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The idea was simple, put all the Saints in the Genealogy file into a book to share with others.   Then promote the book as the Saints that are in the tree.  


This idea came to pass about ten years ago.  The books got bigger.   A daily devotion found many more saints.


Organizing the Saints became the issue which resulted in more books.  There are two ways a Saint fits in the Tree.  Either he is a direct ancestor, or he is a son or a grandson etc... of a direct ancestor.


Saints and Blessed Who Left Descendents are only Direct Ancestors.


Ascent of the Saints are both.


Dictionary of Saints is all the Saints in Alphabetical order


Daily Saints Whose Ancestry is Known is the Saints put in order by the Feast Day.


These four books have a very large number of Saints in them.


Saints and Blessed Who Left Descendents  152 Saints and Blessed.


Daily Saints over 500 Saints and Blessed


Each Saint has a listing, with Ancestors and Descendents or the Branch of the Tree, and a Biography, and a family Section.


The family section will list the Mother and Father if known, and the siblings, sometimes the siblings or mother or father are also Saints.


Find your Saints is a listing of the actual relationships found in the genealogy file, moving from one saint to another.


For Reference if you would like to look up a Saint, Dictionary of Saints is the Best


For Daily Devotionals Daily Saints works Well.  


There is a Calendar that is available for 2019 that has the Saints in the Daily Saints Book printed out (just the name and the country) on the day of the year.


For a Devotion get Daily Saints and the Calendar


If you need a Devotion every day get Daily Devotion Saint and Trivia and the Calendar.


Look on the Calendar, if the Saint is interesting look him or her up in the book.






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