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Starr Books Competition and Stays in Business and Overcomes Enemies of Starr Books

Starr Books has Enemies.   First,  Business Competition would mean other Authors and Publishers are after the money that Starr Books can get from Sales.   Second, as a business owner other business owners may try to make Starr Books less than honorable in an effort to get more money for their business,   Also Starr Books has written Books about Christianity,  and the religion is targeted by people other than Christians. 


Another party that might make Starr Books an Enemy is those in Christianity that claim to be divine, who might have a conflict with what is written.   These Reverends or Priests might do anything in their power to cause trouble or worse for Starr Books due to their Religious Affiliation.   Also people who have served in prison apparently are given rehabilitation based on holy scripture, and when they get out they might seek revenge on Christians.    But I am an Ex Marine, so for years I have hoped that these people might become customers.  It is possible they could obtain more information about Christianity from my books.  


AFter all Parris Island is considered a training base for Marines, and I found out that one marine said the Judge said either Jail or bootcamp so he elected to become a Marine.   Of course that is Heresay,  but honestly with all the fellow marines I served with it is known that the Marine Corp will make a deal to train marines from other countries so the other country has a marine.  


Personnally I am an American and also other countries have a branch of their service called Marine Corp.   And some of my Ancestors in my direct line served there,  but that is not so much about Starr Books,   and I have not published very much about that so hopefully it does not concern Starr Books to a large extent.


Finally Starr Books has an author who has had a  Coat of Arms for the House Starr or least those of us born under the sur name do. The Armories for those arms are not the Crozier Armory which i hear is the National Armoury, but it is my understanding that they are Christian Arms nevertheless.  It has a balance of Justice on it.  As sure As Samuel Nicholas is dead, (the founder of the marine corp) and George Washington is dead (the founder of the Army) Starr Books owner has these arms.  With twenty years expericence in the work place, there are fellow employees I worked with who may have served the state, in the prisons, or in the military, and some of them may have crossed the line of life taking.   The arms have the balance of justice, which is representation of the scale that the Goddess Themistre holds up.   Certainly the owner of Starr books is not Greek although I am sure Greeks honor the God Themistre because the Greek Orthadox are considered part of the holy see of Rome.  At the time of this writting I am not in holy communion with the see of rome,  I will disclose for health reasons,  but hopefully can return if ever I can.  People who have crossed the line of taking a life,  in my opinion have committed a sacreledge and should be reported to officials.  I can say that I have not committed a sacreledge.   I can further say that those who have must be reported to the government,  and if ever hear of it I will report it      I am Certainly not from Great Britain.  And I would certainly like the protection of the Office of Homeland Security as founded by Thomas Ridge to protect Starr Books from foreign entities that might think that publishing lineages of Princes and divinities should be investigated. 


Some say the common wealth of each local government, State, and Federal is how some buy laws. I do not think anyone could say the Federal Court could be bought,  possibly if someone could pay off the national debt that would be a good idea.   Another reason Starr Books might have enemies, is that the spirits in the genealogies may be from some other county and some other religion.   They may be dieties of other religions.   I suppose there are laws about writing about non christian dieties. However I am a citizen of the United States Whose National Religion is Christianity.


After all the national religion of the United States is Christianity.   My Title Genealogies of Lady Diana Spencer and her Children would likely make some of the people of Great Britain upset, and well I cannot sell books to an upset customer.   So if I was given a chance to explain, well anyway they might not like the argument but in an effort to keep America Free I can say and testify that the Starr Lineage I am from has not killed anyone from Great Britain after the first Treaty was signed with Great Britain by George Washington, founder of the Army and the country.


