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Using fonts and posting blogs on the Internet is a common practice for generation X.  Personally I was a war-child during Viet Nam.  What is a Nam anyway?  Of course reading and writing helped get my Engineering degrees, as an Associate and Bachelor of Science, while my Mensan Membership puts me in an upper two percent of the intelligence, while any achievement of a Masters Degree would put an individual in the upper two percent of the population of the United States.  I notice as working in authorship for a few years full time that the fictional books are syndicated and the English majors may or may not be related to Bachelors of Science but may be Bachelors of Arts.  While the art of Authorship and word play exist in Kepplingers orbitals on the Jetson's cartoon related to Skeptisism the ideas of Cynisism and Sofisticated Aristotlean Sofism is an idea for any Attorney who passed the Barr, (This is a typo that I could be liable for a women who rejected my maleness and after legal age something that is 35 years old can rest) while holding a rank in a military that calls you a bastard (Lance corporal) it seems obvious that some swords like the Winchester put the Excalibur to hell !!!  So with titles to compete with like King Lear and Animal Farm, while some authors have to fear their crown and some just hide in the Globe hoping the noble gets made enough at the Cross Dressers called Actors to allow throwing of apples instead of Tomatoes (at least bruises feed ya better !!!)   So Translations of texts that have existed for thousands of years require language skills that mathimatical formulae do not.  It is wise to not drop an apple on the foot but unwise to have some idiot shoot an apple off your head if you can balance it there.  So anyway if you are making a living as a translator at least learn the language.  Mine is American English, supplemented by local natives.  (Like Geauga means Racoon (Spy eyes of Pocahontas))  Cuyahoga means winding river or try not to fall down in Akhenaton or Akron, and Huron means Beaver.  BeaverCreek then must be a place where the Beavers in the Creek damned the head of water or potential energy of the Damn, here in Ohio (Means War) called the Huffman.  (No heavy breathing ladies)   To conclude this blog, I would like to thank Time Magazine 100 most influential people to mention my last name as a miscreant called either Richard Starkey or Ringo Starr to get my name mentioned and save me from the influence of Influenca as passed out by the Anti-Christ King George III.   Signed that paris treaty? An Adage, some nations earn their mistrust !!! After all its Prince Chucky verses Sir Charles Stewart or Stuart on the Eve of All souls Day.


 Copyright October 30 2021, by Mister Brian Daniel Starr

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