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State of Starr Books

With all the blogs about the coat of law and curing aids and the cycle of war,   even now Starr Books is not threatened.   With the deep pockets and digging into the establishment and two different chamber of commerce, the revenue justs keeps coming.  


So Businesses like the Common Wealths,  who get taxes from Book Sales,  and Chambers who get membership dues, and Libraries who get books,  these establishments are in a way business partners.


The biggest business partners to Starr Books has got the be the shippers.   Fed-ex, USPO, UPS are all in the way to getting funds from delivery.   The books ship from various places, depending on which publisher the order goes thru.  So a two to six dollar charge is made, which is business for the Shippers.   Even Internationally other shippers get money.


Organizations like the Authors Guild and the GoDaddy sponsor web sites.   These keep a small amount per web site and hopefully the website will stay in business long enough to pay for a few years.


Advertisers get a lot of business.   It is difficult to not have some advertising. 


Once there was a penny.   It had an image of a president on it.   I was fortunate enough to be in the neighbor hood of Abraham Lincolns Birthplace at one time.  I went to Abraham Lincoln's School,  and Abraham Lincoln's Birthplace,  Abraham Lincoln's Gift Shop, and when I went to Abraham Lincoln's Museum there was a Abraham Lincoln New Penny on its day of Issue Mounted in Wood Taken from Abraham's Lincoln's Birthplace when a Storm Felled some Trees.  That Penny with three others are still in the Authors Goods.


With the Luck of Good Business,  and the small amount of revenue to keep Starr Books Going,   It is one of the businesses that is difficult to say if the business will make it to twenty or thirty years old.   If I was gambling on it I would say its a safe bet.  


So Competition Watch Out  !!!!!



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