At least that is what I have been told and I believe that.  Now the Constitution says that the State will not assign any title of Nobility to Anyone.   Well to tell a Story about the Knights of Columbus,  an order I was once in ,  I was in difficult times and did not pay the dues.   Well one of the things about the order is that if you are not honorable as a Christian then you are held to disgrace.   The Knights of Columbus I am sure tries to maintain them selves as a "Legal Order".    My not paying dues gave certain peoples an excuse, and well I guess I had to take a defense against my fellow Knight.  The order says that if you fall then you are held to be disgraced as a Catholic Gentlemen.  So it is possible that enemies of Starr Books,  particulary members of hte Knights of Columbus who would have the motive of keeping the order clean, would possibly plan a retaliation to disgrace me,  or run me over, or force a divorce, or disease my daughter etc...    Not that I am complaining but I can say there was problems with the Office of Financial Secretary and the Knights of Columbus Bylaws that are supposed to be followed in the Assembly I was a member of.   A Good reason to sluff dues.   In my new Assembly there was great difficulty in getting accepted, took a while,  and no one told me that the Supreme Commander of the Order had the Same Name as the Intelligence Director for the Marine Corp.  I suppose that is not their fault and ignorance is no excuse but it seems like that should be communicated if you are a Knight.   So presently I am confused about the Roman Catholic church about marriage and so forth,  I guess the Roman Catholic Church says I am married until the Annulment is approved and that takes about one and a half years,  while the divorce decree says I am divorced using the civil law,  so I am confused and have decided to take some time off from engineering and recover my health enough to attend mass and work out some of this confusion.


Then the office in the order of the Knights of Columbus Deputy Dog, or the local police person (My Honorable discharge is registered in person county in North Caroina so there are Police Persons, Citizen Persons, Person Players (the local high school drama class), the Personality high School year book, the Personality Fair, and other uses of the name person.) Personally (get it) I think its about the Federal Census and counting all the persons here in the United States.  (Get it the Person Count for the Country)  All of this is an excuse for an investigation.  At this time I am   well at the time of this writting I am not charged, not ever been held guilty by a court, or committed any war crimes or anything else.  However with all this confusion about marriage and Knighthoods, and Christianity and what a person is I am hopefully being inspired.


Some People might think it an illegal trespass to honor Saint Judicael,  a Saint who is partly responsible for our judicial system.  Well that is all good, but if the prayer is said correctly the authorities of Christianity, the Priests, and the Bishops, and the Pope, would agree it correct to proceed thru your bloodline to a Saint.


Now other Enemies of Starr Books might be the illegal knighthoods in this country and other countries.  In the first place membership in these orders are against the Laws made by the Founder of this Country, namely George Washington, and these orders might say hey it is hard to defend oneself.   Common Wealths of local Government and State Government would likey have to use their revenue to investigate these orders, but if they could find a legal order that might help they would not have to expend revenue from their commonwealth. I can truthfully say In my book The Power of George Washington's Money I made a reference to his lineage,  and made an inference that I think should be taken as a joke, and not as a way to Attack Starr Books for a Slander.  In any case if you would like to know the Lineage of George Washington thru his female lines it is in that book.   His Father Augustus Washington is there too with his legal wife Mary.  As far as legal knighthoods and illegal knighthoods I cannot prove that the Mayor, the Alderman (I had some end table made out of Aldarwood I got at Unfinished Furniture and gave them a coat of stain and polyurethane), the Sheriff, the city council and other public officials use other knights except of course the Police Persons for law enforcement, but in all retrospec if this did happen why not take the knowledge of knighthood and publish it.  After all if a knight attacks you and has secret knowledge he is using then obtain that knowledge and publish it.  


