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Starr Books On the Authors Guild

STARR BOOKS has new life due to the Author's Guild.   Also, retiring from engineering I will have more time to write and market the books.   Being an Engineer and Moonlighting as an Author is different than being an Author and a retired Engineer.   Some of the databases I used for research are being updated or closed down, and so my files become very important. 


The Author's Guild offered a great Webinar about how to make a good Website and I am proud to say the tricks they used such as embedded code really put video's and links to reviews out there.  See the Events page for the Press Releases and the Reviews.


The older site that was used and purchased from a professional website developer was recovered with all the art work and is part of the site www.treeofsaints.com.   Please visit and enjoy.   


Hopefully you will hear more of Starr Books now that I have some time to promote the books.    Once given to the correct audiences,   The genealogy, christian, and art groups, as well as the engineering groups the books should sell themselves.


Its a new twist on the Saints.   They have to be in the genealogy files..   Of course a venerable is not a new concept to the church, however to the groups listed above the concept may be new.


Please enjoy the website and consider buying a book,  or contact us with an idea for a book or a question or comment.

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