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Starr Books Celebrates A Generation

Starr Books Author would like to Celebrate about 40 Years of being a confirmed Methodist.  Confirmed in the South the Author met quite a lot of opposition believe me.  Unlike Saint Patrick Brian does not plan to return to his past.   Come on Methodist Boys Pay Up  !!!  The Generation is now over 40.   The Author has been known to withhold his part in the father to find Justice. (Not having many Kids  !!!)  As it says in the Wisdom of Judaism a generation is forty years.  Well the author cannot change the laws of the Hebrews.



The Author Would also like to Celebrate about 26 Years Practicing as a Roman Catholic.  


The idea is to cure as much as possible.  So here is the Blog for today.  It is the Start of a Spell to Cure Aids.


Spells to Cure Cancer and other things are found in the The Spell Book.  It might work,  but as a disclaimer problably the Doctors know more about this than a Degreed Engineer and an Author for about ten years.


Any way this is the starting spell to cure Aids.   It is a good thing to recover from a Distemper.  (Quote from Arrius aka Flavius Josephus.) ( I just did with the help of Saint Rafael.)  Everyone knows the Star's from Hollywood and Broadway may be someone in the resurrection or they may be a very talented individual or a new make.   Anyway the spelling is up for debate, so here is the spell.


Rudimentary Spell to cure Aids.


The Starr House has been around for quite a while

The Starr Arms are recognized in Kent England.   These arms contain a Lion Couchant


The Kingdom of Kent is Guarded by a Lion


That lion is likely on another Burke Arms,  the Clark


The Lion Couchan represents a King in the Church of Christ,  in the Case of the Starr arms this is likely the Scottish King King Ceretic Coraticus of the Damnonii.  He has a son King Erbin, who has a monestary.


The Starr have another arms that is the Strathclyde Arms.

These Arms have a lion also,  but usually have two lions on the left and right.   These Lions that are allied kingdoms with Scotland for centuries are likely Lindsfarne and Ireland.


Honestly the Irish as Descendents of King David will produce more Ire than any other race.  It is good to have Irish Arms.  It is likely the strongest arcs from King David (thus the amount of Ire or Love) .  The Author has O'Brian Blood and is very proud of his Irish Great Great Great Grandmother.


The King of Lindsfarne is Traditionally King Arthur who has been called by all knighted nobility for centuries.


The Starr's use the Kent Arms with their entitlement to make sure the father does not fall.   The Strongest and oldest arc from Odin to Zeus is the strongest and everyone knows this. 


Next in strength is the line of Ishmael that is quite formidable in the father.  It is the Authors experience that these kingdoms want to be left alone and use their own customs for law enforcement,  which is a good idea, however the lines from Kent also recognize the problem.   Starr Books would like to herald a blog of the cycle of War that the Earth is identified with coming soon in a few weeks or days.


About 945  There was a battle between Scotland and the Crown of the Plantagenets.   The Plantagenets historically are using the Saint Judicael Law, that is a little rougher and has less love than the arc of the true Crown owned by Scotland.  


However the Rulers of the Plantagenets repeatedly disregard the orders of the Crown, based on the Bishop James the son of Joseph the Saint.  So the ultimatum that if you kill the arc of the True Crown, you cannot make ears, eyes, nose and throat so cutting down on the population of Scotland in your wars causes less people to be born.  


Well anyway outnumbered and with only one perfect sword King Dfywal fell and the enemy blinded not one but two of the youngest sons of King Dfywal.  The lord was with him but not the King.   So the war against the enemy really began for the True Crown.


The line was hidden and only revealed to heirs that could stand the power of the lines when aged about fifty years old or older.  Only at this age could the heirs to the true crown be able to keep alive and not be killed by great sages like Yoda, Levi, Her,  Melchu, and others of the line of Nathan.


Some of the secrets are revealed only to spirits that have the correct jewish name.


As the Author who has the burden of the name Daniel, at one point in the book there are four mystical beasts.

Now all of these beasts are likely part of the Mystical monsters encountered in Job when stupid spirits argue with God.   God puts them down of course.  At any rate if they are not guilty, then God raises them up.

These four Beasts have many different interpretations, but one interpretation is that these represent the four sections of the lineage of Sarah.   


Now if it is interpreted that these lines of Sarah are 37 generations between Noah and Sarah.   But these generations are the beings that pregnant women use to make the baby and the senses of the baby.

Someone in their poor humor decided it was a good joke to have people get weakened to the point that they die from the common cold.    Well that's pretty a poor sense of humor in the Authors Opinion.


So again these spirits that are really peoples surnames and points to be held in breeding or the making of more human beings.


The author once heard that make the other dumb bastards change their names.  Well the Plantagenets Changed their names to Windsor.   The Seven Winds of Enlil the Jealous God are simply learned.


Now the idea would be to have the pregnant women consume Grandma the crown or whoever so the Empires do not collapse.  Then the Priest could have marines that are stronger than a womens labor allow the priests to keep the spirits and those subject to them at peace.


Unfortunetly the World Trade Center Was Attacked.   Well it looks like a problem with uncontrolled breeding and different philosophies of how to manage criminals.  Concededly the line of Saint Judicael and the English System  (really the Kentish Arms) is mostly the right and seemingly strongest way to handle the problem.  In fact rulers of many of the countries given to the Ishmaelites really would like help with their criminal element. It is known fact that the Marine Corps in the United States will allow other countries to train a Marine.  


Well the humor that causes Aids is also criminal.


