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Starr Books Deep Pockets!!!

Starr Books has been in business over ten years now.  When the author started this business he did not know about the deep pockets.   Thats when your business or your family gets sued for almost all that you own.   Its really stressful of course but I am happy to say about two or three years ago Starr Books got Deep Pockets.  That was the law suit when the owner of Starr Books was a legal guardian.   And then the Deep Pockets got deeper when the Author's partner,  now the ex wife,  although not born a citizen, and it was not a business partner, but the law suit was for slander.   And that got thrown out.   Unfortunetly it was damaging and there should be damages for such things happening.  Perhaps the American People should make laws that allow for just recompense from slanderers.


The last post was about the Enemies of Starr Books.    In that post I did mention some armouries.   Well the United States Armoury does take a defense against the Burke Armoury and the Reinstapt Armoury.  I have no problems to the Crozier Armoury and am related by my Fathers Altar to it!!!  As well as a Knight in the International Society of the Descendents of Charlemagne.   Hopefullly  Crozier Armory members would also be good customers of Starr Books and buy some books.   As the Author I cannot guarantee that the reader would learn something about Christianity.  Now with some of these topics it is wise not to gamble but saying the reader might learn something is a preety good chance.  


On a News Announceent after so many years I had something that was corrected on Rebecca's Cousins.   This will be published soon,  it seems I had Maria the mother of Abilemech the Philistine but it is really her sister Amthelo.   Plus three more spirits from Abilemech were found.   Buy Honor Of Knighthood when it comes available again and find out who those spirits are..


Finally,  as far as this blog is about slander,  I would like to say something about faking things.   When someone takes green plants and puts them in plastic bags and passes them around and its not contraband or illegal, since we are in the state of Ohio at the time of this post.   However it is an attempt to food someone into a slander or make a public nusisance out of him,  well I do not want to associated with such people.   If you slander someone with false things to see if other people believe them and then manipulate them into things thats not right to to the person being fooled.    Suppose some people are treasures of the church,  and due to things not in their control, such as effects from medications etc...  then it would not be very good for these people to be forced to put up with such.   


Well Starr Books would still like them as customers and if the above sentences were not your liking then Starr Books would still like you for a customer,  seriously folks,  buy a book from Starr Books.   


Another announcement.   I have found more information about David's Might Men and am publishing that, as well as more about the Israelites.   I have found much more about sumatria and those dieties, and I am working on that.   Eventually the goal is to print Era's of Humanity with many volumes.    The Era from the Israelites to King David is most interesting, and that is inderway and is going to be quite extensive, due to the many pages of Levites and the many pages about the Greeks.    Judah is likely the greatest Cheiftain son of Jacob.  No only did he father the Greeks,  he has a wife that leads to the holy book Baruch,  and a son with three might men and a bad reputation, while the line to goes to Carmel and to Jesse of Bethlehem is quite extensive.  In addition the Latrium does to Brutus and the Old English Kings.


So you can see he is almost a book in itself.


Another work on the way is the Blood of Jesse of Bethlehem.   This is on the way as well.

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