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Labor Day 2019 (September 1 a USA type of Celebration )

Blog At Activities After Labor Day'


It seems that forced retirement was done to certain titles on a Good, Better, and possilbly the Best Self Publisher on Lulu.com.

Fortunately on Labor Day in a rush to find the Manuscripts add recent additions, and then get them published.


The titles were restored in better condition than before with second editions and are now available to the Public.

Titles Include Disporia as Known , The Knight Maker, Our Lady Of The Lake, and Solar Solutions.

The four titles become available immediately on Lulu bookstore.



Click here for Lulu Bookstore.


Previousy published on the second edition the books are now rare in the first edition and due to Data loss by Business Competion or other,


Starr Books is interested in obtaining copies of these rare editions.

Many of Starr Books are available at Abe Books.


https://www.abebooks.com/ have found rare Comic Books

There    Ha! Ha!


Marine Corp Lingo For Bad Joke

similar to OO Ra!!


So Please Go to Starr Books Web Site at Authors Guild.




Hope to see you there (Semper Fi ) Thats Marine Corp Lingo for I already Heard our Band !!!


Quite Impressive Actually !!!


(and the other three services bands as well)

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