A brief disclaimer here is in order as Starr Books would not like to either approve illegal orders of knights as a source for the books or the commonwealths where I have lived, with the Chambers of Commerce I have been involved with and I would hope the reader would not take this as an insinuation against the Common Wealths I have been involved with.  As sure as Samuel Nicholas is dead (the founder of the Marine Corp during the Revolution) none of my ancestors can outrank the Admiral.  This is something that the Marine Corp would have to recognize, since the greatest rank in the bloodline I have was a Naval Commander master of the Ship.  (Captain)  There was a sea battle and the Master of the Ship, Timothy, sold the capture for bounty.   Now I do know an Admiral when coming aboard a ship immediatly takes command.   He just captures the ship the Captain has been keeping and is the superior Officer.  Another problem is that some people think that because I hold arms that have a balance of justice on it I am law enforcement.   Well as an ex marine alot of the marine corp is law enforcement, the military police are highly trained to take out unlawful conduct of even marines who have been law enforcement in other countries that have considerable rank and training.   I have not been military police but the Marine Corp is a peace keeping force. I did serve in other countries and possibly that could be interpreted as law enforcement, however I am not law enforcement at this time in the commonwealth receiving money for service.  


That brings up another enemy of Starr Books that might present a problem,  those in the military that purposely use my name to say they outrank me.  Well when I was in the military they did outrank me.   Possilbe they continued to use my name.  But now I am not in the Military, and have served as a notary public, but they might pursue me, especially if their discharge was less than honorable.  So here again Starr Books cannot say that their rank was a source for the things that I have printed that show how the military ranks works and how, if you study some of Starr Books,  Like Nobilities Law and The Five Generation Genesis of God, you might be able to either enlist in the military or get a commission for officer training school and attain rank for your surname.   Another was to make a disclaimer about the Military is to make a comment about the insignia a General Wears.   Well they call the Generals are Five Star or a Four Star or however how many.  (Six Star would be against Christianity as explained somewhere in my books)   Well my books might tell how this is done, maintaining a military rank as General, with the proper training of War, such as Reading War of the Jews and studing other campains.  Anyway the author has some of knowledge of past battles but as far as how the Generals maintain their love for their troops with their heartbeat, well that could be found in some of Starr Books Offerings.  

The other commissioned ranks are explained in some of Starr Books, and here again that is freedom of the press. 


So that brings me to the intelligence departments,   well I am mensan,  so I have proved that I am not lacking in the mental department.  So an enemy of Starr Books may be someone that does not allow Free Speech, as offered in the documents of the commonwealth.  Well I am an American Legionarie, and that group does back free Speech and I am sure honorable discharged Generals and most of the honorable people of the United States of America defend Free Speech.

AFter Ten Years in Business Starr Books has joined the Authors Guild.   And the Authors Guild Also supports Free Speech.  


It is interesting that certain officials of companies,   privately owned companies, said they would not support selling of Starr Books due to my Claim of Copyright. This happened to me and I had to prove the copyrights were in my name.  The Privately owned company said they would not sell my books,  so I went to the Electronic Copyright Office and go a copy of the copyrights that I had registered and they did say they would sell the books.   As it says in the United States Constitution that for a limited time Authors and Inventors are entitled to their writings and inventions. Therefore if I Have copyrights of my books registered with the commonwealth of the United States, whose honor I now swear sure as George Washington is dead who was the founder of the country as well as the founder of the Army, then I have the rights to those books for a limited time.   I think the correct quote of the constitution says a limited time and from the owner of Starr Books knowledge I think that time is seventy years. 


So another Opponent of Starr Books might think that if I publish anything having to do with Christiaity that is possible incorrect or false doctrine, then I am a heretic and an enemy.  So there again is a problem related to certain people about Starr Books that might make it a problem.


Another opponent of Starr Books would be the people who might think that because I was in the Military of the United States that was founded by Samuel Nicholas (the marine corp) on whose honor I now swear, that I could possible be publishing things that might reveal mililtary secrets.   My Title Coincedences and Just Happenings of a Retired Top is not now on the market for sale.  


It is against the law for someone to claim they have a top secret if they do not. I am not sure that it is against to law to claim if you had a top secret in the past.  To me thats in conflict of Common Sense but again Marines and ExMarines are supposed to be Peace keepers.    If they do claim that it is heresay anyway.  Unless of course they are active in some law enforcement branch.   However it is not against to law to claim it is a Top.   Well honestly things would happen related to me in my experience and it would be coincidental that I would know how this works.  


