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Become a Venerable

Veneration is a type of advantage.   A prayer set up to traverse the time of the past and link you the reader to a Saint can be said if you know how.  The idea is not new.  However most do not attain the title Venerable.


Consider first that to get to a Saint it either has to be under your own Surname, second that the Saint never rests as being held to the altar, (there is a following of people sworn that you do not have to feed or pay for) and third that there is likely other Saints or other surnames hopefully nobility that get involved.


First (order not important, but the ideas need to backed by common sense), explain that the Father loves his sons and daughters and that awareness of the surline that is related to yours thru the daughter is different thru the heir and thru the daughter.  Next remark that the surline is not of importance in the sense that it is related to the Saint, although the idea of importance of a surline is certainly not an insult or meant to be one as the nobility of the surline is likely greater than importance if need be.    Introduce the idea that the way is known to the saint and likely a representative of the surline is alive today and a tresspass or utilization of the surnames recourses is not intended, and after the Saint comes from the past a cleanup may be required.   


Also remind the surline that their blood also leads to the saint, likely thru other surlines and it could form an alliance if all in the path get involved, and their surline would also benefit from the power of the saint and the good it represents, and would benefit first because it is higher on the way to the saint, and is or course common sense that this would be so.  And that after the way to the Saint is made it can be and will be turned on and off as needed by those who have that office.  Point out that most Saints have a noble flaw and once that is known the Saint and the blood of the saint will protect you for a time, not exceeding forever, from the flaw becoming apparent in the future in the existence that you perceive.


All this is done in prayer in a neutral place.  If the Ancestors are Greecian than a Greek orthadox is best, although a Roman Catholic Church is ecumenical, meaning all can be dealt with.  And a saying of Rome is are you a plant?  Can you rome.  (no pun intended.)


Another way is the natural way.  Unfortunelty sometimes the veneration of the daughter had a problem in life that might require a Saint to straighten it out.  For instance in a Noble sir for the line to remain recongnized for certain things that are done due to mischance or premeditation by opponents the title Saint may have to be invoked for the proper ways of Marriage, child bearing etc.. to be continued.   For instance if the daughter is illegitimate and has earned the right to be called a Saint then there is no problem and the noble flaw is that, illegitimate daughter.  In other words the name Saint is both and insult and a protection while likely after 160 years it is straightened out anyway.   


A quote from the wisdom of Judiasm   (to paraphrase so you get the idea at least ) is that the sins of the fathers are forgiven after about 4 generations at 40 years a generation.  So someone in the past has likely seen the human beings there and staightened out the trouble anyway, while it need not be gone into unless needed.  So if the daughter is at least 160 years ago in the past then it is likely that all problems are straightened out by some Jew somewhere and if a problem is encountered it might be something where the reader could ask for some help at a place the Jewish people worship.


Another thing about the veneration is about the first chair of the first daugher, while if done correctly this should not matter because the ideal would to take from the Saint only, not the path to the saint.


A natural veneration is another way to see that the Blood or strength of the Saint is given to the venerable, while then any body, such as a stadium of people in enjoyment because the race cars are going around the track and a champion will go the winners circle, or a football team will win and one will lose, these people are enjoying themselves.  In the words of a hippee they are getting off now and who knows what will happen.  Utilizing the native ideal of all the functions of the primitive, like squatter, jumper, hugger etc.  (there are only so many things a primitive homo sapien can do or a homo sapien can do in the primitive, and some occur more often that others.) then the natural way of the veneration could be strengthened by the large body Getting off at the Game.  Spectacle has been around for ages.


Of course if you have a coat of arms you might know that the first declaration to go to arms is declare you color white of black.  Thus Mr. White and Mr. Black don't have much to do to remain noble other than note who is at arms.  And of course not due to anything other than convention White is the good and Black is the Bad.  The venerable argument here is that the veneration of the saint is not a giving to the surname but a known watch on the surname blood, so the murders that must be done by the black so foul are monitored and the black sir can know when the ancestors are planning a sortay or encroachment or attack.


