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Starr Books Edits Advance

Starr Books has made numerous Changes to some titles.  For example,  due to the books being based on geneaolgy,  new research led to more discoveries.   It became impossible to include them all in a 400 page book, so other titles have been made such as Israelites, the Sarai, The Greek Gods.


All these titles more research was done for The Five Generation Genesis of God,  while the other titles have not been updated.  So now as an Author,  it is going to be my pleasure to update those books.


An interesting thing about all this is that the kingdoms do colide to a certain extent.  For instance the lines from David leave a daughter to marry the line of Heber Scot just as the Greeks leave a daughter to marry the lines of Heber Scot, and so the Kingdom of Scotland or Stratchclyde has both the Davidic Kings and also the Greek.   These are some of the sort of things that are found in my books.


So   Keep yourself posted.  If you are named after an israelite such as the Author, are one of the twelve, or a child of one, or if you are a God Parent or Parent of one then you might learn something about raising the child from one of my books.   If named after a Greek, or a Ptolomey, etc....


Updated books are coming  !!!!

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