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Linked In Accout Compromise

My Account Was LOgged INto On LInked IN.

Brian Starr's Account was Compromised Account 5 22 2019 possibly by Alumni TESC or TESU Tenton NJ or parties against my Political Affiliations and my LIteratures as Published.
Freedom of The PRess is one of the Rights I served my Country For.
It has Compromised.
And to Continue, there was no way to report the problem or log off the LInked in Share Slide.
The SS (Shared Slideshow) Linked IN that spys use for surveilence of those of us who honorable served with clearance.

My Honorable Discharge is registered in my Home State as well as the State I lived in at the time I obtained it due to the law on the books there in force.
Certain people in that town, unliking the views I have about my Christianity, including my contirbutions to the Catholic League, and possibly my Votings there, could also be involved, as well as interest groups against published Christian Authors and other groups,
Politically here in the County Next to Greene, where my Business Address is, I reside with a Membership in the Sons of the American Revolution the County Called Montgomery. I do not endorse or sponsor any type activity to continue except possilbe as humor, but due my Surlines Capture in the Revolution certain Surnames may Target the Surname, For INstance the Remarkable Activity of Attorney General Kenneth Starr , now I hear protected in the Ivory Tower In Baylor,
I too am Degreed, twice, and will continue to write and exercise my Freedom of the Press and Freedom to both Pay Taxes and Contribute to those parties I so Choose,
In that town, only my Pomp and Circumstance, used of course by some in my secand second platoon on Parris island SC. Also my DD214 and my realty records by my attorneys business there whom I have done business with.
The Next County over is Durham NC. Obtained ASsociates Post Miltiary 1985. 2 yearss,
North Carolina State University also many course before and after Military. 1979 to 1984 and courses after.
After Publishing Christian Literature and other literature that some enemies of Christianity might consider harmful to the USA. The Corporate STarr CAE blows the whistle with or without the phone being on.
Undercover agents from States other than Ohio, hired locally, or possibly POsts of the American Legion using their Soldiers to take Profit as a Non Profit from a Viable Business StarrCAE.
Chruches as well, with other interest groups.
If the Government cannot do an investigation against such Countries and Criminalities, we will have to repeal all Constitutional Amendendments, Including the Bill of Rights,
and the Ohio State Ammendments of 1851 Second idea of a Free Ohio,
I am Proud to say I have read the Ohio Constitution, And I do support Marriage between Man and Women Only.
The repeal of any ammendement made in 1851 especially those in 2009 affect Ohio, and I am glad to be here to contribute pollictically and pay taxes,
Business LIcense.
Of StarrCAE using the Secretary of State office Would like to reinforce the Freedom of Speech,
The Electronics used at my Allumni TESC or TESU has seriously Curtailed the Web sites and My business.
The American Legion is a non Profit, and many business groups do not have the same interests, resulting in repeated task forces until the tax money is used up. Such People did not arrive in 1790 on covered wagon in Ohio, Found West Point and the 1803 Government, and defend Ohio against the 1813 founded states in the confederacy, (as well as other dates of course,)
StarrCAE is not a non profit and local churches, and individuals, including private detectives have the right to business licenses,
Starr CAE and its Founder also has the right to Make Business Contributions to the Political Party of his choice as well as the Right to Pay TAxes IN this FAir Land of Ohio, Born Here in 1960. At the age I am now. I am appalled at the unfair business practices of the establishments involved,
Attendence at a Church on Federal Ground here in Montgomery County also suspect interfering with a Church worship somewhere in Indiana out in the Country,
I am a member of the Authors Guild In New York.Brnd My Business Addresss

dian STarr
PO Box 43
FAirborn Ohio


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