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Starr Books Wants to be a Patriot

OK.   According to the Congress 140-70  We have the right to use military force.


Starr Books was doing some research and discovered the Laws of Moses.   Well  Moses made Ethiopia Subject.   He was a General.   


Then the mother of John the Baptist after the Romans destroyed the temple was Crucified in Ethiopia where the Apostle Mathew was beheaded.


So Apparently the Ethiopia people are ruled by priest, and are supposed to give to Moses anything the Father wants.


Well the Father did not want the World Trade Center.


So who do you suppose told Moses subjects in Ethiopia to have such a disaster, and if they are the greatest priest then they have to be subject to the laws of Moses forever.


Now the Starr Lineage the Author of this blog did well in the Revolution.  We know the surname of the Captain of the Ship that was a tory, was captured and saw due process and was well executed.   If you are not American yes the Revolution was against the Tyranny of the Great Britain Crown.   And Yes after John Hancock signed the Constitution, and the soverign of Great Britain signed a Treaty called the Treaty of Paris.


The People of Great Britain Attached again.   And General of the America's Andrew Jackson bought a sword from Nath and did the Great Britainers in.


So as a patriot of the americas, not to declare war because the Commander in Chief Can,  You will have to figure it out for yourself.


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