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Remedy for Dr. Ruth

Remedy for Dr. Ruth

Judge Judy gets fired and so becomes Dr. Judy
Sheltial is father of Dan is Father of Nathan father of Nathan father of Jotham.
Jotham is Classically the father of Rafael. However Classically the lady was weaker, thus Dr. Ruth tried to cure RAfael from sucking off every finger and toe until the hand ended.
So Instead of Jotham marring someone like Josepine, have him Marry Dr. Judith.
So it would go Shealtial, Dan, Nathan and Athalia bat Ahab and Nathan and AThalia bat Omri, then Jotham and Judith bat Dan, then Judith is mother of Rafael, and Rafael would not pull down the Mannassehs (fingers) and the Manoah's (Toes.)
Then Dr. Judith cures Arthritis, Lupus, and all Haniel Designs as Haniel might be the Father of Sheltial.

An Addition to the Book of Spells.
Copyright by Brian Starr on October 10, 2019

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