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Starr Books Wishes America a Happy Birthday This July 4th on its 242nd Birthday

Yes the United States is now 242 Years Old.   Happy Birthday.  


Today I copyrighted the New Book Coming Soon.   Israelites and David's Mighty Men.


To celebrate I am blogging the new Take Over the World Spell.


Here it is.


This Spell was Cast in the Occupation of the Holy Land by the Romans of Alexander the Great's Empire.   Alexander had past and the Empire was in a State that needed to be ruled.   This Spell is the Hebrew/Jewish Spell that established or Seruged Christianity in the World.   It clearly preserved the Holy Land as a Jewish State since its reestablishment in 1948.


The Take Over the World Spell


First Star  John the Baptist


Zacheus or Zachariah married Elizabeth and made John the Baptist.   Zachariah seduced and had Bernice, who was married to Aristobulus, so Herodias was born from Zacheus and Bernice and John the Baptist  who liked her so together they fathered Mathew however John the Baptist was innocent since he did not know she was his sister.   So Aristobulus slew Zachariah in the doorway for  adultery.


Second Star Alpheus and Mary Alphaeus


So Mathew killed Aristobulus for killing his Grandfather and Salome found out and she had Herod Antipas who was married to Herodias and he found out John the Baptist had married Herodias and Fathered Mathew, so he asked his lover Salome to get John the Baptist's head on a plate so she did a dance for Herod who was in on it and allowed her a wish.  And John the Baptist was killed even though he was innocent of his incest from a wish of Salome.  So Elizabeth John the Baptist's mother killed Salome for revenge due to her son's demise.   So the Virgin Mary slaked Alphy and she made the Lord Jesus.   So Mary Alphaeus Slaked Alphy and she made tripletts James the Lesser, Simon and Judas Thadeus,  So Cleopus had Mary Alphaeus and made Mary.


Third Star the Sword of Judas


So Judas Thadeus found out Herod Antipas had arranged to kill John the Baptist so his sword slew Herod Antipas. So Herod Phillip Smote Judas Thadeus Brother Simon for Revenge on his brother even though Simon had not done anything wrong and was innocent, So Judas Thadeus Slew Herod Phillip to revenge Simon, so Herod Agrippa Smote James the Lesser for revenge on his brother even though James the Lesser did not do anything and was innocent so Judas Thadeus slew Herod Agrippa. 


Fourth Star the Faith


So Judas Thadeus seduced Bernice to revenge his brother James the Lesser who made Mariam Arrias who married Marcus Titus Flavius Sabinus. Bernice's husband Aristobulus was thought to be the father of Perpetua (Perpetua's father was Jonas) who married Peter, Aristobulus smote Judas Thadeus to revenge her seduction.  So Peter slew Aristobulus Bernice's husband to revenge Judas Thadeus so Marcus Titus Flavius Sabinus smote Peter so Andrew slew Marcus Titus Flavius Sabinus to revenge Peter so Gaius Sillius Calpurnius  Domitius Piso smote Andrew to revenge his father so to revenge his sons Gaius Sillius Calpurnius Domitius Piso was slewed by Jonas.


Fifth Star the Betrayal


So Jonas had Mariamme Caecina Arria Sabinus who had Tripplets John Mark, Miriam, and Phillip, then Arrius  Antonius Calpurnius Piso aka Flavius Josephus was born from Jonas with his half brother Barnabus from Mariamme Caecina Arria Sabinus. So Bonionia Prossilla Servila got Gaius Sillius Calpurinus Piso to smote Jonas for cheating on his wife. So Peters mother slew Bonionia Prossilla Servila for Revenge on the death of Jonas because Bonionia Prossilla Servila was the wife of Flavius Josephus and Peter's mother arranged to get him captured by Romans because she thought he was son of Gaius Sillius Calpurnius Piso the husband of Mariamme Caecina Arria Sabinus. So Gaius Sillius Calpurnius Piso smote Peter's Mother to revenge his son's wife's demise. So Bartholomew hid Peters Mother so Arrius Antonius Calpurnius Piso tried to Convince the Romans that Bartholomew was not a guilty killer but the Romans Smote Bartholomew even though he was innocent.  So the battle began between the Romans and James the Greater who slew the guilty Romans including Gaius Sillius Calpurnius Piso, So Marcus Aurelius Verus smote James the Greater so Phillip the brother to John Mark slew Marcus Aurelius Verus so Lucius Aurelius Verus smote Phillip so Thomas slew Lucius Aurelius Verus so Marcus Aurelius smote Thomas.   Judas Iscariot slew himself to become a rabbi and the Evangelist John fled to Greece, where he was sentenced to die in prison and he became an author of an apocalypse.




Mathew   a gospel

John Mark  a gospel

John a apocalyse

Flavius Josephus a history



Simon Crucified in Persia with Simon

James the Lesser Crucified in Egypt

Judas Thadeus Crucified in Persia with Simon

Peter Crucified in Nero's Garden Head Down

Andrew Crucified near Caspian Sea Patras in Achaia Greece in Spread Eagle Position

Jonas Crucified

Elizabeth Crucified

Bartholomew Crucified in Iraq area Flayed, Skinned Alive and Beheaded.

James the Greater beheaded by Herod's men in Jerusalem

Phillip crucified in West Central Turkey at Hieropolis Upside down with a nail thru is heal.

Thomas Crucified in India

Mathew Martyred in Ethiopia by Sword

The Lord Jesus Survived Crucifixtion and lived Secretly until the age of 88 and was buried in an expensive coffin.



The Other Martyrs Related to the Roman Occupation of the Holy Land Now Again Free since 1948.


Paul tortured and beheaded by Nero in 67 ad.

Barnabus was stoned at Salonica

Jude the Brother of Jesus Killed with Arrows

Mathias Stoned and Beheaded

John Mark dragged by horses until his death in Alexandria Egypt


Judas Iscariot slew himself to become a rabbi

John the Evangelest was an author in Prison in Greece.



Obviously used by Generals for One Star Two, Three, Four and Five Star.   Coming Soon in David's Mighty men the Star and its use in war maintained by each general with whole Battalions in the Generals Entourage, as well as intelligence, special soldiers, and spys.


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