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The Making of a Knight, Roman, or Priest

Well, basically the only way to really do this is join an organization that makes these.  However if you want to get the Knowledge with out taking the holy vow and being enslaved or whatever the rest of your life thats where Starr Books comes in.


First Buy The Innocent Common Law.   Study as a brother or sister or squire for a few years.  Learn how to navigate around Galilee, Bethsaida, the Magadan, and the Aaronic Priests.


Make sure its good, and you know it.  There is only the Kissing cousins that are grandparents of Saint Mary Magdalene to worry about.  The rest of the relationships are not shown in that work.


Then Buy The Eight Generations.   Get the Hidden Knowledge.   Well the biblical characters are into all sorts of Hebrew stuff.  So of course the Jewish people are to remind you it is not nice to condemn.


So then to protect yourself buy the Five Generation Genesis of God.   This has Sefriot, the Sarai, the Breeding Laws for the Lady in Pregnancy and other Hebrew things, like the Davidic Kings.


That is one way of learning all this stuff.  Of course while knowing ony the Innocent Common Law and you saint andyone from Galilee, then they will let you go.


If you have been around these spirits for a good amount of time and you like to play Euchre, then just buy the Five Generation Genesis of God.  Or The Eight Generations.


Some people will tell you they can play cards.   Ask to play Euchar with them.  Its in Hoyles Rules of Games.  If they will not play, then they are probably already cloth and serve a crown.  If is not your crown then hey buy some good cards at the Adult store, play those cards with them.


At any rate there are a large number of People who signed the Constitution.  After all for a limited time Authors and Inventors are entitled to their writings and inventions.


Thats copyright law.  If you have a federal discharge there is also a local militia to help you.  If the discharge is less than honorable, then the American Legion Commander might want to get involved.


So the moral of the story is these works could remove your innocence.  So buy the Innocent common Law.   If you publish things not recommended by the state now a days,  you get a remote keyboard monitor.  Its part of the monitor of a communications agreement about keeping the military stuff away from the people.   


So this is the miltiary stuff for Israel.   That a foreign government.   Had a Jubilee in 1998.   Fifty years of freedom for the Israeli.   For 600 before going underground again.   


The Papal Government is also considered a foreign Government.   So that gives the Soldiers a right to monitor these things.


Some governments have armies that are terrorist groups.   So care has to be taken to monitor these things.   Like the Irish Republican Army.    Abortion is illegal in some States, unfortunately not in the US.    The Women does not want to cut off her hand, same as killing a part of her mind called the embrio.  Controversial I am sure but seems like common sense to this author.


Even if the pregnant women is raped,  our lady of the immaculate conception can be used as the father if there was a trace on that part of the conception.   So Ladies, there is more to a conception than just the seed giver.   So in cased of rape who pays for the child?  Anyway there are patricians to trace these things and by the time Starr Books begins suing those who only read one page or two on the internet I am sure the company will deserve enought to double the National Debt.   


So buy a book.   Get Rich.  (he owns the pawn shop,   possibly the best guy against the impoverished religous orders.  )    As Daniel if you steal the golden vessels,  well an israeli might just go get them back.


Starr Books is still an independent book company.  

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