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Blessed Charlemagne

Blessed Charlemagne is one of my works.   It all began when I joined the church and started in the Knights of Columbus and had a copy of the Legends of Charlemagne.  About 1992-5  and the fellows in the Order said I could not read the book unless I could prove descent from Charlemagne.   The book was part of a series of classics and other works like the Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs Court were also read.   So I did prove I was descended from Charlemagne by joining the International Society of the Descendents of Charlemagne.   As the years moved on I read Einhard and learned about Charlemagne.  As venerations became apparent people were called into Christianity and the Father noticed at Church.  In 1997 I got my bachloreate.    After many years of selling the vitae, I descided to reread the book Legends of Charlemagne and now it was Illustrated.   The Illustrator has best selling books and the Illustrations were copyrighted by a company with the same name as my alma-mater in 1997.   It is interesting that the capture of Baghdad the first time I read it was overlooked but after 911 I guess thats how you capture Baghdad again if there is a need.  Well anyway the author got out of the Military in 1985 and the strange coincidences about the radio's and electronics keep piling in.


The Society has made many gains, and the 700 club as seen on TV is interesting.  It celebrates the 700 years after the Blessing of Beatus was bestowed on Charlemagne by the Pope.   That's the seven hundred year blessing by Charlemagne.


So if you are interested in the Cause for Sainthood for Charlemagne,  Please see my work that is a genealogical study.



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