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The Press

The Press is powerful.   Having published as a moonlighting Engineer and then following it up full time for a few years, some get righteous about what is published.   I suppose some are supposed to, however they can attack the bottom line, where the author has lost one or two contests of profit in engineering this way, the real cause of engineering is make peoples lifes better, but the business owner who hires you looks for a profit.   


Publishing some subjects is a no win and a no brainer, especially in the multiple sects that are out there today.  One sect will say one way is right, another will say otherwise the right way is this because that sect is subject to our sect.  Also publishing something like "The Book of Spells" will cause some to hesitate, and others to dispell the title heretic with unholy worshiper or worse, without seeing past the title.


Putting something in print in does not make it true.  In war time propaganda is supposed to confuse the enemy.  What news source is trusted?  


As a member of a Guild, using the word Guild will confuse some at least say may say which one?


The writing of certain words or names might confuse someone like Naomi or Confusious, but then some will cause it be slander.  A good idea is to refute everything you read, acquire some cynism or sophism if you don't have any, or find out what a cynic or sophist is, and then decide for yourself what you think is the truth, but don't tell anyone.  There is a group of thinkers who will argue with you about anything with one goal in mind, to get you to change your opinion.  They don't care about the truth per say, they just want you to change your mind, then usually argue about whose will is stronger.  These types I call bothersomes.


Anyway having read some of my heritage and wondering why people attempt to pay money for philosphy courses as if it has not been written before, or translated by whom and when.  


Finally to close this blog.  An Engineer is taught it has all been done before, its a matter of finding out where to look it up, and implement it one more time to make a life better for someone.  The bottom line is important, but then some bothersomes if given a dollar for a political contribution think they are your friend forever, when the one dollar was the only payoff for the for sale hand out guy you had to give that one.  (and if was tax deductible).

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