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Starr Books Honors the Fallen

Starr Books as you know supports Free Speech and freedom of the Press.   Of course these are amendments to the Constitution but every author knows that the National Constitution says For a Limited Time Authors and Inventors are entitled to their Writings and inventions.   Copyright law is about 50 years.


Starr Books has been in Business ten years gone with license in two states.   My name on the business license is the same name on my Grandfather and Grandmother grave Stone with the Daisy Ward as well as great grandfather grave Stone, and great grandmother as well as great great grandfather and great great grandmother all in the state registered with birthcertificate if mine and service to the state thru the federal military all registered in the state of Ohio.


I was not alive for WWII and Korea.  I was growing up here during Viet Nam and I also was called by the selective service to Volunteer.    Myself, My Dad, My Grandpa, all served all eldest or only son's.   My Great also Eldest but my Great Great Luther was a second son.  He would have served the GrandArmy if the Republic but the Enemy Surrendered in 1865 and we had to treat them like Americans again.


Today I Honor a Sarge Marine served during Korea.  He was a good Christian here in the States.  We were both in the American Legion and his work is Remembered.   He was not Canadian, Korean but a true Red White and Blue American.   My Uncle Ed is a great Warrior in Valhalla or Mars Hall.   This Lance will bring down many more Black Knights in your Honor.


The Sky Blue Field on the Flag will have another addition to the Heavens as sure as Great Great Great Great Great Grandpa Captain of the Military Sloop the Hamlin made the Red Stripe if the Flag run true colors as the Captains Fowler took out a George in the Hudson Area of the Atlantico.   


All six cannons to Starboard and fire until Surrender.  Death before dishonor or Surrender.   Remember the Alamo and Richard Starr with David Crockett .   The US captured Mexico City and then Richmond Virginia.


The United States Captured Bagdad .  We will never Surrender.    



As you know you are free to move about in the country.  


God Bless America.   A true Warrior Rises Again.

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