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The Problem with Editing

The Technique of publishing, and then presenting it to the public, to see if anyone objects,  well the problem with that is that first you got to consider the source of the information that might think it is not correct, then of course if the info is 2000 years old or 4000 yeasrs old, then the real thing to do is have the correction made if appropriate.  The great thing about the new revolution in publishing is that the copy can be made in a week or less or a month or so so the editing gets done and there is a new manuscript.  Marked with Rev or Ver or 1 or 2 up to 23 or 24 then using the date, etc.  


This produces many copies of manuscripts and sometimes you decide it was wrong so you delete it and then theres ten copies of the same book and then you want parts of it and you just cant find it.


So I guess keep it all published,  use a disclaimer if you remember to include that ,  meaning I published it.  Always a Copyright and they will not print it without ISBN   Ibnternational Standards Business Numbers.  So Get a Library of Congress number if you can ,  and if the publisher can furnish in a month for a fee, then get it for yourself,  afterall you can overturn it in a day from the PCN< office,  depending on the lady in charge.


Anyway,  Printing and editing then makes proof copies and newer copies and different dated copies, and so when they try the immortality Bull Shit then there will be rare copies.


Have Fun,


Immortal Author Brian Daniel Starr


(Michelle Starr thinks they might bother us anyway as I am really B Daniel Starr.)


Always and Forever,  find a greatestestes Priestess.

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