planets and the moon where all the gravitaional forces of those bodies did indeed create a shallow in the Red Sea so After the heavy work was done (the pyramids built) the Hebrew left.


Engineering is an important study that is in common with many sciences, since it utilizes mathematics, and today computer science and programming, whether the engineer does the programming or not,  Planning such as drafting or blue printing and keeping scheldules of jobs to be completed.  


Utilizining large air masses similar to prediction of the weather that meteoralogists use today such as the weather channel and the instruments that measure temperature, barametric pressure, and wind speeds are similar.  People dont realize that the weather portion of the news is a short term prophecy for a week or more in most broadcasts.


So Astrology at the level of someone who reads his horoscope and compares the Astrology times of each year, with the yearly oriental Astrology, and the pattern of the heavenly bodies at the time of the labor of the mother of the child at birth is all a part of it.   So this type of prophecy is done and will continue.


Television shows like Dynasty become important in a politica like the USA where the three Aristocracies have fought to an Oligarchy and after the Timicris (This is from Aristotle by the way one of the thinkers like Emppodes of the School of Athena) possible a Democracy will form where there will be honest people.


There are lineages that are part of the Aristology groups primarily from the Israelite or Semite Dan or Daniel,  Which in some times meant to eat.  I have heard that if the ephod is in a scrape then this name is most often used found in Numbers.   And the Argument of who wrote the fivth book of the Torah,  While a Shamanah Dan-ce at the ninth Chakra will certainly help anyone with that process.


Copyright 10 10 2020, By Mister Brian Daniel Starr

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Starr Books April Related to Curing Spells the Book

The idea of a curing spell for a problem is sometimes difficult for a doctor to imagine.  The doctor has the austerites required to be a physcian and asking the patient where it hurts (likely has studied how the body works and how so develped a body of its own that has an increased chance of surviving the patients and helping them due to Austerities like fasting, (All attained thru good intentions) understanding about thirst past a second day, and other ways not necessarily to include either a Marathon or a Crucifixtion but enough to increase and so understand the human body better than the average engineer.   And asking how the patient has treated it seems like a good starting place.  If the doctors hear from a patient about a curing spell the word spell would indicate that the doctor check for a spell book that is Not Occult, and if it is or is not then proceed accordingly.  Starr Books Curing spells are not Occult or part of a Cult and the condemnation about this possibilty was incredible (enough said I guess) 


First if you are literate and can read a book with a curing spell inside, then read the disclaimer, (like on some TV shows (Don't try this at home).  The disclaimer on the book of curing spells is these probably are just ways that vacinations or procedures that medical nurses or Doctors do to us in a way the body follows, such that the body will follow the way of the patients past lineages, and the mind of the patient will then use those ways to make its own path, with a language of the body that is certainly not english.


So in April we apparently have a pandemic of problem with a new strain of world wide infection of an attack that is a virus to some and a defense to others.  Keep in mind saw grass thinks it only cuts the animal to survive.  So if an imported large creature, like a cow not indiginous to say a new world or new (what is called Third World so the exloitation of the new third economy can be done) then certain people or animals can survive.  Like when your pet dog gets sick but recovers after the manager at the plant asks did your dog get snake bit?  and sure enough a cocker spaniel can survive almost any venom.  That doesn't mean a venom will not kick off the immune or survival instict of the dog.  Dogs are some pretty smart creatures.  (Personally I am looking for inspriatation as an author of course and have been down in the Pico and Fifteenth to the minus ten regions attracting antennae waves and thinking about why on the new digital tv you got to scan, while before you could tune to the channel and then adjust the TV.)  (Maybe you can with the remote?)   Anyway DNA is about 10 to the minus NIne or Nano meters and viral is millionth (like millipedes) and bacicllus is about thousands (like .001 bacillus, .000001 viral , .0000000001 dna or nano, .0000000000001 or pico) and (antennae waves use a db scale that is exponential or logirithmic (just a different way to describe)


So if a cow thru the years of developing a herd gets snake bit and survives way back and has calfs for years and generations, it can get in the herd.  And if its not mad cow disease then one herd is competing for sales just the same as another herd.  And if the beef inspection is not done you can raise the tariff on the import, such is the risk to support the centers for disease control.


So seriously as a Mensan, Engineer, and x marine, and as an Author, (supposedly able to interpret dreams and write them down immediatly since your awareness of them is diminished upon waking up and studied engineering and communication with some english course (my original taught language although indigenous on the main line for about 350 years  (did I tell you about the time I uncovered four spiders under a rock and well felt a mortal fear so I killed them?  My friend of 13 said those are black widows? (rumor is thats the stronges spider venom defense for the spiders) I said really they're dead!!) that should be enough conjecture to keep hope alive for a cure or vacination for this. 


An indegenous snake from an imported cattle type to hit a food supply (the mother cow in the blood stream a mutated immune system creation and passed thru the birth canal) , many generations ago and imported and exported around the world for a cattle ranchers competion and the rancher trained in animal husbandry and agriculture does not even know how it is done, because certainly defense sytems are at least used with ambassadors as defense not attacks.


