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10 10 2020

This day is the double day for the numerology and soothsayers and magicians.  Yes these words are in the book that my middle name is named after.   


Prophecy is somewhat like engineering.   ZagZag the Ptolemy teacher of Moses or Amenhotep III did teach Moses the alignment of the planets and the moon where all the gravitaional forces of those bodies did indeed create a shallow in the Red Sea so After the heavy work was done (the pyramids built) the Hebrew left.


Engineering is an important study that is in common with many sciences, since it utilizes mathematics, and today computer science and programming, whether the engineer does the programming or not,  Planning such as drafting or blue printing and keeping scheldules of jobs to be completed.  


Utilizining large air masses similar to prediction of the weather that meteoralogists use today such as the weather channel and the instruments that measure temperature, barametric pressure, and wind speeds are similar.  People dont realize that the weather portion of the news is a short term prophecy for a week or more in most broadcasts.


So Astrology at the level of someone who reads his horoscope and compares the Astrology times of each year, with the yearly oriental Astrology, and the pattern of the heavenly bodies at the time of the labor of the mother of the child at birth is all a part of it.   So this type of prophecy is done and will continue.


Television shows like Dynasty become important in a politica like the USA where the three Aristocracies have fought to an Oligarchy and after the Timicris (This is from Aristotle by the way one of the thinkers like Emppodes of the School of Athena) possible a Democracy will form where there will be honest people.


There are lineages that are part of the Aristology groups primarily from the Israelite or Semite Dan or Daniel,  Which in some times meant to eat.  I have heard that if the ephod is in a scrape then this name is most often used found in Numbers.   And the Argument of who wrote the fivth book of the Torah,  While a Shamanah Dan-ce at the ninth Chakra will certainly help anyone with that process.


Copyright 10 10 2020, By Mister Brian Daniel Starr

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