All of this is worth nothing if you do not know the way to a Saint.  And the Saints work together.  So if you can find the way to one of five Saints found in the book Find your Saints (yes this is selling something that makes the members of the church called sisters and brothers a market,) then each one of those Saints can be linked to over 50 more per saint.  So if your intentions are good then you cannot be stopped.  Unfortunetly in the path of a vaneration there is more royalty and nobility than Saints, and the ideal of a Saint like William and Anne is used to keep an entire tribe of Indians in Christianity in the numbers of hundreds of thousands of people.  So although a Saint may be usable for hundreds of thousands of people it is better to think of the Saint as one who gets you out of a jam or utilizes a small amount of the power of the Good.  Yes Good is also a surname.  Treating every word used as a surname is a good idea while every combination of letters will lead to more intellect as word puzzles and meaning and is used to decode cyphers etc.


Another idea is that the nobility is supposed to both give to a proper charity and defend itself.  When it is being stolen from an improper charity it is required to defend itself.  To be part of a cause for a Saint the Saint must first go thru four steps.  First a Servant of God is a title for a personage that has the function to serve the good.  Such as a safe house for women.  Second title is Venerable.  That the personage can call down other Saints to make the service of the good possible thru veneration.  The third title is Blessed.  This means that the personage is beautiful in the way that the required blessing is done in most cases and the term Beatus is given to the personage.  The fourth title is Saint and is used to be given to Neophytes to both point out their need for guidance and show them how they have sinned.


The problem is that the Saints featured in the Book Find your Saints are mostly more than a thousand years old.  But knowledge and knowing the paths to those Saints is an advantage, whether those who keep the knowledge deem it not necessary to give and believe me when most of the past is Royalty, who govern the people, or Nobility who maintain their place and look for advancement, then the creation of a Saint or giving to the Church a personage is sometimes forced, which is why many are against having only one holy see.  The author knows of at least seven sees and they can all work together.


Another point about becoming a venerable.  These paths become ways for those who are given to the monastery.  A noble has nothing to do but offer a dowry for the daughter, and if the surname would like a post in the Church a donation to cover the daily bread for the remainder of the life of the daughter is done.  The reader can recognize this as being done if he likes it or not.  Usually the second or third born son is also sometimes donated to the church with the accompaning blessing of the donation to cover the daily portion for the rest of their life.


Also a veneration becomes a way, and in the way of veneration being the blood of a known lineages related to other lineages and the ideal that Andrew is called Andrew Medes.  This means that Andrew gets the venerations and others will follow him.  Thus Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland and his relics are sought by some and taken back by others as the relicas are considered sacred by some an utilization of a corpse's bones by others.  So finding them on your person to some might mean something to one while to others it might be suggested that feathers are bones are birds and a red cardinal will not fly and post on your finger.  If you can do that trick in esquire than you are dong better than the author.


So if a way is set up in Andrew because all the people who watch these venerations and the Black and White is an even split, then the Black will corrupt those ways if each veneration is continued.  Those way will make Andrew if considered the Captain make leutenants and those lieutenants may or may not rule with embesselment or protection money.   So if the venerabel discontinues his vice of callling down the Saints the Lietenants get busted and made to pay while the venerable's job in life is do nothing at all.   Those in the church know what is going on and because the veneration is already made it becomes a white watch so when the Lieutenants attack it becomes a contest of the Knight to survive while working on promotion to Esquire with the onlooking of the other nobility noting the advance.


So this author gets to make the charge with the magistrate of Assault with attempt to kill when those trained in the art of catching criminals come up with the perpetrators.  While the Author was assaulted it is better to bring justice to the criminals to stop their advance.


So the vice of veneration is done for an advantage, and sister and brother are not enemies, just tools that you do not have to feed because they are paid in full.  So the true titles taken and reinforced are not given lightly and the going against those titles is a way to test them and see if they are true, while to those who hold those holdings as shown by the titles pass them off as paid in full and not worth more than recognizing the insults.


A look at the innocents in Symrna, a Crusade if its in your lines may help going from the last crusade in 1299 AD back to the first one at the turn of the first millenium.   Considering 300 million bend their Knee every sunday in this type of practice world wide means there is opportunity.


As a final note as the Author who seems to have people begging for stale bread that is not that bad to eat, while in the middle name or thee,  a riddle,  How does Cyrus if Dan is his father top Darius if Dan is his father if Darius did in fact burn Athens?


Copyright November 4 2021 by Mister Brian Daniel Starr 


Remember Christmas is coming, books are part of an education and duty as a parent, and neophytes can spend much time finding their ancestors and Saints and not bother the Parents!!!!!


(See the discussion on Markets for more on published venerations and other books by Starr Books.)












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