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Starr Books and an Act of Congress

Starr Books would like to remember Eliza Allen Starr's title page that usually included Printed with an Act of Congress.


Previous to last week Starr Books would purchase Library Congress Control Numbers from the self publishing company.


Starr Books is proud to say that the company is now registered and can abtain LCCN numbers and has obtained them for many unprinted titles.  These titles will be printed and released soon.


Here is how it works.


For every Congress Meeting their is an opening prayer.   So the opening prayer is one Act of Congress.   Putting the price on prayer is the difficulty.   Some Say the Apostle James the Lesser married Penny,  some say Linda,  and some say he did not marry.   Most scholars agree that James the Lesser got the tribe Zebulon.


So if he married Penny then there is a price on her, and if he married Linda, then she is a Lending or a loan on her.  Either way the Act of Congress that is a prayer puts a price on the workings of Congress.


The Perfect Penny.


Well at one time the Author and owner of Starr Books was going to the Sons of the American Revolution Library in Louisville Kentucky.  On the way there was a sign that said the road led to Abraham Lincoln's birthplace.   So the Author took the turn to go there.


At the birthplace there were many fallen trees.   A weather calamity had caused some trees to fall.  So the author then found out about Abraham Lincoln's school.  So there there was a school house.  Pretty cool stuff.   Then there was a sign that said to go to Abraham Lincoln's Museum.  So the Author went there.   There was a sign in the entrance way of the Museum said that there were four more brand new designs for Abraham Lincoln's Penny and they were to be released from the mints soon.   In fact the coins were in small quanities made, and they all had a date of Issue.  The Author noted the date of issue for one of the coins was the day he was at the Museum.   Neato....


So the Author paid the price to go thru the Museum, it was quite nice and the cost was modest.


Then in the gift shop was the coin collectors dream.    A Pretty penny on its date of issue with three other pennies all with Abraham Lincoln's design, mounted in wood found at Abraham Lincoln's birthplace by the natives, for sale in the Abraham Lincoln Museum.    The author wrote a check, and the four pennies are still in the Authors possession.   


So the Pretty Penny is really related to the prayer of the Act of Congress, and is now found in more of the books published by Starr Books.

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