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Author Ship at 59 while the importance of the New Title the Disporia is shown in this blog to site the generations.

The new age of 59.
59 is such a great prime number that all the numerology related to 58 just went away.
The Good news is the Book reserved for the Authors Eyes only, with multiple edits, is now in the Authors Possesion, and is getting nearer to the quality to publish. The other works that are going on are also receiving some attention.
In the Study of the Disporia when the Hoodlums were Geas because the Emperors Smote them, they of course reversed the smote but ran off anyway, and had other families in other places.
Too often when people go thru the path of an ancestry to a relevant or important individual, they like to skip the whole arc and go past each generation, saying its a male line to say 10 generations, then a marriage or a daughter, then male line for 5 generations. This is fine if the ancestors path is before the year one, while if in the years after say about 50 AD. then it has to a Mary line to the next Daughter etc.
As the languages of the peoples change during those times these new ways to find where the Hoodlums went and the lines to each of them each of the ancestors lived 50 or so years while each thought of all their children, while most would think of the Heir and then the seconds sons, while the daughter was prepared to marry another line for an alliance.
So if the author has a printed copy of each of the lines, then the knowing of those ancestors is important.
In William Wiston's translation of Flavius Josephus, there is a section at the end where it notes each time that the History as Recorded by the Captured General to the Romans Flavius Josephus the quote is made and either approved or refuted by the Papal Office (in some cases and authority)
In the lines to Andrew there are two of these Quotes with the Ancestors known, basically Frodi and Frodi, one a girl and one a boy. Each time the quote is approved by the Papal Authority then the shift is made. One of these three spirits is in charge. Mary, James, or John. So if Frodi was a Girl then either James or John was in charge at that time and then if Frodi was a boy then it must be Mary in charge.
So in truth as far as the world goes this would make very little difference and most would not even give it a care or a buck. So of course being dealing with the idea that some of the Friars of Old could be bought with a button, not even a coin !!, and there is a contest among these types about who can be the most impoverished, well as an Engineer and Author you see the problem with the ideas here, while in truth it is likely the Emperor of the Milanese whose language is pure Latin protecting himself with the Romance Languages.
So as the new work will show each of the Hoodlums and their relationships to each generation then the work will be of a quality that might last for the copyright period of 50 years and thus also 5 decades.

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