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Starr Books Still Going after Ten Years

Starr Books is still in business.    Many people do not recognize that Star or Starr is a Surname.    In fact it is the name of an American Girl Starr.     Still looking for the perfect women. :xxxxx. Starr


It is also worn for Generals who also call them insignia. 

It is used to mark Saints and Children's home work.   It is one of the most used tattoos and many artists really abuse the Surname.   Also it is a symbol of a religion not a symbol of torture.   In the Navy the Captain faces the Stern and Starboard is always on the right. 


It should always be used to mark excellence.     Many people believe they have earned the Star because it was so difficult to be excellent.   Well She is a great Lady Starr.    She is most certainly rewarding the excellent.    As any Christian Lady Should. 


People pray to the Saint the Starr. Christianity is one religion that the Jewish people made and uses a five point Star.    The True Universal Faith is made of triads. Or combinations of three letters combined in two equal equilateral triangles that make what is called a Marduk.    


It is a fun challenge to draw a six point star with equal points without taking the pencil or pen off the page.   Yankee doodle it is also one of the greatest doodles!!!!!


Retired Generals and artists especially thespians use the Starr.     Also generals who are already sacred in the Revolution use the Starr to discuss rank.    Well it's a Surname.    


Anyway Start books is soon to release Semites and Mighty Men.   The Proofs are in the post office ready for review. 


Astarte the Goddess is a rewrite after finding her mentioned in church as a worship of Solomon. Coming soon. 


The proof for the Sumatran Dirties is in the post office and is available for Purchase. 


It's interesting how the High Priests Are completed by the Rabbi after the old testament is read and set up. 


Starr is always a lady and divines how the person she meets is ready for her ladyship. 


She certainly has so much help from the Generals,  Thespians,  Sports,   Sailors,    etc. 


  • Shop Starr Books.  But a Book for the Holidays!!!!!

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