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Tapping the inner force

The tapping of the inner force, the Subconscious. 


I don't know if you are an author or just anyone who has a computer but all of us had to learn to use the keyboard to use a computer, not a bad thing really but some history is involved.  Typing speed can be increased by rearranging the letters on the Keyboard.  We have Mr. Olivetti to thank for this.  The typewriter was a new invention, an arrangement of letters was needed, Mr. Olivetti drew the lot for this work and his name goes on it.  It was the early 1900 or so or late 1800' about 100 years ago.  Everyone learned it.  Yet while being inspired to authorship and typing the first centurian of the past 100 years comes up.  Well that's the keyboard and one hundred years ago Mr. Olivetti made this arrangement and you have learned to type at your own speed trying to go faster at some times playing computer games to increase speed or agility on the type writer.  The problem with going back only one hundred years Mr. Olivetti would be responsible for Olive and Brutus or Popeye and that would come to mind about 1300 BC 33 centuries ago.  Now then also typing would say Olivetti is only one hundred years old, so go back to the modern times,  so now you did not want to go to Olive and Brutus and Popeye anyway so bounce somewhere else etc…


Now in the midst of this you get an email, the computer dings and well you know you answer all the emails at once, so anyway you read and respond, and then the closure.  In the first place you were interrupted, and the second place you are already on the Keyboard.  This author used Best Regards, and then type name, contact info etc… you know dress it up.   Here is the fun part.


All of Best Regards, is done by the fingers of the left hand.  If you are in E or upset because you are giving, then it comes up Best REgards.  You see, you have to have the left pinke release the shift key you press for the R in Regards, and get off it in the time it takes for the middle finger to go from e to r.  If you are too fast you got to correct!!  They have written many things about the left hand and this is one of them.    

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