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The Use of Title

The use of Title or correct application of positioning to process ro bless etc. Is an interesting idea to use to Market Books.   Of a title might be a Marketer.  Thus that title would be used to get the media of the book to the people.  The use of an idea of linking the media then from the traveler to the reader so that they they at any position on the planet may get someone in their proximity to link to the reader and so get the blessing meant from the text.


The title of Sir,.  Mister, . Author, Writer,. All again would be used in the correct order so that the making of the distributed media would result in the reader being able after perusal of material find the correct ideas thru communication in the world where they exist.


First the use of those who have taken a vow of holyness would seek people also looking for the blessing.


Having a title to get these people to do this by force would likely not achieve the respected results.


However if their holiness in vow included the idea of selling blessings then they would be interested in on who had the media from Starr Books.   


Also use of the Lccn numbers would put the number in the Library of Congress here in the United States.


It is a custom of the Congress Here in the USATo invoje a Blessing at the Beginning of the Session.   Thus having a Library of Congress number allows the Printed with an Act of Congress to be Added to the.Copyright Page.


So each Invokation, .then would have an Act of Congress or in the Event of Coinage the Penny or the smallest Copper Currency could be used.   Also the verse could be noted by the Roman Emperor his named invoke and the Verse could be traded to the Verse for the Widows Mite.  This Verse would have the Coin in it and so the traveling of the media anywhere thru the Roman See would so get to the receiver and the verse then have a Blessing, based in the copper of the Penny.    


In the Military World in most of the civilized countries the copper and bronze are smelted to make Brass which becomes the insignia of the various ranks.


Each Military however  has different ranks and insignia and so their interrelation becomes an Intelligence code problem.


Use of Titles similar to International Mensa Could be used to find out what the correct interpretation of the received media is.


This becomes a simple application of Titles,. Using an honorrary system,. And Honorary cloth type titles,. Easily rended and the mended so that the cloth at the receipient becomes awear of the raising of the receipients intended blessing from the council of the cloth at their end.


So the Application of Title to make the deliverable package or media possible for the receipients. Must be done in a ccontrolled way to use one title then the next etc. For a good deluveriable to the recipient.


Titles to make such a thing happen would be available and the idea for trade or interchange of one title for another might be a part of getting a distributable package.


As a member of a Guild such things are possible.


Titles can be very difficult to attain,. So lesser titles used to obtain greater titles are still part of the arsenal of Titles usable.   


Starr books has a distributed base of media already there.


Consider buying a copy of one of Starr Books for use Today.

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