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Starr Books April Related to Curing Spells the Book

The idea of a curing spell for a problem is sometimes difficult for a doctor to imagine.  The doctor has the austerites required to be a physcian and asking the patient where it hurts (likely has studied how the body works and how so develped a body of its own that has an increased chance of surviving the patients and helping them due to Austerities like fasting, (All attained thru good intentions) understanding about thirst past a second day, and other ways not necessarily to include either a Marathon or a Crucifixtion but enough to increase and so understand the human body better than the average engineer.   And asking how the patient has treated it seems like a good starting place.  If the doctors hear from a patient about a curing spell the word spell would indicate that the doctor check for a spell book that is Not Occult, and if it is or is not then proceed accordingly.  Starr Books Curing spells are not Occult or part of a Cult and the condemnation about this possibilty was incredible (enough said I guess) 


First if you are literate and can read a book with a curing spell inside, then read the disclaimer, (like on some TV shows (Don't try this at home).  The disclaimer on the book of curing spells is these probably are just ways that vacinations or procedures that medical nurses or Doctors do to us in a way the body follows, such that the body will follow the way of the patients past lineages, and the mind of the patient will then use those ways to make its own path, with a language of the body that is certainly not english.


So in April we apparently have a pandemic of problem with a new strain of world wide infection of an attack that is a virus to some and a defense to others.  Keep in mind saw grass thinks it only cuts the animal to survive.  So if an imported large creature, like a cow not indiginous to say a new world or new (what is called Third World so the exloitation of the new third economy can be done) then certain people or animals can survive.  Like when your pet dog gets sick but recovers after the manager at the plant asks did your dog get snake bit?  and sure enough a cocker spaniel can survive almost any venom.  That doesn't mean a venom will not kick off the immune or survival instict of the dog.  Dogs are some pretty smart creatures.  (Personally I am looking for inspriatation as an author of course and have been down in the Pico and Fifteenth to the minus ten regions attracting antennae waves and thinking about why on the new digital tv you got to scan, while before you could tune to the channel and then adjust the TV.)  (Maybe you can with the remote?)   Anyway DNA is about 10 to the minus NIne or Nano meters and viral is millionth (like millipedes) and bacicllus is about thousands (like .001 bacillus, .000001 viral , .0000000001 dna or nano, .0000000000001 or pico) and (antennae waves use a db scale that is exponential or logirithmic (just a different way to describe)


So if a cow thru the years of developing a herd gets snake bit and survives way back and has calfs for years and generations, it can get in the herd.  And if its not mad cow disease then one herd is competing for sales just the same as another herd.  And if the beef inspection is not done you can raise the tariff on the import, such is the risk to support the centers for disease control.


So seriously as a Mensan, Engineer, and x marine, and as an Author, (supposedly able to interpret dreams and write them down immediatly since your awareness of them is diminished upon waking up and studied engineering and communication with some english course (my original taught language although indigenous on the main line for about 350 years  (did I tell you about the time I uncovered four spiders under a rock and well felt a mortal fear so I killed them?  My friend of 13 said those are black widows? (rumor is thats the stronges spider venom defense for the spiders) I said really they're dead!!) that should be enough conjecture to keep hope alive for a cure or vacination for this. 


An indegenous snake from an imported cattle type to hit a food supply (the mother cow in the blood stream a mutated immune system creation and passed thru the birth canal) , many generations ago and imported and exported around the world for a cattle ranchers competion and the rancher trained in animal husbandry and agriculture does not even know how it is done, because certainly defense sytems are at least used with ambassadors as defense not attacks.


Not uncoverable by animal husbandry, used by some law enforcement to aid in vice, while again here the weapon accidently developed by the cow since the steer defense is agressive the cow just sits there and makes colts.  It still defends itself.


Although Mensan are smart, and officers are trained to post and fight back if the defense or aggression is repelled in small increments, and reading and writing things and communicating on the internet is a matter of interpret.  Putting the things together about the Centers for Disease Control right now they seem to have priority, so here is one type of communication I guess.







 Copyright April 2020 by Brian Starr Starr CAE LLC.


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