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Starr Books Free Views

Another Day hard at work at Starr Books.    Well the good news is there is an Analytic report on the Google Books Partner Program of which Starr Books is a Partner.


So Apparently Google Books has been looked at by people on the internet 342,000 times since Starr Books Started.


Its interesting how with the Authors Guild a lawsuit against such large in reported value like Google and Amazon finally win with copyright.


On the other hand that is free advertising with Starr Books.   Of course if all those hits on Google Books is similar to the Search Inside Feature of Amazon then who can tell how many hits the readers are getting.  It is a good Christian feeling to know that the response to people typing in questions about Saints and Christianity get answered by Starr Books.    In retrospec that is really why Churches in the Papal Lands are listed as Non-Profit.   Starr Books however is not Non Profit although many people have paid the price for the books.   So again how do you sell Christianity while some people say it should be free.   While in Actually there is a hook line and sinker about the Non Profits called Churches,  about service and their affiliation with overseas other Non Profits in control of Monarchies and other ideas.


Well as the author of Starr Books it is really a line drawn about how much a person named John or Daniel can really take.   Anyone can read the names and expect they are a Saint, which is like acting I guess.....   You could really be the Star of the Show  !!!!!


As Mr. Starr admittedly Actors and Actress abuse the sur name to some extent, while in retrospect some have college and Thesbian degrees and the like.   However in the Artist World the Authors don't really all claim they are from outer space or in heaven or the like such as the Actors.  or the Shows that search for my Surname spelled without the double R.   Well the Starr name does go back to about 1200 or so and alias are involved and the Judao-Christian Religion Gets involved,  while even farther back the Star of David, or Marduk is involved (Marduk being the Babylonian Exilarch about the time Nathan rebuked David for what he thought was adultery while Solomon did not and Solomon's line of Heirs died.   Interesting enough Nathan's line might still be alive, of course it is guarded etc.... Orders, Churches,  I guess if Dad starts innocent kills with slings whem Samuel sets him up as annoited after Saul pits him against the Giant,  well anyway properly executed the holy books should not create casualties,   In the Authors opinion it did 3500 - 4000 years ago and of course history repeats.  


But I guess overall its sort of great that 340,000   people have tuned into Starr Books.  Or Even more with Amazon.  

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