But it is also a possibilty that someone is using a sensor to drive my company out of business.  Well hopefully there is enough law to get that taken care of.  Of course I learned some of the rules and hopefully other companies also protect Citizens of Ohio and of the United States of America.   Another Engemy of Starr Books may be about about parties that have gone to court for what ever reason against me.  But I will get to that in a few minutes.


Other enemies of Starr Books may be against the company because I published a quote by Aristotle Concerning Slavery.   I can say two things about that.  First I have read the Emanciation Proclemation written by the President of the United States Abraham Lincoln at the Time of the War of the Rebellion,  And I would like to state that as the Owner of Starr Books I agree to it.   As the owner of Starr Books I also would like to say that in my direct line no one since the inception of this country has kept slaves, or at least that is the knowledge I have of it about my lineage.   I do not say this lightly and I am proud of it.  It would be difficult to prove this however, but for the record that is what the Owner of Starr Books would like to say.  In addition to that Starr Books would like to say that it is lawful to investigate people who may have been held as slaves both by illegal people here in this country and by people in other countries.


Now back to the court cases that have been filed against myself and my family.   While I lived in Tennessee my daughter ran a stop sign which caused an court case to be filed against myself.  At the time I had insurance to cover the case and I was represented.   However the amount of the suit was much greater than the settlement offered by the insurance company so I was asked if I would like to pay for additional counsel.  I elected not to hire additional council and the law suit went on for about a year and a half.   The result was as I expected, that the person sueing for damages got the amount offered by the insurance company plus a few thousand dollars, all covered by the insurance company.   So the people that did not win the law suit may be attacking Starr Books.   At another time also in the commonwealth of Tennessee a suit was issued against a then member of my family for a slander in the School System for about a half million.    Due to relocation and other court cases, involving a divorce that was concerning three additional attorneys (one was disbarred) and lack of communication with my ex=wife that lives with my daughter, I found out years latter that the attorney did throw out that case and I no longer have to worry about that.

And then in Ohio,  while I was sluffing the dues at the Knights of Columbus a vehicle ran over me and the Officer in Ohio did not charge the motorist with running over a pedestrian.  I experienced pain from the collision.   On the police report it said I was vehicle one and the motor vehicle was vehicle two,  and I had to seek medical treatment that was costly.   So I contacted attorneys and found a good attorney who filed a suit that I won which at least paid the medical expenses.

That is quite a few parties that may be against Starr Books, and the things I have published about Christianity,  etc etera.


And Finally the last people or business entity that may be an enemy of Starr Books.   I am registered as a company for Profit.   There are many institutions that are registered as a Non-Profit.  In my opinion the most numerous of these businesses are the churches.   I do not know about each denomination, about each office in every church etc.    However I would like to think that people who are in these Chuches would not attack Starr Books for seeking a profit about Christianity Topics.   I can see that one Church may attack another Church for teaching knowledge about Christianity if they think it is wrong.   I do not think that this should develop into attacks on temples of the body.  Or on the temple of the Church Building etc.  As the owner of Starr Books I would like to say that I would not attack anyone in a non profit or steal money from a Christian or Roman Catholic Church.   In fact I was trusted with counting the money at Church in Person County.   To further this Starr Books has also written many books about Technical Literature and Travel Journals Etcetera.   So hopefully Non Profits such as the Christian Churches would not attack Starr Books.   I am not sure about other non profits from other businesses,  but hopefully they could be customers too.


So please prove you are not an enemy of Starr Books and buy a Book.   I suppose that is a plug for my books.    


In truth when I started this ten years ago the books were mostly lists of Saints.   Its pretty simple to write line after line of one saint after another.  After a few years writing some of the things printed became of interest to people who had names that are associated with Christianity, and well they would check it an print it that way.  Well they ought to know its their surname.  So in a way the books have corrected themselves and I can truly say that I am proud to be an authur and have written so many books. 


So if you are interested in Christianity then please buy a book.



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