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Starr Books Who Knows Marketing and Who Will Be My Agent

Starr CAE, that the Owner President calls Starr Books, has officially started an early retirement from Engineering to be a full time Author. The Authorship started about 12 years ago, and the genealogy study started about 15 years ago. The books came out and then I realized there were only about ten or fifteen people on the genealogy sites and most of the people who wrote books on this subject did not use the internet as a source. So it was Starr Books all alone that came to publish this stuff. The single books by doctorate degree holders that cite the sources assume the sources are correct. Many are not and almost all have disagreement. Seriously going back 4500 years there are no proven sources, and if their are it comes down to the translation and of course these are the only sources that still exist so it leaves gaps. But different beliefs and ways to jump these gaps are known and that is what is on the internet, and the sources are too and they are likely the authority. So it becomes an interesting study of the past, supported by digs and other ways to look into ancient civilizations.

But in truth most of those ideas get uploaded to the internet, and we can all look thru them. Its like clues into ancient divinities, and old religions. So of course it is fun to spend a few hours a day into looking into it. But thru the years it has become interwoven into all of them coming together. Only thru the use of computers and the internet could this research be done, and also the modern word processor is a great time saver.


Getting published is now not a problem, since there are over 130 titles published. Getting to word to the right market is the problem now. While you spend time doing engineering and writing and research how do you get educated in the book marketing industry? Please contact Starr Books if you can help. There is opportunity here. With over 7 billion people on the planet these books do have a market. Seriously an Engineering Major does not have a business degree, or a marketing degree. Sure a few courses on business and economics, but not full time promoting an Author or a book campaign. I am a business man. Contact me if interested. I could use a business partner for promotion, an agent to handle things, and an illustrator to make the books come alive. Also if you want to translate a title for your countries that speak that language, I can make a deal.


If you are a book agent and would like to represent me,  there is money to be made.   I am planning to try to target the Genealogy Communities and the Art World.   The Technical Literature is also a strong resource.


So if you know marketing, and you are looking for opportunity,  I am spending a year as a full time author who is promoting these works.   Check our the website,  make it a Go!!!

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