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Sooner or later the idea of Epic is encountered in life. Epicness is great !!!
Now I have just recently read Aristotle's Poetica. Aristotle is a write about 400 bc to 300 bc and is the approved philosophy of the Universal Church. Anyway the idea of poetic justice is found in Greek literature. And then the lady says wasn't that a tragedy?
So if you figure out that the epics are a way to cause a tragedy to a guilty person then if you think you might ever acquire some sort as guilt, perhaps a Roman Sin before you can confess, you pretty much have to take some kind of defense. After all the Greek Orthodox are in communion with the Holy See as well as Roman Catholic.
So if you like Greek Poems, or tragedies, or epics, like Ulysses or Homer, then you probably need a tee-shirt that says Epicness. (I like tee-shirts)
So Ok Greeks have Epics.
One of my favorite Epics is the Song of Roland. OK thats a French Epic. He was the rearguard for Charlemagne and in the hilt of his sword was the relic of the Virgin Mary, first order. A Tragedy what happened.
To honor the ancient text called the Epic of Gilgamesh Starr books has published The Sumatrian Dieties.
From the Back Cover :::!!!!
The Sumatrian Dieties is about the ideas of King Solomon and his worship of Astarte, the Goddesss of Love Fertility, and War as found in the Old Testement. However there is more about it than what is shown in the bible. That is what this book is about. Dieties like Gilgamesh and Enkidu are usually what people understand about Sumatria. These are characters in Beowulf a book the author read in HIgh School. However this book is about the dieties of Sumatria as they are found in the Genealogy files fouund on the internet, putting them together and noting the titles given to the Dieties. These titles are included as well as what was found in the Epic Classic called the Epic of Gilgamesh. So if you claim you are Epic you need this Epic. And this book shows how the Dieties in that Epic fit together as ancestors and as people that lived long ago.

Sumatrian Dieties is a must read for those familiar with Sumatria but do not know what is in the Genealogy files everyone uploaded to the Internet.
End of Excerpt from Back Cover
So another good read about the Greek Epics is the book The Greek Gods by Starr Books. Again this is not poetry but a look at the relationships of the Greeks with charts. The data is from the genealogy files found on the internet and it shows the relationships of the Gods and Heroes to the Greek Kings, Spartans, Kings of Pergammon, etc...... It shows the ranks of the Hero's and so how the Officers in the military who have the Greek maintain the ranks of the commissions.
These charts are also found in the Five Generation Genesis of God a recent Third Edition release. In Nobilities Law the charts are found as well as the ranks.
If you read the Greek Epics closely you might find the author lies about twins fathers or mothers like Petronius or other Epics and so the reader if he or she does not catch this then guess what the tragedy hits !!! (so its a good idea to remain in the holy see so the Greek Orthodox can make fun of you rather than let the tragedy hit).

So become Epic !!!!
Read some philosophy of the Universal Church, and if there is a council to change the Roman Belief just use the philosophy. Read some Epic. Sumatrian, French, Greek, all that you can find.
Read some of Starr Books interpret the Epics. The Greek Gods, Nobilities Law, The Five Generation Genesis of God, The new release The Sumatrian Dieties.
Have Fun !!!! Enjoy !!!!

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