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Honor and the Paying of Dues

Honor is something I did not understand when I received my Honorable Discharge from the Military.   I did learn by finding out how other Veterans in my Sirline where treated and other Genealogical relationships.


So I begand to see that if you act with Honor, then people would treat you with Honor, and then you whould receie respect.


Unfortunetly those whose respect was taken away, or money or family, seem to feel to want to retaliate and be vindictive about their problems,  which may or may not have anything to do with Starr Books.


So after you learn about Honor with and Honorable Discharge,  then you learn about Honor with your family.   And that involves the raising of your child and the teamwork of the now x wife for over 24 years.


Then when moving from one State to Another,  then the Honor of being an immigrant to that State,  new to Worship and the State Laws, although still protected by your Honorable Discharge from the Navy.


In 2005 when the CD became available from Starr Books on ebay,  and then in 2008 when Starr Books added the addition of the Honor of Doing Business.   It became clear to see that some businesses are not that honorable,  and some people doing business would be exposed by a business license.   These type of business men are small time,  and in the event they are buying large amounts of cola cans at the Warehouses and putting ithem in drink machines then they are honorable.  Its a pretty good markup for say 50 cents a can to 100 a can just because you have the drink machine plugged in at the Gas Statinor or anyplace.


Then with Continued success with the Engineering,  the x wife becoming a Masters Degree Holder,  and the child finally gradiuating with a Bachelors,  and the Engineer in 1997 moving from the Associate in Engineering to the Bachloreate.   


The Success was there so a following become an unwanted part of life.   People who follow become and seem to remain followers.   The difficulty is they want a leader,  but resonably thinking raising a family and going to work is a good, thing,  for everyone  but not necessarily leadership skillls etc.


Then those businesses or groups agains the Literature released by Starr Books, and the smaller business men continuing to remain with business, if possible.  It become apparent that those who were not that honorable are either unable to keep up or they go out of business.


In the situation where it is a good idea to go out of the limelight for the attainment of a divorce, then after that is over it seems possible to go on.


However those who where unable to keep up or where against marriage or anything related to the Authors life,  then they see the opportunity to make trouble and trials,  which of course are not a good way to do business or continute the upward progress of the Business and Life of the Author.


After a few years of Marriage it seems likely and you can see it yourself in your own life that the ones that do not make it are the ones that either continue to get it wrong or in some way take advantage of the smaller business to become a bigger business.   This is true in politcing, or Authorship etc.


Once again depending on the severity of the dishonor done to the family or the company, or the competing business,  or the Honorable Veteran claiming to be an Officcer, or any of the above,  the process for them to fall out is one to three to five years.  


When The Consulting was done on the Ammo Base as an Engineer,  the people where the most honorable as ever there on the base,  and the town life was good as well.  There were some problems,   but after about six or seven yeasrs it all works out.


Moving back to Ohio since 2013,  its been now about six years here.   The advantage of course being born here but the disadvantage was I am not in the same county or area I was born in and I left and said good bye to all my fiftn grade friends.   So of course Ohioians call their kids O  and say the word O a lot or quite a bit.  


I think my parents thought a kid idea was an o and my name was O but as a child I did figure it out.  Then u learn OK,  Oklihoma I guess, and then Oregon, and thats give me tha car keys dad I am out of here.


So the Honor being restored to myself and to Starr Books, and the idea of going forward, the making of small gains happens some everyday.


A family is an expense that pays for itself,  and now the only obligation I have is to a daughter who is many years over the legal age of 21.  (14 in some states)


Releasing more books,  getting them in color.  Some customers want to just buy a book for a modest price,  which is likey the biggest market,  but some customers will not even think of buying a book unless it is on high quality paper, Hard Cover,  in Color,  and correctly edited and indexed.   STarr Books Offers Both.


Its almost impossible to have a company like Starr Books gain from another companies misfortune and its also a bad business idea.   The Christian Philosophies are outlawed by some of the other Foreign Governments,  and the Freedom of Press is not offered by all companies.  


The Internet reaches all sorts of countries,  so the writting of Christian Literature by very zealous officers of the Law could be interpreted as an attempt to overthrow a non-Christian Government  I Guess.   Well   O  I am from Ohio   I guess.


IT makes good press I suppose.   The newspaper group in Authorship is the group to get over.  To many articles and too many Deadlines.


My sister is a Journalist,  at my age her input is not as wanted as she always thinks,   But I am very familiar with the Journalst   interigaoratory techniqui of Who What When Where, Why and HOw.    She got her degree a few years before I did.


And to Correct its not Who what when,  etc...   ITs  Whom.....


So Starr Books stays in business,  the investiagaion of the literature ane releases are intended to inspire thought and well honetly to both make money and keep the Author immortal. 


(Everyone who will sell an Author an adveritisement will offer the immortal)  Some Advertisements will offer to seel the book as if you are handicaped in order to keep you handicapped.  


Its similar to a manager getting a bunch of people together to help them pay their electric bill.  First the bill is the same to the Utility,  plus I get to pay the Manager as well to make sure I get the money to the Utilty?


Common Sense,   O,  Well I guess not.   Ohio.   Sometimes the second O corrects the first.  it can work both ways.


What is round on both sides and Hi in the middle    O hi  O.





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