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The New Titles and Poetry by Starr Books

As the Author and Poet, the inspiration keeps coming,  without any swearing or a business license for non profit many other organizations compete for the knowledge.   We have freedom of Speech and of the Press, with a Free Press here, however there is so much out there that to sort thru the vast databases and get whats there, especially since the data is 1 to 4 or 5 millenium old.  As a Mensan it becomes apparent they are not allowed and their is a watch on Psychic Pain, (title of one of my poems ) but they actually just are allowed enough to bless the flounder who looks up down deep in the bottom of the Atlantico, the deepest ocean, the first frozen food.  


So all is well, the poetry keeps coming, the Universities still have business licenses all over the Planet, and here in the USA the people are still alive.


I heard a rumor about a visitor from Italy once said the Elections were determined there by the Mass Media.  Come on Guys this is not WW2, we have had the Mass Media since about 1905 or so.  So Anyway it is election year and Contributions need to be made.  The funny thing is if you lose then you got to pay the party the whole shebang back.  Comes to Billions.  Its Fun I guess.

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