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The Cycle of War

There are only so many ways to go back to the Father.   These for this blog we can call arcs.   The Arc of Kent England back to Zeus proved the strongest, as the Judean Greeks breeded the slowest.  Next is likely the Arc of Ismael, also very slow breeding, while the Arc of Kent or the Knights of Cantebury married the Franks.   So The Franks, or Charlemagne's French, continually fight and then after a generation or two are ready to be judged to fight again.  Consider the French involvement in Viet Nam.  This posed a problem with the Eastern half of the Globe.  


However if we can see how these arcs work and use them for something other than war, then Christianity will be much better off.   Considering Saint Stephen in Hungary who started Christianity there about a thousand years ago,  well its been a thousand years and it works.   The colonization of the New World and Africa in the last 400 years has led to Christianity becoing a very large part of the West, which may or may not be a part or a threat to the East.   So Nobility has been spread to the varius parts of the Globe and each noble will naturally progress, while the Vicar of Christ, the Pope, will continue to rule all the crowns.  Even if the crown refuses, well then it might take a while.  


So since Viet Nam was back in the 50's and 60's and the Cycle of War is due for a repeat, it is very important for the Crown's of France,   King Louis XX and Queen Maria Bourbon, to act prudently under the guidance of the Vicar of Christ,  Pope Francesco and Pope Emetarius Pope Benedict.


The Generational Crosses of World War II are almost in their sencond Generation,  2027,  while in the United States the Civil War will be over in 2025.   The amount of Jewish People sacrificed in World War Two puts the muster of Jewish who have the same philosphy basically as the Christian at about 1 billion.  With an Additional 2 billion Christians, and a billion Islamic, then thats 4 billion versus the East's 7 billion.  


So if the Cycle of War Continues, and the Vicar of Christ wants to futher the misson in the East, it is possible to prevent a war from happening if the right people are in the right places to prevent it. 


The Cycle of the Soldier is similar.   Because the Soldier has taken a life in the line of duty, Christians are afraid of him.   So he starts back over at Adam, and each generation becomes more able.   However he needs help to continue the cycle without going back to war at each generation of he becomes less able.  The side of War that wins is the side with the Lord with them or the most able.  So for the Author, after eight generations or more of Able it is possible to get past the rank of the Noble Ancestor, and just live a good life.   The Gregorian belief of Catholism is based on breeding such that the lord of the house will not be of age when the war is there, or will be an only son,   but in the case of a 100 year war this is impossible and sometimes war is unavoidable.   Good Ares let us win all Wars.   However Good Athena thanks for the Wisdom to make a new generation of peace.   After all with the posts of the Officers solar flares could engulf the planets at any time,   a nuclear atomic much greater than Fision,   Our Starr the Sun or Sol.



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