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Starr and Star as a row

The Last name Starr.  Is used by those that are part of the salem.   Servants of the Starr House.   Also the Masonic Temple Wife of the Worshipful Master and his Daughter are called Star.   So the Saint is a star and is rowed by the servants of the house Starr.   The French Order of the Star is little known but does the same thing.   The Star is on our way weapons.  Ships.   Planes.   Smoke stake on the Battle ship.  Tanks.  


All are a marked tresspassm.  Of the house Starr.


The good part is the books about the saints that are published. Then get rowed.   Either the military. The salem.  Or the Masonic.     


So if you buy a Starr Book About Saints.   Likely the books will pick up someone that will know about the Saint.

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