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Vitae at Starr Books

Vitae are Great  !!!   Vitae is Life.    


Here are Starr Books Vitae!!!


The Life of Saint Brychan


Life of Blessed Charlemagne


Life of Saint Dewi


Life of Saint Raymond


Life of Saint Ethelbert and the Saints of Kent


Life of the Armenian Saints


Life of King Judicael


These books are about each of the above Saints.


It all began with Saint Brychan.


When the lists of Saints for Saints Who Left Descendants became known then adding Saint Brychan with 24 sainted boy children and 24 sainted girl children it was obvious Saint Brychan would need his own book.


Each of the Vitae for Starr books are Genealogy based.   The texts written one thousand years ago about Charlemagne and Saint Dewi are of course also available and are a good read.


Starr Books Vitae explains the Saint, his family, his reason he became a saint, and if he is a Patron Saint and if so what a Patron of.


The Vitae also go into the Saints in the Region.  For Instance Charlemagne became an Emperor, and there are many Saints related to Charlemagne,  this is in the books.


The Vitae all go into the way the Saint fits into the Tree of the Father or the Ancestry and explains what influences the tree has on the Saint.  


The vitae have relationships or navigations to other saints, like from Charlmagne to many others.


The families of these Saints are in the Vitae, and what the names of the families are.


Saint Ethelbert was the King of Kent and his wife was Saint Bertha of the Franks. 


So there was a union between the People of Great Britain and the Franks.  


In the Vitae it is shown how King Ethelbert and Saint Bertha have common ancestors, while King Ethelbert is descended from


King Priam for 18 generation Saint Bertha has 28 generations to King Priam.


There are Interesting facts in all the Vitae about each Saint, based on many factors.


Seven Vitae at Starr Books So Far.


Find them at major internet book stores.


Get a Life  !!!!     Get a Vitae   !!!!!





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