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Starr Books must Take a Stand

Well Starr Books Must Take a Stand.


Starr Books has been in business now ten years.   The ideas of Free Speech and Copyright are some rights that not all countries support.  As the Owner of Starr Books and as an American Legionaire,   I endorse these rights for all peoples,  and I commend the Authors Guild for being a forum to support these rights.


The Starr Arms as a balance of justice, both in Burke's Armory and in the International Armories,  supports free speech, as far as the Owner of Starr Books Arms are concerned.   All the bearers of these arms believe in due process,  and all the bearers of the Arms,  as well as the subject houses who are supported by the arms,  are to believe in duty and autonomy as in the philosphy of Immanuel Kant. Also other people with the arms monitor the arms of other branches in an effort to keep the arms just and autonomous.  The ideas in the arms are as old as the Philosphy of Aristotle held by the church today,  to whit,  are not some people better of in their natural state as being slaves?       Just as in the time of Aristotle there were soldiers, either the local cop of the military general, subject to the Statesmen of the Major, or President,  and as long as these people realize it is their duty and they are free to act with autonomy, the slavery is something done for a few years for from nine to five, or is part of the office.


Because the Starr Arms are part of the Armoury of Great Britain and Europe,  the owner of Starr Books gets a lot of flack about people not recognizing the arms.  Well that is how it should be,  but the Owner of Starr Books has paid taxes to the ripe age of 57 years, and expects some action from his government.  Also the Service to this Country that the Owner of Starr Books has done has effected him in a way that is both patriotic and  has made him a lover of Law and the ways that the civilizations have evolved their own laws.  And the idea of being an immigrant, although not a bad thing, is an insult to the Owners Lineage as in 1776 the Starr's fought to free the United States from being a Penal Colony.  And it is ineresting but the philosphies of the founding fathers are supported by the arms,  which are of course arms of Christianity which is our National Religion.  But enough of that.


If you have something to report, it would be best to see the local magistrate or someone you trust rather than just say a prayer in the presence of the Arms or Clergy.   The people in the civil law are not subject to anyone except the civil office they report to and they usually can be trusted to act with duty and autonomy.   Since 911 the state has been at war with people who would infringe on our rights as citizens, and there is a danger that certain people would be singled out and targetted as suspects, and actually corrupted and eliminated by the government.   During war there is a large amount of propaganda and each government might slander the other.  Many of the words in some of Starr Books are in reference to what are KEY words that are also WATCH words.   Well if a knowledge of these words and ideas are lost we would certainly loose the war.  As in the American Philosphy that education of the people will lead to an understanding of how to handle these things in a Christian way will assure that Christainity which is based on Judiaism will survive this war that has gone on for 17 years so far.   


But our Free Speech and Right ot Protect our intellectual property, both as authors and engineers and inventors, is done in this county and should also be used in time of war.


And I recognize as the Owner of Starr Books that if there is a censor that I could gain from the true Americans who would defeat the sensor and keep our nation free and buy the books to see what the censor was about.   It seems that with the idea of the internet or plugging all the computers in the world together has resulted in some computers being bigger than others and kids that start something become multi billionaires as the owneres of certain sites.   Well thats all well and good, and seriously the worst thing that happen to a computer on the internet is that it gets shut down.   So far they have not figured out a way to get the computer to cause injury on your desktop.  The internet is the first communication medium that has gone to many different counties.   All countries have laws, and everyone should respect the laws of any country they are communicating with.   As the owner of Starr Books if a large amount of sales comes from a country that has certain ideas suppressed,  well I am a business man and I would profit.   However if the other country decided to try to suppress my writings in their country there is not much I can do about it but if they do that in the United States then I hope our freedom's are enforced.


Many of the ideas found in some of Starr Books, showing religious oppression and the idea of keeping laws of religion from your subjects, are controversial. The Art Books may also be part of a sensor. Certainly many people who claim Christianity have a clergy that does not allow the subjects to read certain books. Not only in the United States but elsewhere, and the internet does have a worldwide reach. The Office of Homeland security protects American's rights, and I certainly hope that Starr Books may become a subject of the Office, just as the Owner of Starr Books has alumni in the Office, so that the correct use of some of these books can defeat the hateful people against free expression as the world as a group made the see of Alexandria when all the world got together and made the Library.


Invest in a book from Starr Books. Starr Books now a member of the Authors Guild. The Authors Guild supports Free Speech and copyright law for Authors. The Owner of Starr Books is also an American Legionaire, and supports Free Speech.

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