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Buy Christmas Gifts

The Holiday Season.

The Holiday Season is upon us.  Most people expect to give gifts and receive gifts.  Starr Books would like to interest you in some Holiday Packages.


The Find Your Saint Package

Buy Find Your Saints.   Books connecting six major Saints to hundreds of others.  Then buy Basic Genealogy.   This book teaches how to use the internet to find the six major Saint or one of them.  If you know the person is already into Genealogy then buy them Find Your Saints.  To complete the package buy as a gift Saints and Blessed who Left Descendents.  This book has over 150 Saints that the reader can find using Genealogy that are likely ancestors of the receiver of the gift.


The Daily Saints

Buy Tree of Saints Calendar.   This calendar has a Saint on the days of the week. All major holidays are of course in the Calendar as well.   Then buy Daily Saints.  This book has all the Saints in the Calendar listed by Date, with a scribling of the Saint his biography and information about the Saint.  To complete the package buy Daily Devotions Saint or Trivia.  This book has a Saint from the Daily Package or a Devotion related to some Christian Trivia.  The receiver of this package gets a Daily Devotion, takes about a year, and the Calendar.  If the receiver likes the Saint he or she can look up the Saint in the Book and Learn about them.


The Hebrew Package

Buy a title containing Hebrew Intelligence.   Then buy the Five Generation Genesis of God.  Buy the Title Hebrews.   Finally buy as soon as it comes out Israelites and Mighty Men of David.  There are more titles related to the Jewish and Hebrew Laws.  Consider the Saria, Daniel the Prophet, and other titles.


The Knighthood Package

Buy the KnightMaker.  This book contains subjects a True Knight should know. Buy the Five Generation Genesis of God.  This book has sections on the Sarai, Kings, Hebrew Intelligence Paths, Sumatria, Strathcylde, and hidden knowledge related to the Common Law.


The Gift to Starr Books.

Starr Books is in business.  The company is looking for sales of copy.  Also a Book Agent.  Please contact Starr Books with offers for Advertising or other offers your company has that could benefit Starr Books.   Lets Do Business !!!


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