So the answer is to reveal how to make a chronic case of Cronic Pheumonia and kill anyone you want or put them on trial to cure them will a mild cold after everyone attempts to weaken them.


Simply put the Aids Plague could easily be countered once understood.  


Also the depression that most people who had this ailment is caused by a weak Djoser.   The Larger cities with a Stronger group of men at arms of the mayor can make this better.  Certain houses,  mostly Knights Templar guard these houses and reinforce them.


So to cure aids,  it is possible to clean up the spirits that are part of this section of the Sarai.   Notice how these lines contain Nimrod.  Well in Dante's Inferno when Virgil takes Daniel to the nine floors of the inferno,  You find Nimrod there wandering around with his Nimrod in his hand, or his sword or whatever you want to call it. (He is a great Spirit sentenced to the Ninth Floor because he thought of inventing the Sword!!!  


Anyway he doesn't really mind being there.   But don't attach him, his mother might judge his victory !!!


Actually he is only waiting to be called to war.   Now from Nimrod there is a grandson or son called Hunor.   Hunor marries a very sacred spirit Lys-see.   Her line is traditionally the intelligence of Wang.  In the lists this line goes up twenty generations or so and then somehow goes to Joktan.  This is impossible. 


Every Officer knows this and it is likely that the Wang intelligence goes back thousands of Years.   Unfortunately this is an entrance to the Sarai and some oriental criminals may be using this to supplement the idea of a Chaste life.   I am sure it is possible to go up the Wang line,  I think some of the Olympic Atheletes have gone up there.  They are our ancestors from Saiint Alfreds lineage the marriage to Chosroe,  Thru Otutyu.   Seriously if you would like to go up there,  Practice ascent on a line you know,  Use Eliza to Go Up and Elijah to come back down the lines.   If go up the Wang line you got to come down by your self.  Surfing the lines are really alot of fun,  The Travel is really at the speed of thought,  so don't linger long.   If in the High Priest lines the safes are the Levites that are not High Priests.  If you are in the lines of the Christian Kingdoms, then the Saints are the Safes and the Kings are the penalties.  For if your line has more than the Kings line it could be an attempt at usurping the crown.  


If you could be good enough at the lines you could become a venerable like the Founder of the Knights of Colummbus the Venerable Servant of God Father Michael McGivney.  For the Cause of His Sainthood.


  Well the breeder does not work like that actually.   At any rate this can be a problem with people who have been diagnosed.  Again unfortunately people in the Vatican, possibly in the monestary across from Don Bosco's book store and just up the Street from The Avons,   the poor mother eats and if the lady cannot follow all the way thru her digestion or in other words the Joshua, then the diseased person becomes inert.


The author has done business with both the Avons and the Don Bosco's, and is very happy with both business establishments.

So in an effort to find out who is running this plague called Aids,  it should be known that the hope for a cure might be released soon.  

Anyway Kent will resurrect and the hedonism will hold up for a few more generations.   Aristotle's immortal quote in the Rhetoric about intelligence is something that everyone can read.  

So ladies if you have a diagnosis of this the cure must be about the lines that own the spirits between Noah and Djoser.  

Starr Books would like to remember all the people the author has known who have died from this plague,  and would like to thank the more recent cures that have come about in our generation like the cure to a strain of leprosy, and the plague of Malaria whose serum is in production, and the people need much more of it.   Hopefully mixing new world life forms newly discovered here in the last four hundred years such as the Great Lakes Lamprey eel and other new world lifes to interfere with the life form of the Old world in an attempt to use those new life forces to make a life force great enough in Saint Dominic to repel and illuminate the disease cause so a serum could be developed.

Starr Books would like to thank the Abbot Labs where the cures are sometimes made,  and remember the Beer Mansion where someone killed the Abbot and the Sisters and it became haughted and the Starr house bought it and did not believe in Dead Ghosts but Believed in Live People in the Resurrection.

Please never kill anyone from any religion who has a holy vow.  As is taught in the Book of Daniel about Bel and the Dragon when you kill their priests then you have to have someone take care of the people that are left. 


Daniels Vision of the Beast


Daniels Vision of the Beast

Lion Eagles Wings




Beasts (see Book of Daniel for Details )  Obviously a Tiger.





Feet and

Are the

These are


The Lines to Sarah




The Lines to Sarah


(The Lines divisions show the four mystical Beasts.) 









Djedkare Wenis



Pepy II
Menuhotep I
Inyotef II
Inyotef III
Menuhotep I
Menuhotep II
Menuhotep III









Strep Throat


Ear Ache my Eye




Color Vision
Black and
White Vision



 King Ceretic of Coraticus Arms















A Comment from the Wizard of Ox


No Dorothy it is not Lions Tigers, and Bears.


Its   Lions,  Tigers, and Leopards,



By the Way Joseph.   The line of Sarah to make Eyes,  Well its the line to make Maria, or Aseneth for you.  She can take care of you.  Not everyone after all Joseph has the strength to make Bones heal.   


(that line is found iin Honor of KNighthood.)\



Again, Starr Books is thankful for the freedom to publish things like this, and would not line any sensors by the Church on his books please.


Peace be with you.



Also Starr Books has released the Venerations of Eliza Allen Starr.  If anyone in the Vatican or Elsewhere would like to follow up on her Sainted Lists.  Her books are reprinted (some are) and her original Books are rare collectors items.  Her book Patron Saints is availble and other books are available in rare book stores.  Her List of Saints is over 100 Years old.  



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