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Coming Soon At Starr Books

Comming Soon.    Venerations and Navigations for Eliza Allen Starr.   Eliza was alive about 1850's to about 1905.   She was a great author,  spent some time in the Vatican.   Many of her books are found in rare books stores and Patron Saints was reprinted and is available.      Seven generations up from myself the line of Eliza Allen Starr joins with mine.   So I have the book Venerations and Navigations for the Starr Family.  All I have to do is either change or delete the venerations and Navigations for my first seven genearations.


To explain,  a veneration is to claim a Saint as an Ancestor in your bloodline, usually thru a daughter of another sirline.   A navigation is to climb in the family tree or Father and then go thru marriages or children or other ways to navigate to the Saint or Blessed.


I have found more dieties in Sumatria and so I am going to attempt a new book on Sumatria.  This is a play on the verse about Solomon's worship of Astarte.   (Astarte sounds like Starr doesn't it?)   The fun part of this is that there is so much research,  and the dieties have sumarian names, hebrew names, mesopatamian names,  Greek names,  Roman names,  etc....   So its compiling what is on the web in the genealogy databases and matching the various names to show the relationships.   This also involves Kish the kingdom that fought against Adam's son Seth's people.  Hopefully I won't deviate from any holy book writings, but the genealogies that are posted are from lists that are found in places other than holy books etc......


Era's of Humanity is a work that I really want to get started and complete.  It may take a few years.  Alot of it is already done.


The Era's would be

  1. Pre dawn leading to Adam and Eve
  2. From Adam and Eve to Noah
  3. From Noah to Abraham
  4. From Abraham to Angels and Demons (three or four generations from the Israelites)
  5. From Angels and Demons to King David
  6. From King David to babylon
  7. From Babylon to the Maccabee's
  8. From Maccabee's to the time of the Crucifiction of the Lord
  9. From Time of the Crucifixtion to Constantine
  10. From Constantine to the great Schism (about 1000 when the Roman Catholic Church split from the Eastern Church)
  11. Era of Roman Catholic.

Thats 11 Era's  and I expect to add things from all my books as well as do new research.


I am expecting to write this as four or five volumes,  and so be the first to take advantage of the uploads of the Genealogy databases that everyone has contributed,  and get the collaborations published.


Finally the Blood of Jesse needs to be published.   There are quite a few lines of these people, both from David and Abigail, and how these lines continue.  I have started this with the Five Generation Genesis of God,   but it needs to be the subject of its own work.


And Last,  I am going to rewrite the Five Generation Genesis of God to the Eight Generation Genesis of God.


So stay posted and hopefully you will buy a Book!!!!

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