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Great Maintainers At Starr Books, The Saints Series

The saints series is about the saints books.


These books were what first inspired the author to go to print.


The saints are really only about 2000 years old, some of them, while others are only a few hundred years old.


And yes, some saints were cannonized last year or the year before.  


There is a great many people who take the holy vow and eventually everyone will have to serve as a saint


The first book published,  Saints Who Left Descendents had 110 saints that it is possible that the reader could find for him/herself


Eventually Saints and Blessed Who Left Descendents replaced this title, with 145 plus saints that are possible for the reader to find.


The first book of the Saint in the Tree was called that, and this book had saints that did not have a blood line that continued as far as the author knows.....


Their parents or grandparents are likely the readers ancestors if you can find their bloodline or as it is called the veneration.


Saints in the Tree after a few years became Ascent of the Saints, with both venerable saints and saints who did not leave descendents, with of course a path to find them.


Major Saints Ancestry came out to solve the problem of the saints no one ever heard of.


Yes there are about 700 saints it is possible to find using the books offered by Starr Books.


However only really Major Saints like Saint Patrick and Saint Valentine are the ones people have heard of.


So Major Saints Ancestry is like the Hall of Fame for the Saints,  (they like to stay humble of course.)


Dictionary of Saints of course has all major and others of these in Alphabetical Order.


Each saint has a feast day.  The reader is of course familiar with Saint Patrick's day.  Well thats his feastday.  Or course Saint Valentine's day is another famous feastday. 


Every saint gets a feastday,  so Calendar of Saints was the first feastday book.


As the list got bigger Daily Saints was published with each day of the year (or most days at least) with one to a few saints.


Daily Devotional Saint or Trivia was published to fill in the gaps where a feastday did not have a saint that was in the tree a devotion was added to that day.


Saint of the Day Calendar with Saints in the Tree is now available, and is a calendar you put on the wall, with each day having a square of course,


with an entry of the Saint and where the Saint is from as in Saint Patrick, Ireland.  


Then Find Your Saints has the actual venerations from six of the Saints to almost all of the other saints.


Here the idea is that if you have found one of the six saints in Find Your Saints then you can navigate to others.


So how do you find out where or how to get to your saints?


Starr Books has an offering of Basic Genealogy for Beginners.  


The book is like the boot camp for finding your ancestors.


Starr Books found on the internet that one in three americans can prove their ancestor is some sort of Royalty or Saint.


Well,  not to promise anything, but if there are 300 million Americans thats 100 million with some sort of Royalty.


Of course your odds are one to three.  


Considering you are using a computer to view this, and that means you are in the computer class, that improves your odds.


If you are not from the US then depending on the country the odds are still not that bad.


So here are the works mentioned above again


Saints Who Left Descendents


Saints and Blessed Who Left Descendents


Tree of Saints


Calendar of Saints


Major Saints Ancestry


Dictionary of Saints


Ascent of the Saints


Daily Saints


Daily Devotional Saint or Trivia


Saint of the Day with Saints in the Tree  a  Calendar is available


Basic Genealogy for Beginners


Starr Books has been published now for years.   These books were difficult to get set up in the beginning, but it has gotten easier throughout the years. 


I hope you enjoy the offerings....


Starr Books also Offers Vitae,  or the Life of a Saint as in The Life of Blessed Charlemagne. 


Seven Vitae so far.   Enjoy   !!!!

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