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The Stars the Generals Wear

With the advent of the Hoodle in an attempt to control the hoodlums, there appears to be ways developed for the Generals to wear Stars.  These insignia are really ways to improve peoples lives and are made to prevent certain things happening especially in families.  So the make of the hoodlum or Saint,  such as Saint John for the One Star Adjunjent and Saint Bartholmew for the Two Star Brig the make was made long ago and people can ask the owner of the make to duplicate this for the way of the naming of certain hoodlums. 


The problem is these makes involve things that to the Romans and the Common law are considered illegal if caught,  such as incest and parent relationships with children.  The Generals are made to prevent this from happening and so the majority of the families are kept in the right way.  Certain Roman people may have this happen to them in order for that person to assume the rank of that General, and if everything is done according to the dictates of the Roman Priest, proper confession and healing made to make the person aware that this is not the end of the world and that the mistakes made previously can put people in the service at Rank and so make sure that others are ok, while the ladies and gentlemen are treated with the utmost respect and caring in order to live a good life.


So unfortunetly there is a time involved that the people involved have to go thru to establish the relationships that would last.   Most of the Hoodlums are not fatal and so the immortality of the people involved gets better as the ideas are explored and the ways that made the Roman Ladies and Gentlemen are released as healed and the people all are happy.


So to see how these preventions were made at the time of the Galilee and the Passion of Christ then the people can see what is really being offered.  Unfortunetly these things are reserved for people who only show the interest in them for a number of years and are trusted with the information.


So publishing them is something that might offend some readers, while other might think it heretical and brand the author and make book bans and other things.


That is what Starr Books is attempting in the near future, and hopes the potential reader will understand this.


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