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Favorite Works

In the world of an Author, there have been great influences on me.  Not that Thomas Ridge founder of the Office of Homeland Security and the Watkins School at my alma mater or Samuel Nichols founder of the Marine Corp is an influence that is good, while George Washington's Father Augustine is a very powerful influence. as Mary Ball's son was the founder of the Country and the founder of the Army, however when offered the Kingship declined for some reason.   


Time Magazine out of New York is a Great Influence, especially with the 100 most influential people of all time.  Another good book that was an influence was 5000 Years of Royalty.   Both have the same characters and who really does have an influence on the Planet and who does not.


Bulfinch's Mythology of the Legends of Charlemagne was a good influence.   At the Church I was told I could not finish reading the book until I proved descent from Charlemagne.  Thank you for the Revernd Governor General who founded the International Society of the Descendents of Charlemage.


It is know that Bulfinch's Dad was the Architect of the White House the British Burned in the War of 1812 and an attempt was made after September 11.   Signatures on some documents are important while on other documents they become less important,  Like Treaties.


Any way if you are the Author of the Gods the Greeks the Abduction of Helen and Paris and the remainder of the epics as quoted in Aristotles Poetic show the study of Greek literature is really fun.


Reading is a good vice, and some people think that it can improve your life.


If you have ever practiced Engineering then you know that someone has already done this.   So therefore it becomes a way of finding the solution that has already been done.  Recent discoveries in the Transitor by Schock led to the computers and the access of the knowledge by not only the Priest Elite but also the common people and those who hold title.  So now the See of Alexandria is open to everyone.  but better yet the computers that link it all together are interactive allowing uploading of almost anything, so the information age begins where it becomes where to find it when there is an overload of information and who can sort it out.


So the Philosphy School of Socrates where the thinkers did not get paid becomes important as well as all the people in the two publications mentioned, the most influential people of all time and 5000 years of royalty. 


With the advent of the uploading of information it becomes a matter of who has the authority to work with engineering and science where peoples lives can be compromised.   So certification and schooling have to be set up so that the operators of the machines do not hurt themselves.  


With Author ship that stress has been taken away.   It is not important anymore what is written.  Of course if the quality of the books is not good then the idea of a million seller and tons of money is unlikely.   


However that is not important if you are independently wealthy.   And that improves the quality of the books.   


Especially with everyone's contribution to the genealogy files, the massive amount of data shows the duplication of effort for most uploaders and those of us that are trying to sort this out have made an effort.


Thats what some of Starr Books is all about.  The amount of information taken to compile the books and make the charts are not possible without the tools of an author, the computer and the creativity of the colors of the sky.  


Others of Starr books are lists, since Eliza Allen Starr left a list and those people might be still alive or lost without the Saints.   Venerations and Navigations of Eliza Allen Starr is what that is about and going back further than about 20 generations is watched and certain posts are there, where the venerable can only learn the language shifts by experience to commune with the Saints.   It is a different king of High,  sort of like Rocky Mountain High,  but it is good and fun to do.


Find your Saints is what this is about.   Some say they are guarded, and owned, the Saints, but in actuallity they are in heaven and well there is a way to get there in this life, for some anyway if you have a mind to find a Saint and Speak.   


Speaking is a paid thing where learned professors are paid to speak at a meeting of gentlemen or as a Professor,  but that is for a short time and is very expensive, while purchasing a book is less expensive.


However reading is for the self learners, while some people need to be instructed, and others need to be told.   So putting a value on the knowledge becomes important and writing something that survives is also a thing that the salesman say to an author,  Hey Sir,  your book is great, you are an immortal,  I bet your book will last for centuries, and for a modest outrageauous price I can market your works.   Salesman are such good people.


Anyway reading is a past time of the Author,  keeps you out of trouble and enlightens and illuminates you.   So if you have this past time now with the revolution in self publishing you too can write.


So find your interest in Starr Books and buy a book.





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