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Internet Media, What happened to Paper Books.

Blog, Multi Media

As an Engineer and Author, and as a Human Being, holding Judgement against sub humans, Amen, then I would like to ask everyone about the control of the media.
The First Amendment offers Free Speech. That includes world wide.
One Law Suit against another is just about Three Mints owned by Sir Washington.

We have metals.
So when a monopoly is formed, such as fision weapons, then we win. USA.
Enough Said.

So as A Target, which apparently I am, since no one else seeks to support the See of Alexandria and Free Speech and Free Thought, then Amen.

So Where is the abilty to survive a Target? Emperor of Japan, Italy, and Germany,


Right Surrender first, then get the Japs.


So anyway Microsoft crossed the monopoly line before the anti trust laws by President Truman.  


Yeah, Then September 11 2001.

Think about it.


I would like to own the property of the microsoft investments  of my own over the last years starting with Windows 95.   in all over  about 20 operating systems and ten or twelve office products without going to a second party.  With the Italians disgrntled about their lordships required military service, then (italy), and the pig latin jokes of Commandant Klink from te Germans,  Ha Ha.

Originals From The Black Sea, Now Rumania, Vlad, Dracula awakens. Lets count, 12, number 9. Summon.


So if someone is smart enough to blame the disasters on the multimedia then Congress can vote us to peace, saying the Microsoft monopoly is only a monopoly when we are at peace time.  Meaning when at War the Corporations take over like ATT for Communications, The Electric Company, The Water Company, and of Course Microsoft.   So that would be motive for a finding of a mistake made in code that set the communications to the wrong people who engineering the World Trade Center Disaster.


Anyway if we need a scapegoat to sentence for the Congress to vote us to peace, then if Microsoft will not come accross with their record of all my registrations over the years, and of course I did lose all the computers except the ones I own now.  Then why cannot microsoft give me those keys to install on my computers today?  


Some one (if I do not beat them to it first) will make a mint to get all the companies that have registered departments that keep track of what software everyone registers, when there is a data loss and over the last thirty four years since Windows 95 where is all that registery information?  How many companies must I contact and what departments.  If someone can make a search engine to keep track of all the sites on the internet, why is it so difficult to retrieve registered software?


Anyway Starr Books is still in business thru the whole thing.


My advice for Sunday,  Use a Fishing pole and Cast to catch dinner, not Cast to catch the Actress !!!

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