Not uncoverable by animal husbandry, used by some law enforcement to aid in vice, while again here the weapon accidently developed by the cow since the steer defense is agressive the cow just sits there and makes colts.  It still defends itself.


Although Mensan are smart, and officers are trained to post and fight back if the defense or aggression is repelled in small increments, and reading and writing things and communicating on the internet is a matter of interpret.  Putting the things together about the Centers for Disease Control right now they seem to have priority, so here is one type of communication I guess.







 Copyright April 2020 by Brian Starr Starr CAE LLC.


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Remedy for Dr. Ruth

 Read More 

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Internet Media, What happened to Paper Books.

Blog, Multi Media

As an Engineer and Author, and as a Human Being, holding Judgement against sub humans, Amen, then I would like to ask everyone about the control of the media.
The First Amendment offers Free Speech. That includes world wide.
One Law Suit against another is just about Three Mints owned by Sir Washington.

We have metals.
So when a monopoly is formed, such as fision weapons, then we win. USA.
Enough Said.

So as A Target, which apparently I am, since no one else seeks to support the See of Alexandria and Free Speech and Free Thought, then Amen.

So Where is the abilty to survive a Target? Emperor of Japan, Italy, and Germany,


Right Surrender first, then get the Japs.


So anyway Microsoft crossed the monopoly line before the anti trust laws by President Truman.  


Yeah, Then September 11 2001.

Think about it.


I would like to own the property of the microsoft investments  of my own over the last years starting with Windows 95.   in all over  about 20 operating systems and ten or twelve office products without going to a second party.  With the Italians disgrntled about their lordships required military service, then (italy), and the pig latin jokes of Commandant Klink from te Germans,  Ha Ha.

Originals From The Black Sea, Now Rumania, Vlad, Dracula awakens. Lets count, 12, number 9. Summon.


So if someone is smart enough to blame the disasters on the multimedia then Congress can vote us to peace, saying the Microsoft monopoly is only a monopoly when we are at peace time.  Meaning when at War the Corporations take over like ATT for Communications, The Electric Company, The Water Company, and of Course Microsoft.   So that would be motive for a finding of a mistake made in code that set the communications to the wrong people who engineering the World Trade Center Disaster.


Anyway if we need a scapegoat to sentence for the Congress to vote us to peace, then if Microsoft will not come accross with their record of all my registrations over the years, and of course I did lose all the computers except the ones I own now.  Then why cannot microsoft give me those keys to install on my computers today?  


Some one (if I do not beat them to it first) will make a mint to get all the companies that have registered departments that keep track of what software everyone registers, when there is a data loss and over the last thirty four years since Windows 95 where is all that registery information?  How many companies must I contact and what departments.  If someone can make a search engine to keep track of all the sites on the internet, why is it so difficult to retrieve registered software?


Anyway Starr Books is still in business thru the whole thing.


My advice for Sunday,  Use a Fishing pole and Cast to catch dinner, not Cast to catch the Actress !!!

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Labor Day 2019 (September 1 a USA type of Celebration )

Blog At Activities After Labor Day'


It seems that forced retirement was done to certain titles on a Good, Better, and possilbly the Best Self Publisher on Lulu.com.

Fortunately on Labor Day in a rush to find the Manuscripts add recent additions, and then get them published.


The titles were restored in better condition than before with second editions and are now available to the Public.

Titles Include Disporia as Known , The Knight Maker, Our Lady Of The Lake, and Solar Solutions.

The four titles become available immediately on Lulu bookstore.



Click here for Lulu Bookstore.


Previousy published on the second edition the books are now rare in the first edition and due to Data loss by Business Competion or other,


Starr Books is interested in obtaining copies of these rare editions.

Many of Starr Books are available at Abe Books.


https://www.abebooks.com/ have found rare Comic Books

There    Ha! Ha!


Marine Corp Lingo For Bad Joke

similar to OO Ra!!


So Please Go to Starr Books Web Site at Authors Guild.




Hope to see you there (Semper Fi ) Thats Marine Corp Lingo for I already Heard our Band !!!


Quite Impressive Actually !!!


(and the other three services bands as well)

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The New Titles and Poetry by Starr Books

As the Author and Poet, the inspiration keeps coming,  without any swearing or a business license for non profit many other organizations compete for the knowledge.   We have freedom of Speech and of the Press, with a Free Press here, however there is so much out there that to sort thru the vast databases and get whats there, especially since the data is 1 to 4 or 5 millenium old.  As a Mensan it becomes apparent they are not allowed and their is a watch on Psychic Pain, (title of one of my poems ) but they actually just are allowed enough to bless the flounder who looks up down deep in the bottom of the Atlantico, the deepest ocean, the first frozen food.  


So all is well, the poetry keeps coming, the Universities still have business licenses all over the Planet, and here in the USA the people are still alive.


I heard a rumor about a visitor from Italy once said the Elections were determined there by the Mass Media.  Come on Guys this is not WW2, we have had the Mass Media since about 1905 or so.  So Anyway it is election year and Contributions need to be made.  The funny thing is if you lose then you got to pay the party the whole shebang back.  Comes to Billions.  Its Fun I guess.

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