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Religious Freedom and the Power of the Press

Starr Books has published what would be heretical literature from some sects of the Christianity, and would like to sell these books to you.  Using the Freedom of the Press that is part of my affiliation with the American Legion, the books are now available for purchase.  Starr Books has also published lists of Saints that could not be considered heretical, and even a daily saints calendar.   So Starr Books takes a stand about freedom of the press before it takes a stand about being of a certain age before some of Christianities Knowledge is given.  As an Author I am 58.   Only about 50 years left.  !!!!


With the ability of anyone to go get a State License to be clergy, especially in the State of Ohio, and with the Freedom of the Press offered in the Constitution, it is possible as a Christian Author to be targeted by his X military people and Clergy that are not of Christianity,  but from other sects.


Some Clergy is good and has an education, while others do not.  Some security agents are puppets of Gespano the Puppet maker whose puppet Pinochio nose grows with all the Lies they make in an effort to control the father and prohibit people from going to Lylr Ledwrai and Beli.   These Characters are in my book.  ( not pinochio he is in disney land.)  Slander is bad for business, as well as investigation by everyone.   for anything.   


Many people get in the way of free expression and authorship and try to prohibit research and publishing, especially in public places where computers are given to the public for a limited time.


For a Limited Time Authors and Inventors are entitled to their Writings and Inventions (in the constitution patent and copyright laws.) and the clause about local militia in the Constitution respecting the Military.  And the X Military.


Starr Books has published Religious Articles and Books that many different organizations, with secret temples such as the Mason's and the non Christian sects allowed in this country, and the people that serve the crown of the Windsor, instead of the Freedoms promised by the united states where no man is subject to the Crown.  Considering Thomas Paynes common sense.   Some of the Sefriot published are affliiated with the Jewish People, who not all but some of them are given the secrets of Christianity and realize that the first jew is Christian and is difficult to maintain, however not impossible.



In a way it is flattering to be a target of such,  but in other ways it is difficult even though degreed to compete with some of the multi million aire first class people.   


The syndicated Book industry is also difficult, as Knowledge is regulated mostly by the Library of Congress and local Libraries accross the country.   In the US they say Knowledge is not regulated, but when you take the libery to sell books some churches or clergy say things like book ban or you should not publish false doctrine.  If they would be good clergy they would correct or teach the author instead of being friars and say you have to pay for instruction.  Well even Aristotle and Socrates tried to get paid for instruction and some students would learn philosophy and not pay.


So the Authorship is like taking a sailing ship and casting anchor on a turbulent ocean and keeping cannons on Starrboard or Port as required, buying Baltimores in Various places or (cannonballs) and hoping it does not get cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey.!!!!


Authorship is Artist.   Engineer is Artisan.   Artists are greater than Artisans.   


Take a look at some of the books offered by Starr Books.     Buy a Book.



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