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Nine Months Later

After Nine Months in a Hiding Place.    Starr Books Releases New Titles



The Gatam


The Red Stones


The Cousins,  Sechar, and Isova


The Calendar,  National Rocky Mountain Park  (Three Years told in the Calendar with 7 x 9 or bigger pictures of the park for Three Years,)


The Calendar,  Mech  (ONe Year worth)   Great Scupted Art from the HIghway of Colorado.



 The Knightmaker



Mister's Book of Poems after the Writ



Venerations and Navigations of Eliza Allen Starr


Semites and Mighty Men


The Eight Generations


Sumatrian Dieties


 (Not really known to understand Yiddish,  but I have guts and can Gutteral)  I eat Apples so I guess I am a Zionist.



Some say the Gatam was last seen in Hollywood California.    Have the actresses been using my Surname?

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